Dates of Operation:
1997 to present
Location:    Sao Paulo, Brazil

The first 13 issues are undated. Issue #14 is dated November 1998.  If G Magazine published one issue every month from its inception, we can assume that G Magazine's premier issue debuted in October of 1997.  The text is in Portuguese. 

G Magazine quickly gained fame in Brazil for featuring nude layouts of national celebrities, including actors, singers, dancers, athletes, professional models, and people related to famous people (or just sleeping with them). 

A note regarding the labeling of layouts:

Capa ("cover" in Portuguese) is always the cover model and centerfold, with the exception of issue #10 in which the "Desejo" model appears as the predominant figure on the cover while a small picture of the centerfold model is relegated to an area near the top of the page. An interview and brief biography of the centerfold model usually accompanies the pictorial. 
Desejo ("desire" in Portuguese) features a Brazilian model who is not a celebrity. 
Lolitos (no doubt a clever play on the name of Nabokov's young vixen, "Lolita"), features a young man, typically ranging in age from 18 to 25. This feature began in issue #58 when Lolitos magazine ceased publication (Special Editions).
Replay usually consists of photos (sometimes previously unpublished) of a model who appeared in a past issue. This feature began with issue #24. 
Dreams was a thankfully short-lived feature that included models who did not appear completely nude. 
Fetiche features a nude layout of a model "in character" with props and costumes. This feature began with issue #65 soon after Fetiche magazine ceased publication. 


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#1 :  Capa:
Vitor Xavier  Desejo: Johnny and Luciano Muller (wrestlers)
#2 :  Capa: Alex Rivera  Desejo: Paulo Moreno
#3 :  Capa: Marcelo Santos   Desejo: Jansen de Oliveira 1998 Calendar insert: Dak Dallow (Jan.), Lucas Palhares (Feb.), Lorenzo Mesetti (March), Marco Bianchi (April)
#4 :  Capa: Bismark Correa  Desejo: Alessandro Seguro
1998 Calendar insert: Paulo Moreno (May), Dak Dallow (June), Eli Eliotti (July),
Marco Bianchi (August)
#5 :  Capa: Marcos Oliver   Desejo: Sidney Pinheiro   1998 Calendar insert: Lucas Palhares (Sept.), Eli Eliotti (Oct.), Paulo Moreno (Nov.), Lorenzo Mesetti (Dec.)
#6 :  Capa: Iranilson da Silva Mesquita (Hira) and Hudson Carlos Cabral Praia   Desejo: Peterson Lopes
#7 :  Capa: Lucas Palhares   Desejo: Jorge Rodrigues
#8 :  Capa: Mauro Borges   Desejo: none
#9 :  Capa: Tom (aka Milton Pequeno)   Desejo: none
#10 :  Capa: Marcos Ferraz   Desejo: Sandro Zanata
#11 :  Capa: Mateus Carrieri   Desejo: Marco Antonio
#12 :  Capa: Gilson Machado  Desejo: two unidentified bodybuilders  Deleite: Israel Moralis
#13 :  Capa: David Cardoso, Jr.  Desejo: Claudio Ferraz
#14 :  Capa: Alex Sanches   Desejo: Carlos Schneider
#15 :  Capa: “Sexy Power Man” (strippers) - Julio Mari, Bruno de Angelis, Ivan Olivieri, Sandro Zanatta (aka Zanata), Lucas Palhares   Desejo: none
#16 :  Capa: Vampeta   Desejo: Fabio Cardoso
#17 :  Capa: Claudinei Alexandre Pires (aka Dinei)   Desejo: Alex Torres
#18 :  Capa: Victor Wagner   Desejo: Dak Dallow
#19 :  Capa: David Cardoso, Sr.   Desejo: Marcio Rosa
#20 :  Capa: Singing group “You Can Dance” – Carlos Eduardo Moura Moises (Kadu),
Wagner Menezes Pereira (Fly), Wellington Alves de Souza (Tom), Carlos Augusto de Silva Crescencio (Kall)   Desejo: Marcel Perez

#21 :  Capa:
Rodrigo Pavanello   Desejo: Edson Pinheiro de Souza
#22 :  Capa: Marcio Duarte   Desejo: Juan Marcelo Escudero
#23 :  Capa: Nicolau Puig (aka Nico Puig)   Desejo: Marcos Aurelio Machado do Amaral (aka Marcos Aurelio)
#24 :  Capa: Roger   Desejo: Claudio and Carlos Godoy (twins)   Replay: Victor Xavier, Alex Rivera, Bismark Correa, Mauro Borges, Lucas Palhares, Sandro Zanata, Mateus Carrieri, David Cardoso, Jr., Alex Sanches, “Sexy Power Man” (see #15), Vampeta, Dinei, Victor Wagner, David Cardoso, Sr., “You Can Dance” (see #20), Rodrigo Pavanello, Marcio Duarte, Nicolau Puig
#25 :  Capa: Roger Jose de Noronha Silva (aka Roger)   Desejo: Luis Caudio Alves Silva (aka Lilico)   Replay: David Cardoso, Jr.
#26 :  Capa: Oswaldo Lot   Desejo: Marco Costa   Replay: Alex Sanches
#27 :  Capa: Beto Vasconcellos   Desejo: Celso Vierbrantz   Replay: Vampeta

#28 :  Capa:
Robson Caetano   Desejo: Alexandre Santos   Replay: Fabio Cardoso
#29 :  Capa: Alessander Lenzi   Desejo: Vinicius Leonardo   Replay: Dinei
#30 :  Capa: Rubens Caribe   Desejo: Marcus Artico de Rezende   Replay: Victor Wagner
#31 :  Capa: Flavio Maciel   Desejo: Fabio Lara   Replay: David Cardoso, Sr.
#32 :  Capa: Creo Kellab   Desejo: Fernando Nacarato   Replay: Marcel Perez

#33 :  Capa:
Marcello Picchi   Desejo: Rafael Machado   Replay: Rodrigo Pavanello
#34 :  Capa: Latino   Desejo: Marco Antonio   Replay: Marcio Duarte
#35 :  Capa: Esnar Ribeiro   Desejo: Ronaldo Dantas   Replay: Nico Puig

#36 :  Capa:
Mateus Carrieri   Desejo: Kleber Machado   Replay: Roger

#37 :  Capa:
Marcio Aguiar   Desejo: Maikon Milani   Replay: Roger Jose de Noronha Silva (aka Roger)
#38 :  Capa: Ricardo Feitoza   Desejo: Fabio Negrao   Replay: Oswaldo Lot

#39 :  Capa:
Warren Cuccurullo   Desejo: Beto Chagas   Replay: Beto Vasconcellos
#40 :  Capa: Thiago Toqueton (aka Thiaguinho)   Desejo: Juan Giron   Replay: Robson Caetano
#41 :  Capa: Wander Rodrigues   Desejo: Eduardo Kruger   Replay: Alessander Lenzi
#42 :  Capa: Rodrigo Pavanello   Desejo: Vinicius Paiani   Dreams: Sebastian   Replay: Marcus Rezende
#43 :  Capa: Fabio Miguel da Silva (aka Fabinho)   Desejo: Glauber Rocha   Dreams: Erick   Replay: Fabio Lara
#44 :  Capa: Reinaldo Silva Nascimento (aka Reinaldo)   Desejo: Luca Junior   Dreams: Moritz   Replay: Fernando Nacarato

#45 :  Capa:
Henrique Alba   Desejo: Wilson Antunes   Dreams: Andre Matarucco   Replay: Marcello Picchi
#46 :  Capa: Luis Barra   Desejo: Marcos Vieira   Tributo a Diversidade: Charles Bearden (aka Chucky)   Replay: Marco Antonio
#47 :  Capa: Rafael Vannucci   Desejo: Tom Martinez   Replay: Ensar Ribeiro
#48 :  Capa: Felipe and Fernando Lopes (twins)   Desejo: Sandro Fasano   Replay: Mateus Carrieri
#49 :  Capa: Alexandre Frota   Desejo: Vilson Esprocati   Replay: Marcio Aguiar

#50 :  Capa:
Theo Becker   Desejo: Alvaro Viana   Replay: Warren Cuccurullo

#51 :  Capa:
Wilson Ribeiro   Desejo: Nil Albuquerque   Replay: Thiago Toqueton (aka Thiaguinho)
#52 :  Capa: Tadeu Fracari   Desejo: Leandro Mateus   Replay: Wander Rodrigues
#53 :  Capa: Marcelo de Paula   Desejo: Tiago Aprigio   Replay: Rodrigo Pavanello
#54 :  Capa: Conraddo   Desejo: Jorson Muniz   Replay: Fabio Miguel da Silva (aka Fabinho)

#55 :  Capa:
Renato Vianna   Desejo: Ricardo Rocha   Replay: Reinaldo Silva Nascimento (aka Reinaldo)
#56 :  Capa: Enrico   Desejo: Adriano Faruck   Replay: Henrique Alba
#57 :  Capa: Marcus Deminco   Desejo: Mateus Lafaiete   Replay: Luis Barra
#58 :  Capa: Bruno Carvalho   Desejo: Marcio Catanacce   Lolitos: Thiago Araujo   Replay: Tom Martinez
#59 :  Capa: Miguel Kelner   Desejo: Fernando Dias   Lolitos: Edson   Replay: Sandro Fasano
#60 :  Capa: Rogerio Rolim   Desejo: Claudio Pinheiro   Lolitos: Guido   Replay: Vilson Esprocati
#61 :  Capa: Julio Escaleira   Desejo: Fabio Varalda   Lolitos: Albano   Replay: Theo Becker
#62 :  Capa: Claudio Farias   Desejo: Ney Lopez   Lolitos: Thiago Vianna   Replay: Felipe and Fernando Lopes (twins)
#63 :  Capa: Thales Fracari   Desejo: Caue Santos   Lolitos: Alex Merino   Replay: Alvaro Vianna

#64 :  Capa:
Alexandre Frota   Desejo: Alex Garcia   Lolitos: Thiago Fernandes   Replay: Wilson Ribeiro
#65 :  Capa: Marcio Aguiar  Desejo: Aldo Santos   Fetiche: Ricardo Castro   Replay: Nil Albuquerque

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Began as a special edition of G Magazine but was discontinued after 12 regular editions and one "best of." issue (#13). Lolitos models range in age from 18 to 25. Lolitos consists almost entirely of photos and typically includes 4 layouts. After Lolitos ceased publication, G Magazine began to include a Lolitos layout beginning with issue #58.

#1 :  Igor, Leonardo, Clayton, Thiago
#2 :  Leandro Dotto, Leandro Lopes, Allyson, Alessandro
#3 :  Leandro Dotto, Igor (special poster)
#4 :  Wilson Junior, Bruno Coe, Eduardo Guimaraes, Paulo Gabriel
#5 :  Cleusius Dominus, Romulo Ferreira, Jonas Joaquim, Elson Camargo
#6 :  Pedro Luiz, Thiago Soares, Renato Alves, Danilo Reis
#7 :  Ricardo Nery, Leo Passos, Guto Gataz, Caio Alves
#8 :  Claudio Cuper, Igor Silvestre, Reinaldo Duarte
#9 :  Marcos, Leandro, Gerson, Dany
#10 :  Cristiano Pestana, Smaily Crivari, Reinaldo, Rick Lopes
#11 :  Leandro de Souza, Fernando Nero, Ricardo Takakura, Peterson Andre Ribeiro
#12 :  Junior, Hemerson de Oliveira, Pitt Garcia, Mauro Araujo
#13 :  Bruno Coe, Cleusius Dominus, Cristiano Pestana, Igor Silvestre, Jonas Joaquim, Leandro de Souza, Leopoldo Passos, Marcos Artur, Rick Lopes, Thiago Soares

#1 :  April/2001 Nene Correa, Gledson Lazaro, Spayk Dias, Edson Pinheiro

#4 :  2001 Jefferson Januzelli, Arnoldo Pinto, Beto Haick
#6 :  2001 Helizhandro, Daniel Lopes Arantes, Eric Haiden, Aureo Rodrigues de Lima
#9 :  2002 Giba, Leandro, Luis Carlos, Alex Lorenzo

#4 :  2002 Warren Cuccurullo, Luis Barra, Wilson Ribeiro, Alvaro Vianna, Beto Chagas, Marcio Aguiar, Nil Albuquerque, Fabio Negrao, Theo Becker, Fabinho


Alex Sanches, Juan Escudero, Carlos and Claudio Godoy, Lucas Palhares, Marcio Duarte, Nicolau Puig, Oswaldo Lot, Rodrigo Pavanello, Roger, Mateus Carrieri, David Cardoso, Sr., Victor Wagner, Lilico,

Alexandre Santos, Celso Vierbrantz, Edson Pinheiro, Fabio Cardoso, Fabio Lara, Fernando Nacarato, Kleber Machado, Marcel Perez, Marcio Rosa, Marcus Rezende, Marco Antonio, Rafael Machado, Vinicius Leonardo

Beto Vasconcellos, Esnar Ribeiro, Flavio Maciel, Alessander Lenzi, Marcello Picchi, Marcio Aguiar, Mateus Carrieri, Robson Caetano, Rubens Caribe, Warren Cuccurullo

2001  Beto Chagas, Eduardo Kruger, Fabio Negrao, Juan Giron, Luca Junior, Maikon Milani, Marcos Vieira, Sandro Fasano, Tom Martinez, Vinicius Paiani

2001/02  Bruno Carvalho, Fernando Dias, Leandro Mateus, Luiz Barra, Marcos Deminco, Miguel Kelner, Renato Vianna, Rodrigo Pavanello, Tadeu Fracari, Wilson Ribeiro

2001/02 :  Rodrigo Pavanello, Alexandre Frota, Sandro Fasano, Eduardo Kruger, Vilson Sprocati, Theo Becker, Sebastian, Marcio Aguiar, Leandor Mateus Wander Rodrigues

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