Dates of Operation:
1976 thru 1985
Location:    Hollywood, CA
Known Aliases :    Nova Studio, Nova Productions
Known Affiliations :    Scott Masters (aka: Robert Walters)

" In the late 70's 8mm and super 8-mm films were available in a few "dirty Bookstores" as they were called back then. In a tiny, quaint shop at the end of Christopher Street, in New York's Greenwich Village, these films could be found on display, usually but not always packaged in much the same manner as videos are today. This is where I discovered Walters' pre-Nova and Nova films, long before video."  
     - exerpt from an unpublished/unofficial Biography of NOVA STUDIOS

From Bijou Videos Introduction to NOVA STUDIOS:
" The popular Nova series is noted for its reliability, primitive aura and raw quality. The quality is consistent and the type of performer is usually the same -- athletic, hung, horny, and lustful. Each Nova tape contains several short subjects with the accent on youth and real man-love. Emphasizing fierce fucking, rimming, kinky outdoor action, humor and cum-eating. The films are usually silent or have voice-over dialogue and music. Beginning with Brian's Boys, however, Nova turned to making feature films with fully synchronized sound tracks. "

In the year 2000, Scott Masters was presented the Lifetime Achievement Award (GayVN). Masters founded Nova Studios and was the original In Touch editor and co-founded Studio 2000.

Jerry Douglas was the presentor of the award.
As part of his presentation speech, Douglas spoke of Masters' struggles (an arrest for sending obscene mails through the post) and trace Masters' career back from the '70s (as Robert Walters, the head of Nova Studios). "He survived the transition to sound and, in time, to video," Douglas said. "For three-and-a-half decades Scott Masters has survived. He has always strived to make his work gay-positive and to remind us again and again how joyful and how wondrous sex between two men can be."

    For a transcript, go to AVN News - Archives


We have found very little of Nova's photography released under the "Nova" brand. Much of the photography can be found in the Monthlies of the late 70's and early 80's, predominantly Honcho, Playguy, Mandate and Torso of that time period. There was a great deal of Nova photography printed and distributed by Star Distribution and others, with a variety of provocative (?) titles.

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Solo Series
We only have one on file, but it's a good one.

featuring Gregg Donovan: The Model, The Jock, The Sunlover, The Backpacker, The Stud

This would lead us to believe that there exists Volumes 1 & 2 if not more.

Again only one on file, but there could be more.

NOVA 1983
featuring: Lee Marlin, John (Jon) King, Michael Christopher, Rusty Evans, Kent Thomas, Ty Arthur, Mark Leanard, Gregg Donovan, Adam Stuart, Bo Richards, Georgio Canali, Jeff Wells

NOVA Quarterly Catalogs
Released on a quarterly basis.
Small Format Booklets: 3.5" X 8.25" (inches), Full Color, 16 pages.
Believed that these were sent out to Mail Order Customers. Contain pictures from the latest releases, with the Order Numbers.

SPRING 1982   ( #11  "Eleventh Event" )
features the films:
  The Audition, Box Boy, Made To Order, Tool Boy, Kept After School

SUMMER 1982   ( #12  "Take Twelve" )
features the films:
  How I Got The Story, Photo Play, Double Deal, Dormitory Daze, The Invitation

Star Distribution Publications
Much of the Photograpy of Nova Studios was distributed in magazine format by Star Distribtuion out of New York.

Michael Christopher, Beau Matthews, Adam Stuart

Andy (Huge) Fuller, Andrew (Hang 10) Barrington

Adam Stuart, Mark Murry, Pat Fulton, Joe, Marc, Filly, Quinn

Rod Phillips, Tony Lanza, Tony Bravo, Marc Bennett, Hans ?

Bo Richards, Moose, Kent Thomas, Adam Stuart, Jeff Hitchcock

Lee Marlin, Ken Foxx, Michael Christopher, Jon King, Dennis, Jeff

Ken Foxx, and others

Michael Christoper, Ty Arthur, Raul, Bo, Joe


Michael Christopher in action, from "Shore Leave"


Georgio Canili, Lee Marlin, Eric Brothers, Chris Dean


Lee Marlin, Michael Christopher, Ken Foxx, others


The Men of "Brians Boys"







Other Publications

MALE #6  -  A Bodyworks Presentation

Ty Arthur, Bill Thompson 

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The Listings below are based on the "Video Listings". Many of the original Titles were released as Individual 8mm Loop films. Then compiled later into the video compilations. The 8mm Loop film titles are highlighted where known. Later Nova releases were released as a Full Length Videos, and not the Loops within a Video format.


Beau Matthews, Michael Christopher, Jeff Wells, Mike DeMarco, Adam Stuart, Quinn Curtis

"How I Got The Story"   Beau Matthews does an interview and does it with Michael Christopher.
"Double Deal"   Jeff Wells, a blond, buffed surfer, and Mike DeMarco, a dark rebel with a motorcycle, engage in a bit of bodybuilding and leather posing. Both have huge muscular bodies, and Mike's dick is enormous.
"Photo Play"    Adam Stuart and Quinn Curtis get close.
  -  smutjunkies note: This is one of our favorites. Some all-time great men!

Bo Richards, Jeff Richards, Giorgio Canali, Brad Peters, Jon King

"The Main Attraction"   Bartender Bo Richards performs a striptease and masturbation fantasy for Jeff Richards.
"It's The Life"
  Giorgio Canali being joined in his morning shower by his gardener. The gardener is very hot.
"Neighbor Watch"   Brad Peters, Jon King and Buddy Preston.

"Sales And Service"   presents oral action from a youthful door-to-door salesman, and ends with an orgasm in the face.
Try It On For Size"   A sexy blond wakes his buddy and jack off together.
"The Big Weenie"   features sex at a hot dog stand and a lusting man who eats his wiener and dreams it's the staff's dick. He finally gets the real thing and devours the staff's large boner, later getting humped raw with natural "mustard."
  A youthful, punk graffiti artist is caught by the building owner.
"Cableman"  A well-hung black man 69ing with a Caucasian.
and "Pinball Wizard"

Hans Mueller, Doug Mason, Buddy Hill, Jeff Hunter, Steve Troy

Full-length feature. Erotic while maintaining a humorous edge throughout. A classic theme of a handsome teacher keeping students after school for detention.

"The plot seems unbelievable, but the delivery on screen is so enticing, you'll feel your balls swell with fuck cream." 

Quinn Curtis, Mark Murray, Joe Anrdrews, Derek Flemming, Chirs Young, Adam Stuart, Pat Fulton

  Bar owner (Quinn Curtis) auditions a dancer (Mark Murray) for a special routine.
"Box Boy"   two delivery boys: Joe Andrews and Derek Fleming) pull out each other's huge cocks. Later, they move out by the pool and are joined by Chris Young.
"Made To Order"   Adam Stuart and Pat Fulton. Adam tries on a pair of new swim trunks and admires himself in front of a large mirror before his sleeping buddy. They end up doing it.

HIS LITTLE BROTHER   late 1970's
Terry Harmon, Les Harmon, Daryl Paige, Lee Marlin, Chris Dean, Dale Arnold, Rex Wolfe

"His Little Brother"   Features brothers Les and Terry Harmon.
" A Perfect Fit"   Customer Daryl Paige visiting a men's store where Dale Arnold is working. Daryl tries on a swimming suit and the sex begins.
"Basket Practice"    George Conover and Rex Wolfe shoot hoops and loads.

Lee Marlin, Frank Evans, Tom Stout, David Lord

"Tub Tricks"  Lee Marlin takes his first trip to a bathhouse and ends up in a no-holds-barred orgy with super-hung Frank Evans.
"Backpackin'"    A couple of blonds outdoors.
"A Very Hot Day"   A four-way at home.

Jerry Stroller, Steve Marlin, Craig Scott, Larry Evans, Jim Maxwell, Andy Fuller

"Dormitory Daze"   Jerry Stroller studies and daydreams what it would be like to go down on both Andy Fuller, and Joe.
"The Initiation"   Steve Marlin initiates Craig Scott, Larry Evans and Jim Maxwell. A tub party ends the scene without Steve.

OH BROTHER!   1983
Kurt Reikert, Ross Franklin, Gian Carlo, Eric Reikert

Loosely plotted film keeps it in the family as a couple of "brothers" get naked with one another!

Mike Dean, Dan Bradford, Todd Allen, Tim Manning, Rick Saxon, Andy Fuller

"Takin' Liberty"   Sailors Mike Dean and Dan Bradford check into a hotel where the desk clerk (Todd Allen) likes to give his guests very personal service.
"Room Service"   Tim Manning also gets some very special attention from Rick Saxon.
"Hard Rockin'"    Hal Russ goes backstage after a rock concert for some Hard Rockin' with a singer Andy Fuller.
"In A Bed"   Four sailors return to the room where they find Tim and the bellhop still going at it. They quickly join in for a six-way finish.

Pat Fulton, Tige McMasters, Derek Novak, Russ Hatfield, Ross Franklin, Mark Newman, Bo Richards, Dino Hard

"Buff It Up"    Pat Fulton and Tige McMasters as floor-cleaning men.
"Workmen's Comp"   Derek Novak as a painter who spills paint all over himself and decides to clean up in Russ Hatfield's shower.
"The Friend In Need"    Ross Franklin asks Mark Newman's help with the books and gets helped into bed instead.
"The Spirit Is Willing"   Drunken Bo Richards and Dino Hard to go bed and their spirits arise from their bodies and have sex together.

Lee Marlin, Toby Watson, Jeff Hunter, Chuck Burton, Bill Thompson, Chad Gibson

"Down On The Farm"   Lee Marlin visiting his hunky hick, country buddy Toby Watson.
"The Come On"    Jeff Hunter dreaming about field worker Chuck Burton.
"Detour"    Bill Thompson (blond, long-hair) spying tattooed Chad Gibson working outside. Jockstraps come off and the two get it on in.

Tony Craig, Guy Tait, Steve Cox, Jay Bolin, Rick Steele, Larry Ford, Ken Carter, Pete Watson

"That Boy Next Door"   Tony Craig goes over to his friend Guy Tait's house for a swim.
"Come Ashore"   Navy man Steve Cox and Jay Bolin.Rick Steele and Larry Ford are both looking for an apartment in
"Roommates Wanted"   Rick Steele and Larry Ford are both looking for an apartments. Ken Carter shows Rick some action. Pete Watson shows Larry a thing or two.

Billy Joe Evans (David Ashfield), Steve Decker, Brian Hawkes, Tige McMasters, Mitch Taylor, Giorgio Canali (Rocco Rizzoli)

"Jocking Around"   Billie Joe Evans (a.k.a. David Ashfield), Steve Decker and big-dicked Brian Hawkes investigate each other in almost every position available.
"Jock Itch, Part One"   Tige McMasters is hot for his coach, Mitch Taylor.
"Jock Itch, Part Two"   Tige McMasters gets more than he bargained for from the coach and his roommate, hung and foreskinned Giorgio Canali (a.k.a. Rocco Rizzoli).

BEACHED   1982
Bill Lake, Ty Arthur, Todd Russell, Scott Forbes, George Conover, Art Davis

"Beached!"   Bill Lake spying on handsome, muscular Ty Arthur as he strips down to do some scuba diving.
"Delivering A Load"   Todd Russell and Scott Forbes waste no time climbing all over each other.
"Backfield In Motion"   George Conover decides to take his pleasure on Art Davis.

Brian Hawkes, Ron Kenney, Eric Brandon, Ted West, Aaron Gage, Mark Davis, Vince Rossi, Curt Hansen, Greg Torgeson

Full-length sound feature.

Rusty Evans, Jeff Hunter, Paul Burke, Les Roberts, Scott Allen, Dan Rockford, Doug Harper, Paul Howell

"Marathon Man"    Rusty Evans and Jeff Hunter.
"Sundeck"    Paul Burke and Les Roberts.
"Drive, He Said"    Rich kid, Scott Allen, cruises California streets in his chauffeured limo in search of a quick pick-up. Beefcake Dan Rockford is his choice and raunchy sex takes place in the back seat as the chauffeur drives around and beats his meat.

HOT LUNCH   1982
Todd Russell, Rick Masters, Zack Morgan, Jim Rogers, Eric Clements, Ty Arthur

"Hot Lunch"   Features Todd Russell and Rick Masters as two woodworking students who mostly work on each other.
"End-Up"    Zack Morgan (a dead-ringer for Mark Spitz) and Jim Rogers do their end-of- the-day chores at a local bar.
"Soccer Games"   Eric Clements and Ty Arthur have sex in the locker room, in the whirlpool and in the showers before they wear each other out.

Scott Avery, Glen Armstrong, Gavin Burke, Eliot Higgins, Wade Davis, Brian Michaels, Randy Page

The first full-sound, full-scale release from Nova Studios.

HEORES   1984
Danny Connors, Rick Donovan, Tony Wilde, Steve Kolis, Tim Kramer, Jim Benley, Cole Taylor, Brandon Wilde, Cliff Ryder, Lee Thompson, Matt Sullivan

Danny Connors idolizes rock star Rick Donovan (including a very good special effect series of Donovan performing an original song).  

"What a really good idea Heroes is. But, what a so-so film it turned out to be."  Torso

Jeff Scott, Jeremy Scott, Russ Williams, Chip Robertson, Pat Fulton, Jeff Hunter, David Shaw, Chad Scott

"Little Brother's Coming Out"   Big brother, Jeff Scott, coming home and catching his little brother ( Jeremy Scott) and buddy (Russ Williams) stroking to skin mags.
"A Cabin In The Woods"   Preppy Pat Fulton and burly Jeff Hunter.
"Breaking Through"    David Shaw and Chad Scott, in the locker room.

HUNK   1985
Rex Morgan, Marc Bennett, Cliff Ryder, Melchor Agular (Diaz), Tich Thompson, Kevin Bradley, Cody Rogers, Vince Thomas, Dane Ford, Jimmy Jagger, Tony Kenndy, Billy Joe Evans, Jesse Koehler, Chris Allen, Guy Tait, Jeff Hunter, Kent Douglas, Daniel Holt, Wes Vanway, Tracy Cole

Full-length sound feature.
Rex Morgan, the title character who lives up to his reputation as "Hunk". Directed and produced by Robert Walters. Co-editor was Stephen Lucas.

Rod Phillips, Mark Bennett (Leigh Erickson), Tony Bravo, Michael Ram, Tony Lanza, Hans Reger, Nick Edwards, Chase Turner, Shawn Peters, Case Harden, Jesse Koehler

Full-length sound feature.
No story line, just a series loosely interwoven scenes around California's "Gay" city, Los Angeles (now known as West Hollywood). Written, produced and directed by Robert Walters. Photographed by Stephen Lucas.


"Under Construction"   A young, aggressive, blond supervisor who forces his attentions on two of his employees.
"The Boiler Room"   Two rugged maintenance men.
"Head For The Shower"   An athlete with a shaved head does his partner standing up in the shower and spread-eagled on the locker room floor.

Ken Fox, Bo Richards, Clay Russell, Ron Stevens, Dale Arnold, Mark Kropp, Bud Wilson, Clay Cooper, Chuck Spears

"The Cruiser"    A blond civilian driving around, soon picking up a sailor and a marine and taking them back to his apartment.
"Tool Boy"    Well-hung Ken Fox performing a solo atop a barstool in a tool shop.
"Shiveree"    Three mature, balding, rugged men engage in a versatile three-way in a bunk bed.
"Mr. Fixit"   Bo Richards jacks off while naked atop a yellow Camaro.
"Track Meat"    The seduction of a runner by his coach in the gym.

Buddy Preston, Joe Fuller, Guy Tait, Rusty Evans, Nick Coxz, Dino D'Angelo

"Caught In The Act"   Buddy Preston and a friend are blowing each other 69 style on the floor of a warehouse. They discover a black man with a solid-as-a-brick body spying on them.
"Young And Ready"   A dark-haired man with a tattoo on his cock making love to a butch friend on the living room floor.
"Policeman's Ball"   Youthful, mustached, uniformed cop feeding his big, foreskinned dick to both ends of a curly haired blond companion.

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Those not available there should be available through Bijou Video (see link below)



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Just a sampling of ads for the Nova Loop (8mm) Films


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