Dates of Operation:
1967 to present
Location:    New York City (1967 - 1971), Los Angeles, CA (1971 - 2003), San Francisco, CA (2003 to present)
Known Affiliations :   Jim French (Rip Colt, Lüger), Lou Thomas, John Rutherford, Kristofer Weston
Associated Brands :    Buckshot Productions, State Of Man Productions

New York City - 1967
Illustrator / Graphic Designer Jim French (aka: Rip Colt, Lüger, Colt) and Lou Thomas (aka: Jon Target) join to form Colt Studio. Together they market their photography, illustrations and produce a line of publications; Manpower! and Gallery. State of Man Productions is also introduced at this time. They also start to produce 8mm Film Loops which are marketed under the Colt Studio name. After 4+ years, French and Thomas part ways. Thomas remaining in New York to start Target Studios, French moving to Southern California.

Los Angeles - 1972
Jim French and his Colt Studio relocate to Southern California, and exptend the studio offerings. Beside the expansion of the Publications, Photography and Films offered; introduces the additional brand of Buckshot to handle the emergence of the video market.

San Francisco - 2003
Colt Studio is sold to John Rutherford, formerly of Falcon Studios. The studio relocates to San Francisco.

" The quest of the company remains as it was from the beginning: To present the most outstanding examples of masculinity to be found, to do it with the best photography, videography and reproduction possible and to service our very special mail order and online customers with efficiency and honesty. Tough goals we're constantly striving to maintain - and we've been doing it successfully, for a long time. Here's to what was, what is and what is to be... One word says it all – COLT. "  John Rutherford - Nov 2003


Here is our overview of the various publications produced by Colt Studio. For a more detailed listing of Publications and Photosets, please got to our LISTINGS Section.


Produced between 1969 to c1974
8 known volumes produced. All except #1 were Standard Sized (8.5" x 11"); #1 was produced "Digest Size" ( 5.5" x 8.5"). These were themed issues, and the men are generally not identified. 
New York City contact address.



Produced between c1972 to 1977.
16 known produced in total (Vol. 15 is two parts, A & B). All were produced in "Digest Size", and focus on the Cover Man. New York City Address for contact.



Produced from 1972 to present.
15 issues printed to date. Many of the earlier editions have been reprinted with some minor content change, and minor Cover Changes. All are Standard Sized. Issue #1 (only) has New York City contact information, all others are California.



Produced from c1977 to present. 26 Volumes total.
Issues 1-6 are a "Large Digest Size" (6.75" x 9.75"). All others "Standard Size".



Produced from 1975 to present.
40 volumes to date have been published. All are "Standard Size". Similar to the Gallery Series, with a focus on 1 to 3 Men per issue.



Produced from 1978 to present (?).
21 issues produced. All are "Standard Size". Themes vary.



Produced for the 25th Anniversary (1992) - 4 volumes; and 35th Anniversary (2002) - 2 volumes. All are "Standard Size" and represent the best men and moments of Colt Photographic history.



Produced late 1980's.
2 volumes produced . Both are "Standard Size"



First Produced in 1986.
4 volumes produced. All are "Standard Size"



A variety of "Best Of" collections for both the "Colt Men" series and for the Calendar Collections.



First known Calendar was produced in 1977.
1981 saw the introduction of the "Leather Calendar" with a host of other Calendars of varying themes being introduced over the years.

For a more comprehensive listing of Colt Publications and Photosets, go to the LISTINGS section of this site. There you will find a more information on Colt Publications and Photosets. CLICK HERE to go to the listings section.




The photography of Jim French has been published in at least 7 editions.
Produced by
State of Man Publishing.


Released by Specialty Publications.
This is an excellent 128 page overview of the first 36 years of Colt Studio. For those wanting to know more about Colt history, Jim French gives the history in his own words. John Rutherford speaks about the future of Colt Studio. Includes hundreds of photos of Colt Men with commentary.
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From the Seventies thru the early Eighties, Colt photography had been published in a variety of the Gay Monthlies and a variety of other publications.




Since it's beginning, Colt Studio has produced Photography for sale. From 35mm Slides, 5" x 7" Color and Black & White Prints, to the larger formats introduced in 2001.



Large Format Posters.
Originally 24" x 30" in size, later produced in a 16" x 24" size.



From the early 80's, realizing that a "Brand" has been developed... a whole host of additional items have been for sale. Ranging from Watches, Key Chains, Belt Buckles, T-Shirts, Caps & Hats, Magnets, Puzzle Cards, Mouse Pads, Greeting & Notecards. These items are not included in our listings.

  Cal Sinclair not included.

For a more comprehensive listing of Colt Publications and Photosets, go to the LISTINGS section of this site. There you will find a more information on Colt Publications and Photosets. CLICK HERE to go to the listings section.


Over 700 men (according to our Database) have posed in front of the cameras of Colt Studio. Click on the image above or CLICK HERE to go to the Colt Men List.


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Since the Mid-Nineties, Colt Studio has maintained a website with extensive Galleries and On-Line Shopping.
The mail order Department has generally been excellent for ordering on-line.

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