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Contents are generally listed as follows:

Name of Model or Title  [aka, or known name]  (cover/interview - Photographer Name)

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are generally used for aliases or a more common nameb 2006e, but include any editorial comments.

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are for Photographer or Producer, but include additional information such as interview, cover model, centerfold, etc.

While these listings are mostly Model, Photography listings, they are expanding over the next few years to include illustrator, Films Reviewed and Fiction information as well.

Commonly used abbreviations for Studios/Photographers:

(KB) Kristen Bjorn   (BIP) Body Image Productions   (CT) Colt Studio  
(FB) Fred Bisonnes  (1435) Dean Keefer / Studio 1435 / Satori Studios / DK-J.com  
(CQ) Carlos Quiroz   (FLC) Falcon Studios   (AW) All Worlds Studio

TITLE Decade Year
Model Names / Contents
    Commonly used abbreviations for Studios/Photographers
(KB) Kristen Bjorn; (BIP) Body Image Productions; (CT) Colt Studio; (RRoma) Roberto Roma; (GI) Graven Images; (FB) Fred Bisonnes; (MAC) M.A.C. Productions; (1435) Dean Keefer/Studio 1435
Thanks to: Kent, Dave W., Cal (Graven Image) for contributing to this list
HONCHO  April 1978 1978 Premiere Issue
Goosed Down (Arthur Tress)
Abundance [various Butt Shots] (CT, Len Tavares, Man s Image, Bernard Wolff)
Bill Nuckells [current Mr. California] (Cover - Roy Dean)
Made By Hand (Victor Arimondi)
The Eauus Complex (Don Hanover)
Noonday Cowboys [Ramrod #3] (Target)
HONCHO  May 1978 1978 no listings
(none produced ?)
HONCHO  June 1978 1978 Leather Cover (Roy Blakey)
Motorcycle feature (CT)
"Solo" (Don Hanover)
"Stormy Leather", [Fred, Rick, David - center] (Roy Blakey)
[Blain Lamoreaux] (Roy Dean)
"Adam & Bruce"- photos by Arthur Tress, Guy Corry, Marc Raboy, Target [model: Brand].
HONCHO  July 1978 1978 Cover-Jockstraps (Guy Corry)
Arnold Schwarzenegger Interview
In A Locker Room [Jeff Turk, Vince Clark] (Falcon)
center [?] (Dan Hanover)
Alexei Korshakovska (?)
Joey (Man s Image)
Thomas MacDougal (Mike Arlen)
Manuel Perry [Mr. USA 1978] (Roy Dean)
David Kopay Book Ad
HONCHO  Aug 1978 1978 Gary Franklin & Nino Scappa (cover - CT)
Tony Taclan (Roy Dean)
Centerfold [?] (Dan Hanover)
Scott Cooper & Jayson MacBride (John Gamble - Man s Image)
Man & Man [Toby, Scott Butcher, Paul Baressi, Al Parker, Mike Davis, Barry, Van, Michael & Phillip, Gordon Grant, Tony Romano] (CT)
Stud Duds [Sexy Fashion: Clay Russell, Barry, Johnny] (Target)
Water Sports [?] (Frank Dileo)
HONCHO  Sept 1978 1978 Men of the West [Mike Davis & Gunther Keller] (cover - CT)
All Cowboy Layouts: [Dakota, Denny, Stoner, Eddie Calhoun, Mike Morris] (illustrations & photos: CT)
Ich Bin Ein Berliner [Gunther Friedlander] (Frank Dileo)
HONCHO  Oct 1978 1978 Leather jock cover and several pics inside (David Meyer)
"Adam & Bruce" [?] (Roy Blakey)
"Lure of Leather" Nick Battle (CT), [?] (Target), Big Ed & Brad (David Warner)
"Bikers" Toby, [?] (CT)
Gunther Keller - center (CT)
"When Leathermen Undress" [?] (Roy Blakey)
Pic of Richard Locke, Clay Russell; Barry (Don Hanover); Johnny Dillon, Barry, Will Seagers, Peter Bolt (Target)
HONCHO  Nov 1978 1978 Jeff Cameron (cover - Target)
Natural Man [David Dillon] (Roy Blakey)
A World of Men (Bernard Wolff)
Men from Lancer : Roger [Roger 1], Ron Raz (Target)
Tony Pearson [Mr. Jr. California] (Roy Dean)
Mike Poulos [Nick-Target] (Roy Blakey)
Jack Wrangler [making of his dildo]
Dominique (Jurgen Vollmer)
HONCHO  Dec 1978 1978 Male In Uniform Issue
"Slick" [John [Jack Hackner] & Roger - from The Gamble Men ](John Gamble)
Jude [from "Physical Man#3"] (Man s Image)
Mark Wolf (centerfold - Zeus)
"Mr. Fix-It" [Guillermo Ricardo] (Falcon)
Stan (David Warner)
HONCHO  Jan 1979 1979 Jeremy Brent (Target)
"Bike Boy" (Dan Hanover)
Dan (cover/center - Zeus)
"Book Work" [Joey] (Man s Image)
Victor Huston (Usher)
HONCHO  Feb 1979 1979 Big Max (cover Man s Image)
Jayson MacBride (John Gamble)
Carlo Sforzanni (Roy Blakey)
Johnny Harden (center - CT)
The Arto of Olaf
"Lofty Aspirations ["Loft To Let" Holtz & Kirk Mannheim] (Falcon)
HONCHO  March 1979 1979 Rick Martino (CT)
Mike Morris (Cosco)
Tom of Finland portfolio
Joe Mario (cover - Minotaur)
Don Cassini (Minotaur)
"Guise & Dolls" [photos with Blow-Up doll] (Jarry Lang)
"Black Magic" [Hugh Ackundo] (Usher)
"Falcon s Lair" [Aspen images: Al Parker, Casy Donovan, Jeff Turk] (Falcon)
HONCHO  April 1979 1979 Richard Locke
Hot Spot (Man s Image)
Fred Halsted Plays L.A.
Yankee Rajah
Rod Mitchell (Target)
Gay Bob & Ted Goliath (Don Hanover)
Tony Bound for Glory
HONCHO  May 1979 1979 1st Anniversary Issue, Chuck (Zeus)
Art by Diesel
Rear Admirals [Various Butt Shots]
Fireman s Ball (Hank Ellis)
Buck Owen (Target)
Tom (Jay), Chris (Man s Image)
Fleurs du Male (Cosco)
Hot Jocks (Cosco)
HONCHO  June 1979 1979 Denim themed
Mark [from Bold! ] (House One)
A Rage To Live [video images featuring Melchor and Fred Halsted] (Cosco)
Denim Clad Rick Martino & Lloyd Kasper [Bob Blount of Playgirl] (CT)
Austin (centerfold - Krandall Kraus)
Erotic Artwork by Richard Rosenfeld
Brad (Dan Hanover)
H.C. Marine (Cosco)
Hal [Hal Lord ?] (Zeus)
HONCHO  July 1979 1979 Hal Drake & Clint Ely [from "Dune"] (Hal Drake cover - Jocks Athletic Co. / Falcon)
Moose (CT)
"Body Parts" (Guy Corry)
Artwork of Ameil Earp
Gavin (Zeus)
"Jockstraps" (Falcon, Minotaur, Dan Hanover)
"Mr. Jock Strap" [Mike Scott] (Zee Studios)
HONCHO  Aug 1979 1979 These Two [couples photos: Bruno & Jeremy Brent, Rod Mitchell & Joe Kelly] (Target)
Black Is Beautiful [?] (Sierra Domino)
Dancer from the Dance [Virgil] (Usher)
Cosco Men [Cosco Duos: ?] (Cosco)
Duals In The Sun [Couples: Paul Baressi & Tony Romano, Larry Lara & Greg Kolb, Al Parker & Bob Bishop] (CT)
Paul (Zeus)
The Isle of Capri Buddies [Antonio & Gino] (Frank Dileo)
HONCHO  Sept 1979 1979 Gregg Stromm (cover - Eros)
Ring Leader [Juan Cruz] (Frank Teti)
Marine Life [Curtis] (Zeus)
Tony Regalia (CT)
Tab (Eros)
Do Black Men Have It All [Ron] (Sierra Domino)
Inlust With Him [various men: Steve: Zeus] (Cosco, Zeus)
Cuz" [Mike] (Savage)
Studded Spurs" [from "Spurs #3": Joe Braggs, Paul Horn] (CT)
HONCHO  Oct 1979 1979 Hank Ditmar (CT)
Crotch Watch (fiction photos by Cosco)
"Cuir Duds" [leather fashions] (Don Hanover)
Ron (centerfold - Jerry Buzzelli)
"Village Smitty" [Cody] (Zeus)
"Uncut" [foreskin shots] (Dan Farmer)
"Rear Guard" [Butt photos] (Man s Image)
Chuck (Zeus)
HONCHO  Nov 1979 1979 Dusty (Cover, Centerfold - Eros and Eagle Studios)
Ted Brennan (Target)
Cruising the Islands (Jurgen Vollmer)
Casey (Eros)
Bobby Joe (fiction photos by Eros)
Halloween (Phillip Beard)
Clem (CT)
Sean & Mark (Usher)
HONCHO  Dec 1979 1979 Kevin (Ken Storey), Spare the Rod (Eros), Bull Dozier (Target), Derek [also CT model] (Eros), Short Story (Eros), John (Zeus), Sauna Adonis (Eros)
HONCHO  Jan 1980 1980 "Male Images: Male Model" [Jeff Aquilon]; Wayne Gentry (CT); "Splendor in the Grass" [Tony] (Eros); "And Flesh to Boot" {Boot Photography] (Phillip Beard); Bruce (centerfold - Eros); Tony Stone (Jarry Lang); "Sorry Wrong Number" (Eros); "Yes, Sir!" (Cosco)
HONCHO  Feb 1980 1980 Brian (Zeus)
Paolo (Savage)
Bob Bouchard (Target)
Wilderness Together (Malcolm Hoare)
Salvo (Savage)
Mr. Cellophane (Eros)
Orian (Len Tavares)
HONCHO  March 1980 1980 Up Against The Wall [Joe] (cover/centerfold - Zeus); Kyle Hazzard (Target); A Lad Named Brad [furry and endowed model] (Eros); All Tied Up [Van] (Zeus); Red Hat Tease (fiction with many Zeus images); Gypsy [uncut model] (Rolf Van Bergman)
HONCHO  April 1980 1980 Billy Lee Barnes (CT)
photos from Ramrod #4 (Target)
Photo of Fred Halsted and Joey Yale; Bill the Lineman (Jerry Buzzelli)
Caged (fiction and centerfold with Zeus photos)
Big Boy (Roy Dean)
Sleaze (Man s Image)
Bottoms are Tops (photo section: Colt, Roy Dean, Man s Image, Eros, Savage and Target)
Raimundo [Latin Model] (Savage)
HONCHO  May 1980 1980 "English Leather [Kerry: UK Man with Beard] (Usher)
Kyle Hazard & Rod Mitchell [from: "Below the Bayou"] (Target)
"A Washington Monument [George] (Roy Blakey)
Al Parker & Mark Rutter [Rutter aka: Buck Stevens] (centerfold - Surge)
"Buddy Boy" [Buddy] (Jerry Buzzelli)
"LA Tool & Die" [images: Bob Blount, Richard Locke]
"Bedspread" (Eros)
"Kid Stuff" (Man s Image)
HONCHO  June 1980 1980 Judd Cooper (cover/centerfold - CT)
Farm Hand [Jimmy Pike, Jim Pike] (CT)
Ryan (Roy Blakey)
Ron Baker (Zeus)
Jorge (Savage)
Mark (Man s Image)
HONCHO  July 1980 1980 David Gold (cover - CT); "Topman" [Grady] (Zeus); Robert La Tourneaux (centerfold - Zeus); "Come West, Young Man!" [Brian, UK] (Usher); "Rough Stuff" [Robert LaTourneaux & Papa Zeus ?] (Zeus); Ira Smith [nudes of and illustrations by model] (Usher); "Ripped & Torn" (Mimosa)
HONCHO  Aug 1980 1980 Joe Porcelli (centerfold - Roy Blakey)
Street Look [Jed] (Jerry Melmed)
Winner [photo session on Honcho Mr. Club Miami, Robert Rodriquez] (Len Tavers)
Photos from film Dynamite
When Strangers Meet [duo] (Malcom Hoare)
unknown [blond man] (Roy Blakey)
HONCHO  Sept 1980 1980 Guy McCoy (cover/center CT)
"Liason" [Tom & Yves-Claude] (Jarry Lang)
"Butt Plug" feature on butts [various ?] (Don Hanover, Eros, Usher, Colt, Jerry Buzzelli)
Myles Longue [Ed Wiley] (Usher)
Multiple pix of two retro studs (Mimoso)
Letters column has single pix of Tony and Raimundo (Savage)
Eric Ryan (Roy Blakey)
HONCHO  Oct 1980 1980 "Desert Son" [Tony] (Malcolm Hoare); "This Side Up" (Surge); "Tits" [various photos and art] (Eric Perkins, Richard White, Man s Image, Lou Maletta, Phillip Beard); Rick Martino (centerfold - CT); Greg Donovan (Nova); "Hang Man" (Lou Maletta)
HONCHO  Nov 1980 1980 Mark Negrem - cover/center (Roy Blakey)
single pic [?] (Eros)
"Alone" [?] (Malcolm Hoare)
Letters has single pix of Brad (Eros), Gregg (Eros), Torn Jeans [?] (Jarry Melmed), David Gold (CT)
"Black Magic" various [?] (R.S. Shugart, Man s Image)
Cop sex/bondage story, [Grady-10 pix] (Zeus)
HONCHO  Dec 1980 1980 Men Together [Charles (Honcho Aug, 1980) and his buddy Bob] (cover/centerfold - Jurgen Vollmer)
Terry [Fire Island Man] (Roy Blakey)
Lone Star Uncut Texan (Mimoso)
The Big Ones [photo section which highlights only the largest endowment] (Surge, Robert Simmons, Eros, Man s Image, John Gamble, Cosco, Jerry Melmed)
The New Job [duo] (Nova)
HONCHO  Jan 1981 1981 Tom Hartung (Target)
"Big Daddy" (Roy Blakey)
"Man of Steel" (centerfold - Malcolm Hoare); "Black Zeus" (Zeus)
Robert DeBerry (Dutch)
Misc. Images of note: Ed Wiley (Usher)
Eric Ryan (Roy Blakey)
HONCHO  Feb 1981 1981 Mark Rutter (cover/centerfold - CT)
"Raw Heat" [Carlos] (Click Studio)
"Can You" [Joe DiPino] (Hap Paull)
"Urban Cowboy" [Trent] (9D Studios)
"California Dreamin " [Blond, moustached man, uncut smooth] (Surge)
Misc. Images of Note: Rick Martino (CT)
HONCHO  March 1981 1981 "The Power of Ty" [Ty Arthur] (Nova)
"In The Eye of the Beholder" (Hap Paull)
"The Other Side of Dallas" (Mimosa)
"Manhandler" [?] (cover/centerfold - Usher)
Clint Lockner (CT)
"Think Heat" [Tim Nolte ?] (Zeus)
"Salty Pleasure" (Rick Larsen)
Misc. Images of Note: Surge Image of very hung man
HONCHO  April 1981 1981 Clay Russel (centerfold - Nova)
Mike Betts (CT)
Arthur Tress photo portfolio
"In His Face" (9-D Studio)
The Big Gun (fiction with photos by Lou Maletta)
"Usher s Captive" [Buck Owen] (Usher)
Boot pictorial
"To Close" (James Michaels)
HONCHO  May 1981 1981 3rd Anniversary
"Badland" [Mickey Squire] (cover - Zeus)
"Rough Round-Up" (Zeus)
"Big Uns" [various Crotch Shots: Hal Drake, and others] (centerfold - Surge, Toland)
"Tongue In Cheek" [various Butt Shots] (Clif Robinson, Man s Image, Roy Blakey, Eros)
Al Parker (Surge)
"Last Stop" (J.B. Photo)
Misc. Images of Note: Al Parker (Surge)
HONCHO  June 1981 1981 Cover-closeup of mustache whispering in ear [?] (Eric Perkins)
various single pix: [?] (Toland), [Trent] (9-D), [?] (Usher), [uncut cock](Surge)
"Rack Daddy" [Doug Harper] (Nova)
"Lumber Jock" - center [Phillip] (Malcolm Hoare)
photo feature on film "Handsome" by Joe Gage [Roy Garrett, Ron Clayton]
"Bigger Diggers" - feature on big cocks [?] (Toland, Roy Blakey, Robert Simmons, Surge)
"Frat Pack" [Todd Martin, Chad Scott] (Nova)
"Hard End" [hardhat ?] (Jerry Buzzelli)
HONCHO  July 1981 1981 Cal Driver (Lobo Studio - FB)
"Denim Dreams" [Teddy Garr, Hank Ditmar and another] (CT)
Caged Again (fiction with photos by Zeus)
New Experience (fiction with photos by John Preston)
"Afternoon Delight" (Eros)
Timberwolf (Roger Peloquin)
Val Martin & Leo Stone (cover - Zeus)
HONCHO  Aug 1981 1981 Mickey Squires Duo
Jack Wrangler Interview
Jeff Porter (Lobo)
Jeff (FB)
Mickey Squires & Joe Paducah (Zeus);
Centurion Of Rome George Payne, Eric Ryan, Clay Russell; PINK
HONCHO  Sept 1981 1981 Well Armed [Tom Hartung] (center - Usher)
Pool-Aid [duo in the sun and in the pool] (Phil Flasche)
Boiler Room [duo] (Nova Studios)
Stud (cover - Mark Down)
HONCHO  Oct 1981 1981 Killer Joe (cover - CT)
Colt Leather photo section includes: Manfred Speer and Hank Ditmar
Royce Reeves [Royce Stephano] (Lobo Studios/FB)
Side Packet (fiction with photos by J.B. Studios)
Brandon (Timberwolf Studios)
"New York by Night" (centerfold - Phil Flasche)
"The Leather Experience" (David Warner)
Dan [Brad Dillon] (Nova)
HONCHO  Nov 1981 1981 Steve Mars (Lobo Studios/FB)
J.D. Slater (Phil Flasche)
Marcus Cobb (CT)
Variety of Jock Strap photos
"Rock Hard" (Eros)
"Smoke" [duo] (centerfold - Phil Flasche)
Bo Richards (Nova)
"Brawny" (Mimoso Studios)
HONCHO  Dec 1981 1981 Cowboy Issue "Horseplay" (Surge)
"Gun" (Dan Hanover)
"Rough Rider" (Nova)
"The Lone Ranger" (centerfold - Graven Image)
"Showdown" (Paul)
"High Noon" [black model] (Phil Flasche)
Misc. Images of Note: Graven Image Ad; Mickey Squires Image
HONCHO  Jan 1982 1982 "Beefcake & Brawn" [article with photos]
"Dear Santa" (Eric Perkins)
"Snowplow" [Bo Richards] (Nova)
"Helping Hand" [blond, moustache] (centerfold - Usher)
"Revenge" (Surge)
"Men Together" (Surge, Phil Flasche, Mimosa)
"Gage Men [Joe Gage T-Shirts] (Russell Ballard)
HONCHO  Feb 1982 1982 "Road Hog" (Paul)
"Hard hat" (Richard)
"Navy Discipline" [J.W. King & ?] (fiction photos by Cosco)
"G.I. Prime" (cover/centerfold - Phil Flasche)
"5 to 9" (Rod Kramer)
"Foul Play" [moustached, dark haired model] (Nova)
Of Note: Rick Wolfmier Image (CT)
Clint Lockner (fiction photos by Frank Ross)
HONCHO  March 1982 1982 Jack Burke (Nova)
Smart [Leather Erotica] (cover - Gerhard Pohl)
"Cupid s Arrow" [Al Parker, others, Surge Studios Centerfold] (Surge)
Muscle-Up [Nova like duo] (Paul)
SSSS [man and a snake] (Phillip Beard)
Sun God [blond] (Phil Flasche)
Com on In [Cowboy Clone] (Alton Cook)
Single images: Kurt Gessner (Usher)
HONCHO  April 1982 1982 "Mr." [Mickey Squires] (Surge)
"J. Brian s Flashbacks" [various images from film] (fiction: Jack Fritscher, ph: J. Brian)
Tim Kramer [from: "Style"] (Falcon)
"Chaps" [Mark Kropp] (Nova)
"Brick" [blond, moustache, uncut] (Click)
HONCHO  May 1982 1982 4th Anniversary Issue
Cover (Jarry Lang)
"Harness" (Phillip Beard)
"The Hunt" (Paul)
"Nightstuff" [Al Parker, Mike Davis, ?] (centerfold - Surge)
"Lazy Day" [Glen Denard] (Zak Drummer / College Station)
"Bound" [Bill Bader - model] (James Williams)
"Onyx" [?] (Zeus)
Will Seagers (J. Brian)
The Trail [article] (Frank O Rourk / photos: H.M. Rowland)
art: Ron Fowler, Chuck Comics, Michael Vernaglia, Richard White
HONCHO  June 1982 1982 Ready To Serve (John Preston)
Bronzed (Jackson Young)
Marty Kiker [Mr. IML] (FB)
Don Lawrence (Randall Parker)
J. Brian s Flashbacks [Ron Pearson]
Do You Dare (Zeus)
Josh Kincaid (single image - Falcon)
HONCHO  July 1982 1982 Josh Kincaid (cover - Falcon)
"Warehouse" [uncut, moustache] (Surge)
"Spit & Polish" (Phil Flasche)
"Mat Men" (Nova)
"Assets" [various butt shots] (Joe McEarthy, Surge, Gerhard Phol, Mimosa, Richard White, Falcon, Paul)
HONCHO  Aug 1982 1982 J.W. King (cover/center - Cosco)
"Man To Man" [various cock shots: Hal Drake] (Paul, Surge, Naakkve, Jerry Lang, FB, Joe Toland)
"Call of the Wild" [?] (Phil Flasche); "Caught" ["The Boys of San Francisco" images] (William Higgins)
"Main Course" [?] (Zak Drummer / CS)
HONCHO  Sept 1982 1982 Al Parker: Turned On [Scott Taylor, Al Parker, Sky Dawson] (Surge)
J.W. King (Frank Ross)
Skip Rasher
NOVA Film Working It Out , Jim King, Georgio Cannali (NOVA)
Tight End (Naakkve)
Cavelo Artwork portfolio
Jock [Jockstrap photos] (Surge, Mimoso, FB)
Heat [CT model: Julio Campas] (Richard)
HONCHO  Oct 1982 1982 Ron Pearson (James McCaslin)
Red Hot [Rose tattoos on chest] (Usher)
Heavy Load (James McCaslin)
Luke Daniel
Eager To Play (Savage)
Strong and Steady (Richard)
Hardware [Leather Fashions]
IML 1982; Luke Daniel [Mr. IML 1982 interview]
artwork: Paul Irish
HONCHO  Nov 1982 1982 Hal Drake (FB)
Mark Leonard (Nova)
King Size [Charley Smith] (GI)
Richard West
Hungry for Love (FB)
Flights of Fantasy (Bader); Woodsman (Pantheon)
Django (Russell Ballard)
HONCHO  Dec 1982 1982 Service Station [Beard, Hairy, Muscular] (Zeus)
Central Air [?] (Naakkve)
Woodpile [Peter, Paul Irish] (center - Romeo)
Hard Hat [?] (Rick Ross)
Fashion: Second Skin [Fashion Layout: Tony Nero, and others] (Bill Giggiano)
E.T. [Foreskin photos ?] (Naakkve, Don Farmer)
Tanker [Nick Rodgers]
HONCHO  Jan 1983 1983 Cover and inside - Santa [?] in bondage (Roberto Rabanne)
Santa and nude [?] (Michael Rock)
Various by [?] (Cosco)
[?] (Rick Ross)
[Giorgio Canali] (Nova)
[?] (Usher)
[Hal Drake] (Fred Bisonnes)
"Blade" [?] (Fred Bisonnes)
artwork by Ram
"Spit Shine" [Julio Campas] (center - Bader Productions)
Special Equipment [Tony Nero] (Usher)
"Hot Sauce" [? - hispanic model] (Vex)
single pic of [Tony Bronte] (Zeus)
Sampson (Surge)
HONCHO  Feb 1983 1983 Sky Dawson - cover and inside (Falcon)
Various by: [?] (Romeo), [?] (Naakkve), [Tim Kramer s crotch] (Falcon)
"Boot Camp" [?] (Joe Toland)
"Touch of Evil" [?] (Richard White)
"Men at Play" [? duo] (Paul)
Red (Vex)
HONCHO  March 1983 1983 "Maneuvers" (John Krause)
"Dangerous" [scenes from film] (Surge)
Greg Larson (center - City Lights)
Hide and Seek [Don Lawrence] (cover - Randall Parker)
"Torrid" [Lucky?, Blond, moustache] (FB)
"Malibu Days, Big Bear Nights" [scenes from film: Nick Rodgers, Giorgio Canalli] (William Higgins)
Walter Nuyens [Gay Games] (James Williams)
Of Note: Magnum Griffin Ad
Cole Faulkner [ Torrid ?]
HONCHO  April 1983 1983 "Wide Open Spaces" cover/center [Daniel] (Bader Productions)
Various by: [?] (Phil Flasche)
[?] (Surge)
[?] (Arthur Tress)
Jeff Stone leather pix (Phil Flasche)
Henry Romanowski
Mr. NY Leather 1982 (Jarry Lang)
artwork by Delmas Howe
"Jock Strip" [?] (Surge)
"Fever" [Joshua Cosni] (Romeo)
HONCHO  May 1983 1983 Fifth Anniversary Issue. Cover [?] (Sunblazer)
Various by: [?] (Naakkve), [?] (Falcon), [Sky Dawson] (Falcon)
Letters: Tony Nero (1-image / Usher)
Mr. IML 1983 poster by Etienne
"Tool Box" [?] (Naakkve)
Gregg Strom (Zeus)
Vito (KB)
"High Ballin " - feature on balls [?] (Patatas, Pantheon, Romeo, Geophos, Cityboy)
Jason Steele (Zeus)
artwork by Gregory Maskwa
HONCHO  June 1983 1983 "In Hot Water" (FB)
"Police Brutality" (T. Dirbob)
"Too Big for His Own Britches" (cover/center - KB)
"Soldier Boy" (Lee Snider)
Tom of Finland interview
"Sleazy Rider" [Peter ?] (Romeo)
"Bases Loaded" (James Michaels)
HONCHO  July 1983 1983 Cover: Roy Garrett licking Bob Shane s pit (Blaze)
[?] (Romeo)
Justin Cade (Fred Bisonnes)
"Lean and Mean" [?] (CQ)
"Means of Support" - feature on jockstraps [?] (Cityboy, Patatas, Naakkve, Pantheon, Joe Toland; Zak Drummer - center)
Gregg Donovan (Nova)
Wade Davis (J. Wayne Higgs)
Rory Folger (Fred Bisonnes)
HONCHO  Aug 1983 1983 Steve Collins as cowboy - cover/center (Surge)
Various by: [?] (Bader)
[?] (Cityboy)
[? duo] (Arthur Tress)
Workout [Cole Faulkner] (Matthew E. Newman)
"Inner Space" [?] (Naakkve)
Justin Cade (one pic-Fred Bisonnes)
Dick Fisk (one pic-Falcon)
Power Tool [Wolf Kentner] (Fred Bisonnes)
"Back Row" [?] (John Beck)
HONCHO  Sept 1983 1983 Lee Ryder (Falcon)
Merek Flint (Zeus)
"Hot Pink" [?] (Bader Prod)
"Cuffs & Collars" (Richard)
"Mean Machine" [Daniel] (Carlos Quiroz)
"Get The Point" (Bob Young)
"Sunny Side Up" (Bader Prod)
HONCHO  Oct 1983 1983 Studs (Surge Studios); Pack Man [Tom McCann] (Falcon); Stare Wars (James McCaslin); Rub Down [Luis] (Romeo); Hot Property (Charles Moniz); Of note: Greystone and Daniel Allen Ads
HONCHO  Nov 1983 1983 Cover/center "Hard Country" [?] (GI)
Various by: [?] (Cityboy)
[?] (Pantheon)
[?] (Naakkve)
[?] (John Krause)
Michael Braun (Close-Up)
"Blond Bomber" [?] (GI)
"Maximum Security" [?](Close-Up)
"Gimme Some Lip" [?] (James Williams)
"Behind The Zipper" [Ron Fields] (GI)
Michael Crawford (Malexpress)
HONCHO  Dec 1983 1983 Pride and Joy (Close-Up)
Brazil Bound (KB); Strapped (Close-Up)
Gas Jockey (center - Nick Rogers)
Country Comforts (Nick Rodgers)
Pacific Overtures (Suma)
100% Hot [Mych eal Michael] (John Preston)
various Cityboy
Of note: College Station Ad (Jocks Photo)
HONCHO  Jan 1984 1984 Auto Erotic [Peter ?] (Romeo)
Lazy Bones [Jeff] (KB)
10 Speed, 10 Inches [? uncut, hung, hairy, with beard] (Naakve)
Meat the Marines [Brian Thompson] (Surge)
Topman Talk [?] (FB)
Snorkle Sex [?] (KB)
Tough Guy [?] (Naakkve)
HONCHO  Feb 1984 1984 "Ciao, Baby!" [Giorgio Canalli, Bill] (Nova)
"Socks" (FB)
"Time for Two" (cover/center - KB)
"J/O" [Jay, uncut] (Bob Young)
"Buddy System" [from "Wave Riders": Beau Matthews, Andrew] (Zak Drummer / CS)
"In Hot Water" (Pantheon)
"Fur Trapper" (Matthew E. Newman)
Of note: Al Parker Body shots
HONCHO  March 1984 1984 Kurt Graham [Helmut Cross] (Fox)
Eric Ryan (center - Malexpress)
Country Cum to Town (9-D)
Cue Stick (Joe Toland)
Fringe Benefits (Usher)
Cabbie (Matthew E. Newman)
Touch Down (Matthew E. Newman)
Solo Session (James Williams)
HONCHO  April 1984 1984 Cover/center: Derek Bond (Romeo)
"Executive Washroom" [?] (Naakkve)
Ray Connors and Clay Hughes in stills from "Under Construction" (Nova)
"His Stock Is Rising" [?] (Cityboy)
"Salty Seaman" [Joao] (KB)
Various by: [?] (Cityboy), [?] (Arthur Tress); [?](Naakkve), [?] (Bader), [Lee Ryder] (Falcon), [?](Kristen Bjorn)
HONCHO  May 1984 1984 Eric Stryker (cover - Loren)
"Manholes" [various butt-hole shots] (Naakkve)
Richard Locke [interview & nudes] (FB)
"Master Bait" (KB)
"Hand Out" [uncut, dark haired] (Surge)
"Sexual Outlaw" [?] (FB)
HONCHO  June 1984 1984 Rod Phillips (cover/center - Falcon)
What A Dump [?] (M.E.N. Ent.)
Push Ups [scenes from A Few Good Men Lee Ryder + ?] (Surge)
Serious [?] (M.E.N. Ent.)
Flasche Trash [?] (FB)
Full Throttle [?] (KB)
Hot Poker [?] (Matthew E. Newman)
Fit To Be Tied [?] (KB)
HONCHO  July 1984 1984 "Animal Nature" (Malexpress)
Bill Henson (Falcon)
"Tow Job" [Shane] (Matthew E. Newman)
"Start Me up" (Naakkve)
"Blind Passion" (Bob Young)
"Roll Over" [?] (Naakkve)
"First Gear" (Malexpress)
"Shady" (Matthew E. Newman)
HONCHO  Aug 1984 1984 Cover/center: "Mr. Goodwrench" [?](Naakkve)
"White Dream" [?] (James Williams)
Brad Mason (Surge)
"Leather Goods" [unknown - EAGL 03] (Eagle)
"Catfish" [?] (Bob Young)
"Shave, He Said" [?] (Naakkve)
Various by: [?](G-Man), [?](Naakkve), Derek Bond (Romeo), [?] (M.E.N.), [?](Matthew E. Newman)
HONCHO  Sept 1984 1984 Steve Gill (GI) "Pied Piper" (Surge)
"Please, Sir" (Surge)
"C mere a Minute" (Holt Studio)
"Loggers" [Roger Hampton & Marty Kiker] (center - Pantheon)
"Collegiate" (Bob Young)
"Daddy Load" (Naakkve)
"The Big Squeeze" (Malexpress)
"On The Rocks" (G-Man Prod)
HONCHO  Oct 1984 1984 Cover/inside: "Here s The Beef." [?] (Malexpress)
"Army Surplus" [?] (Malexpress)
"Hot On The Trail" [Jim & Jack] (Pantheon)
Daniel Holt & Eric Ryan - center (Malexpress)
"Out Back" [?] (Magnum Studio/Devlin Lang)
"Light Box" [?] (Jeff Kirk)
"How Many Inches?" [Rex] (Malexpress)
Various by: [?] (Naakkve)
HONCHO  Nov 1984 1984 Dave Connors (Surge)
HONCHO  Dec 1984 1984 Lorenzo DePalma (cover Usher)
Mr. Fix-It [blond] (Malexpress)
Dream Lover (KB)
The Fun Zone (Malexpress)
Long Rider (Randall Parker)
Thee Animal (G-Man Prod)
Of Note: Lance Kurt Deitrick ad
HONCHO  Jan 1985 1985 So Edible It s Incredible [?] (Malexpress)
Ski Instructor [?] (Naakkve)
Gift Wrapped [?] (center - Naakkve)
Oh, Daddy [?] (Romeo)
Natural Man [?] (Matthew E. Newman)
Jackin The Box [?] (Matthew E. Newman)
Marine Life [Curtis] (Zeus)
HONCHO  Feb 1985 1985 Talk Me Into It (Romeo)
Glenn Gunther (Malexpress)
Party On Me (center - Man to Man)
Great Outdoors [Kayle Thomas] (Eagle)
Watch and Wear (M.E.N.)
Big Daddy (Torrey)
What You Want (Jocks/Falcon)
Bunkhouse (Malexpress)
HONCHO  March 1985 1985 Hey, Buddy [John] (cover/center - Graven Image)
Paul Irish and Nick Mauro (Malexpress)
"Staying Power" Stan (Romeo)
"Swellhead" [?] (Joel Kudler)
Rock (Surge)
"The Show-Off" [?] (Romeo)
"Daytime Drama" [?] (Savage)
Various by: [?] (Naakkve), [?] (McDermott), [?](Surge)
HONCHO  April 1985 1985 Giorgio Canalli (Falcon)
Helmut (center - John Coletti / Fox)
Rio Holiday (KB)
Forced Entry (Cal Stephens)
Jack-Off Artist (Torrey)
Band Of Gold (James Williams)
Ambush (Matthew E. Newman)
HONCHO  May 1985 1985 "Take My Load" (Magnum Studio / Devlin Lang)
"Good Buddies" (Malexpress)
"Down & Dirty" (cover - KB)
"Salty" (center - M.E.N. Enterprises)
"Camouflage" [?] (Malexpress)
"On The Dark Side" (Torrey)
"Achtung! Polizei" [Rolf ?] (Gerhard Pohl)
"Mouthful" (Paul Sjoberg)
HONCHO  June 1985 1985 "Devil Dick" [man and snake] (cover - KB)
"The Slammer" (Matthew E. Newman)
"Shower Power" [KB print] (KB)
"Grizzly Bear" [?] (Mimoso)
O.J. Johnson [O.G. Johnson] (Falcon)
"Flyboy" (Matthew E. Newman)
"Magic Carpet Ride" [duo] (KB)
HONCHO  July 1985 1985 Rex Morgan [plus scenes from "Therapy"] (cover - Surge); "Action Man" (Malexpress); Justin Cade (center - Len Prosko); "Lick This" (Bob Young); "Armed" [KB print Man] (KB); "Up Periscope!" (Torrey); "Roustabout" (Malexpress); of note: Street Boy photo by CityBoy
HONCHO  Aug 1985 1985 Scenes from: "Strange Places, Strange Things" [David Ashfield, others] (Surge)
"Surfer Up" [Patrick Toner] (Matthew E. Newman)
"Mid-Summer Madness" (cover/center - Malexpress)
"Central Park in the Dark" (Paul Sjoberg)
"Wild Eyes" (Malexpress)
"Fast Lane" (Malexpress)
"Desk Set" [uncut hung] (Matthew E. Newman)
HONCHO  Sept 1985 1985 "Where There s Smoke" [KB Print man] (KB); "Discovery" (Torrey); "Wildlife" [Anton] (cover/center - KB); "Big Boy Blue" [?] (Matthew E. Newman); "Tools" (Malexpress); "Country Cum To Town" [?] (Cal Stephens); of note: misc images by Naakkve
HONCHO  Oct 1985 1985 "I Want Muscle" [?] (GI); "Long Leaf" [Neto] (KB); "Adventures At Sea" (cover/center - KB); "Foreskin Hijinks" [various cock shots] (KB, Naakkve); "Red Heat" [Pretao Grandao ?] (KB); "Undress For Success" [?] (Torrey); "The Big Meat" [?] (Malexpress)
HONCHO  Nov 1985 1985 "Touch It" [Pierce Daniels] (Surge); "Fishing Pole" (Naakkve); "Blue Chip Stud" [KB Print Man] (KB); "Spray Me" [?] (KB); "Horse Marine" [Fidel] (KB); "Solitaire" (Torrey); "New Cock In Town" (Joseph Modica); "Please, Sir" (9-D)
HONCHO  Dec 1985 1985 Splendor on the Grass [?] (KB); Hunk On A Log [Steve Cole] (cover/center - GI); Wish Fulfillment [scenes from: Hard Disk Drive ] (Surge); A Superior Officer [?] (Alfredo); Caught (9-D); Street Meat (Malexpress); Hard Labor (Malexpress)
HONCHO  Jan 1986 1986 "Roadblock Jock" [Miguel] (cover/center - KB); "Floored" [?] (Naakkve); "Sundance" [?] (KB); "My Hard Belongs to Daddy" (Romeo); "The Admirable Admiral" [? moustache, hairy] (KB); "Workout for One" (Malexpress); "Sunshine Man" [?] (KB)
HONCHO  Feb 1986 1986 Cover/center: "Eat Me For Lunch" [?](Naakkve)
Various by: [?] (Torrey)
"Tripod" [?] (KB)
"Carryin A Load" [?] (Mike Nash)
"Make Me Do It" [?] (Surge)
Mike Mentor (Rolf Wernli)
"Hot Fox" [?] (Eagle)
"Handlebar" [?] (Alfredo)
HONCHO  March 1986 1986 "High Riser" [Joe Cade] (Matthew E. Newman)
"Crotch Busters" (Malexpress)
"Big, Bad Wolf" [?] (cover/center - KB)
"Come and Get Me" (J. Wayne Higgs)
"Handy Man" [?] (GI); "Hard Workin " [?] (Cityboy)
"Stud Meat" (Malexpress)
HONCHO  April 1986 1986 Big Brawn [?] (KB); Make Me Do It [?] (GI); Con Brio (center - Usher); Grab Bag [? Black] (GI); At His Service [?] (KB); Grizzly (Hand Held Studio); Going Down On The Job (Malexpress)
HONCHO  May 1986 1986 Jeff Turk (cover/center - Surge); Oversize Load images [Scott O Hara, Jayson Steel]; Sun Kissed [?] (KB); Your Main Man [?] (GI); Private Eyes (Torrey); Luncheon Meat [?] (GI); On The Loading Dock (Romeo)
HONCHO  June 1986 1986 "Wanna See My Frigate?" [?] (cover/center - Lobo Studios)
Chad Douglas (California Dream Machine)
"New Recruit" [?] (Holt Studios)
"Ladder of Excess" [?] (Naakkve)
J. D. Slater and Melchior [Melchor ?] (Holt)
[?] (Naakkve)
"Smooth Operator" [?] (Savage)
Mr. Leather New York 1985 (Chris Morris)
HONCHO  July 1986 1986 Cover/center: "Pleased To Tease" [?] (Usher)
"Cubic Inches" four pix of dicks (Naakkve)
"Stripped Down" [?] (KB)
"Knocked Out" [?] (KB)
"Sun God" [?] (KB)
"Barbeque and Beef" [?] (Alfredo)
"Seascape" [?] (KB)
Scott O Hara (California Blue Productions).
HONCHO  Aug 1986 1986 "Mr. High Rise" [?] (cover/center - Joseph Modica)
Various by: [?] (Naakkve), [?] (Cityboy)
[?] (Fred Bisonnes)
"Uncovered" [Tony Nero] (Usher)
"Night Shift" [?] (KB)
"Untamed Wilderness" [?] (KB)
Joe Cade (KB)
"Big, Bigger, Biggest" [Tom Wyeth] (Eagle)
HONCHO  Sept 1986 1986 "Tell Daddy" [?] (GI)
"Tattoo You" [Erico Ventania] (KB)
"Ay, Mate" [Jack] (cover - KB)
"Boxed In" [?] (Philip Beard)
"Electrified" (Savage)
"Wild Game" [Peter] (KB)
"Leather Or Not" (Chuck)
HONCHO  Oct 1986 1986 "Yo, Asshole" [?] (Maxx)
"Wild Kingdom"[Jadson ?] (KB)
"Breathless" [Juan] (cover/center - KB)
"Pocket Pool" [?] (GI)
"Just Wild About Hairy" [?] (KB)
"Under Construction" (Torrey)
"Reel In A Big One" (Spur Productions)
HONCHO  Nov 1986 1986 Bronco Buster [Roy Ourso] (David Smith)
The Perfect Pair (Maxx)
Brawny On the Briney (cover/center - B Boys)
Hunk-A-Rama [?] (GI?)
Mackenzie Poe [interview & nudes] (Maxx)
Come On In [?] (GI)
Pick Up In A Pick Up [unknown - MAXX 06] (Maxx)
HONCHO  Dec 1986 1986 "Mucho Gusto" (Robert Laliberte)
"Piece of my Hard" [Alex] (KB)
"Mountain Man" [Pietro Martinelli] (cover/center - KB)
"Rock Steady" (Savage); "Looking At you" (David Smith); Stud Meet" [?] (Robert Laliberte); of note: Naakkve shot of monster hung
HONCHO  Jan 1987 1987 Cover/center: "Moby Dick" [?] (Devlin Lang/Magnum Studio)
Various by: [?] (Cityboy)
"Drop Trou" [?] (Chuck)
"Wall Street Sucker" [?] (Naakkve)
"Deck This" [?] (Chris Morris)
"Waitin For A Stud" [Brandon Wilde] (Maxx Studio)
"Mr. Natural" [?] (KB)
HONCHO  Feb 1987 1987 "Basket N Balls" (cover - MAC); "Sweat!" (?); "Easy Rider" [Frude] (center - KB); "Beat It" (MAC); "Two Boys In The Sand" [Pat Allen, Victor Houston] (Wakefield Poole); "No Frills [?] (Richard Law); "In The Woods" (Cal Stephens)
HONCHO  March 1987 1987 Room For Two (Joseph Modica)
Flush N Go (Torrey)
Thinking Big [?] (cover/center - MAC)
One Hander (Maxx)
Big Red (Naakkve)
Fun Buns" [Eric Perot-KB] (CityBoy)
The Big, Bad Wolf [Gene Barber] (KB)
Of Note: Lobo Studios misc images [Jean Claude]
HONCHO  April 1987 1987 "Desert Fox" [Alexi ?] (cover/center - KB)
"Down For The Count" [?] (David)
"Bustin Loose" [?] (Robert Laliberte)
"Hard Labor" [short shorts shots] (Sarasvati)
"Finders Keepers" [Kieth Ardent] (Richard Henry)
"Buck Naked" [?] (GI)
"Show Off" (Naakkve)
HONCHO  May 1987 1987 "Splash Down" (Chris Morris)
Casey Donovan (Malexpress)
"When the West Was Wild" [Brian Evans] (cover/center - Robert Laliberte)
"All The Rage" [?] (KB)
"Big Mike" [?] (GI)
"Chopper Jockey" [Lucio] (KB)
HONCHO  June 1987 1987 "Wide Receiver" [insets: ?] (KB)
"Man s Best Friend" [?] (Robert Laliberte)
"Wild Man" [?] (E. Thornton)
"Cruising The High Seas" [?] (cover/center - KB)
"Torrid Zone" (Male Discoveries)
Pierce Daniels (Maxx)
"Like A Mighty Oak" [?] (KB)
"Makin The Street Scene" (Cityboy)
HONCHO  July 1987 1987 "Heat Of The Moment" [?] (KB)
"Personal Training" (Maxx)
"The Hunk Next Door" [?] (cover/center - Robert Laliberte)
"Kicked Back" (E. Thornton)
"An Officer and a Gentleman" [Roy Garrett] (Naakkve)
"Copper" [Geraldo] (KB)
"Man Of The House" (Barry)
HONCHO  Aug 1987 1987 "Go For It" [?] (cover - Robert Laliberte)
"Reaching Out" (Maxx)
"Beach Bully" [?] (center - Maxx)
"Room With A View" [?] (KB)
"Cocksure" (Barry)
"Tough Enough" [?] (KB)
"Forest Service" [?] (KB)
HONCHO  Sept 1987 1987 "Get The Picture" [Ken] (cover - GI); "Skinned" [?] (Malexpress); "Water Hole" [?] (Eagle); "Sparks Will Fly" [?] (Laliberte); "Sleep On It" [?] (Laliberte); "Paint Job" [?] (Malexpress)
HONCHO  Oct 1987 1987 "Teacher s Pet [Kieth Ardent] (Cityboy)
I m Your Man [unknown - MAXX 05] (Maxx)
Strip Search [?] (cover/center - Malexpress)
Big Love [Joe Tolbe] (Richard Law)
No Frills [?] (Cityboy)
Packing A ROD [?] (M.E.N.)
HONCHO  Nov 1987 1987 no listings
HONCHO  Dec 1987 1987 Tom Brock (Falcon); "Cocksure" [?] (Laliberte); "The Postman Delivers" [?] (Cityboy); "Master Baiter" (Malexpress); "Break Point" [?] (LeSalon); "Get Busy" [?] (Cityboy)
HONCHO  Jan 1988 1988 Line Man (cover Naakkve); Stand Out (Cityboy); Will Seagers (center - LeSalon); Button Down (Barry); Impatient (MAC); Learn To Like It [?] (KB)
HONCHO  Feb 1988 1988 Take Down The Top (cover - Surge)
Throb [?] (Robert Laliberte)
Beefy [Alberto] (KB)
Leather Jacket [?] (Robert Laliberte)
Romance It [?] (Cityboy)
Hot Trash (Chuck)
HONCHO  March 1988 1988 Ray Stockwell (Catalina)
Luciano Pereira (KB)
Double Header (Cityboy)
Rod Gerrato [Rod Garetto] (G. Cloud)
Hard Labor (Barry)
Rock Steady (Malexpress)
HONCHO  April 1988 1988 Tom Brock (cover/CENTER - Catalina)
Smokey [Dico] (KB)
Mr. X (Cityboy)
Smooth Talking (J.W. Rogers)
Hard Job [?] (Malexpress)
Hot For It (Malexpress)
Friend In Need [?] (KB)
HONCHO  May 1988 1988 vol 11 no5 · 10th Anniversary
Push Your Luck (Cityboy)
Shoot High (Mark Troy)
Lean And Hungry (MAC Productions)
Touch And Go (Eagle Studios)
Total Control (Cover - KB)
Made To Order (Surge Studios)
Scott O Hara (Le Salon)
Beat Em Off (MAC Productions)
Hot To The Touch (Robert Laliberte)
HONCHO  June 1988 1988 no listings
HONCHO  July 1988 1988 no listings
Jacques Crévecoeur [Michel Leriche] (cover Robert LaLiberte)
HONCHO  Aug 1988 1988 vol 11 no8: Oh Yeah [?] (Cal Stevens); Bruiser (Naakkve); Give And Take (Latino Fan Club); Drenched [Luciano Pereira] (Cover - KB); Dare Me [?] (Malexpress); Commitment [?] (Robert Laliberte)
HONCHO  Sept 1988 1988 no listings
Flavio (cover - KB)
HONCHO  Oct 1988 1988 no listings
Ryan Idol (?)
HONCHO  Nov 1988 1988 vol 11 no 11: Tom Steele (cover Catalina) The Rustle Of Hustle [?] (Catalina); Samurai Sex Master [?] (Cal Stevens); Home Grown [?] (Michael McKinney); Hand Jive [?] (Cityboy); Big Daddy [?] (Malexpress)
HONCHO  Dec 1988 1988 QuarterBack Sneak [Dirk Van Damme] (cover/center Catalina)
Handy Man [?] (Naakkve)
Andre [?] (Bob Free)
Sex Athlete [?] (Naakkve)
Body Language [?] (KB)
Obsession [?] (Cityboy)
HONCHO  Jan 1989 1989 Body Work [?] (cover/center Cityboy)
Michael Knight (Catalina)
Smooth Operator [?] (B-Boys)
Bigger, Faster, Harder [Joe Simmons] (Cityboy)
Rock Hudson article
Beach Brawn [?] (Malexpress)
Rough N Ready (Barry)
HONCHO  Feb 1989 1989 XXX (cover - ); Muscle Master [?] (KB); Jon Vincent (InHand); Olympic Gold [?] (center - KB); Nightstick (Richard Law); Out Of Control [?] (Cityboy); Mechanic s Tool [?] (Cityboy)
HONCHO  March 1989 1989 no listings
HONCHO  Apr 1989 1989 no listings
Alex Stone
HONCHO  May 1989 1989 Hard! [?] (cover/center Terry); Over, Under, Sideways, Down [?] (Naakkve); Sexual Persuasion (Cityboy); Morning Chores (?); Good Sport (Cityboy); Off Duty [?] (Bob Free);Caribbean Splendor [Andriano Peixoto] (KB)
HONCHO  June 1989 1989 no listings
HONCHO  July 1989 1989 Diogo Lobos (cover/center KB); Mainman [?] (KB); Meat Vendor [?] (Cityboy); Piercing Session [?] (MAC); Lee Baldwin (Cityboy); Daddy Dearest [?] (Naakkve); Uncut, Uncouth, Uncensored [?] (Torrey)
HONCHO  Aug 1989 1989 Cliff Romano (cover/center - Vivid)
Hot Rod [?] (Naakkve)
Red White & Blue [?] (Cityboy)
Meat Tenderizer [Vadinho] (KB)
Big Fun [?] (MAC)
Shady Character [Mario / Odilon] (KB)
artwork: Matt
HONCHO  Sept 1989 1989 no listings
HONCHO  Oct 1989 1989 Hans Mueller (cover/center - Vivid); Jumbo [Jim Hunter] (Deuce); Extra-Large [Caio Amaral] (KB); True Grit (Cityboy); Jack Of All Trades (MAC); Where s The Fire [?] (Cityboy)
HONCHO  Nov 1989 1989 no listings
Cover-KB Man
HONCHO  Dec 1989 1989 One Of A Kind [?] (cover Bob Free)
The Wild Side of Town [?] (Cityboy)
Anytime, Anywhere, Anything [?] (center - Naakkve)
Bigger Is Better [?] (Bob Free)
Manipulation with Leather [?] (MAC)
Saturday In The Park [Melchor] (Chuck)
HONCHO  Jan 1990 1990 Master of the House [Enrique Rodriguez] (cover - Torrey)
Rex Chandler (Huge Video)
Skintight (center - Cityboy)
San Francisco Gay/Lesbian Film Festival
Brad Mitchell (Huge Video)
Hard Times (Cal Stephens)
ArtilleryMan [?] (Dan Manning)
HONCHO  Feb 1990 1990 Rough N Ready [?] (cover/center FB)
Danger Zone (Cityboy)
Toolin Around (Torrey)
Hard Work (Latino Fan Club)
The Whopper (MAC); Sugar Cane (Terry)
HONCHO  March 1990 1990 Manimal (cover/center Cityboy); One In A Million [?] (Private Sessions); Meat Puppet (Cityboy); Viva Macho II (Panther Prod); Caribbean Heat (Latino Fan Club); On The Road [?] (Terry)
HONCHO  April 1990 1990 With All Due Respect [?] (cover/center Bob Free)
Jorge Gonzalez (KB)
Steve Vega [ Some Men are Bigger Than Others Tiger Media] (OK Boys)
Streetwise [?] (Cityboy)
Shackin Up [?] (Torrey)
Guys Just Want to Have Fun [?] (Terry)
Solid As A Rock [?] (Cityboy)
HONCHO  May 1990 1990 Solid Geometry [?] (cover/center - Terry)
Hunk for Sale [?] (Torrey)
Rock Candy [Johnny Cougar] (Derek Powers)
Body Work [?] (MAC)
Dialing for Dick [?] (Cal Stephens)
The Anatomy Lesson [Joe Simmons] (Cityboy)
Artwork: Matt
HONCHO  June 1990 1990 Cover/center: "Clean Shave" [?] (Cityboy)
Various by: [?] (Cityboy)
"Man s Man" [?] (Cityboy)
"Tight Grip" [?] (Cityboy)
"Hangin Out" [?] (KB)
"Man of Substance" [?] (M.A.C.)
"Stud Service" [?] (Cal Stephens)
HONCHO  July 1990 1990 Rogerio Proenca [Wolfgang] (cover/center MarcoStudio)
Jack Lofton (Falcon)
In Control [?] (Richard Law)
Rodeo Stud [?] (MAC)
To Sir, With Love [?] (Cityboy)
No. 1 Contender [?] (R. Stuart)
Artwork: Matt
HONCHO  Aug 1990 1990 Al Parker (Surge)
Fire Island Memories [Tom Hartung] (Target)
Hangin Out [?] (Bob Free)
Tropical Heat [?] (center/cover - MarcoStudio)
New York s Finest [?] (Naakkve)
Double Trouble [Arturo Ramirez + Jorge Reyes] (KB)
HONCHO  Sept 1990 1990 Tattoo Tomcat [?] (Roberto (Roma?)); Off-Duty Marine (Cityboy); Sunday Afternoon [?] (Target); All Tied Up [?] (cover/center - Naakkve); Go For It [Jack Lofton] (Naakkve); On The Waterfront [Pakko] (Target)
HONCHO  Oct 1990 1990 Huggie Bear (Cityboy); A Bear s Cave is his Castle (Cityboy); Workin Bear (cover/center - Naakkve); Bears In Heat [Sabino?] (KB); Bruno (Target); Teddy Bear s Picnic [?] (Cityboy);Cuddle Bear (Naakkve)
HONCHO  Nov 1990 1990 no listings
Francois Casier (Cover)
HONCHO  Dec 1990 1990 Mister Natural (Marco)
Summer Heat [Skip Simmons] (KB)
Tough Enough (cover/center Chuck)
Street Stud (Cityboy); Fully Equipped (Terry)
A Sailor In Sydney [Maestri] (KB)
HONCHO  Jan 1991 1991 A Well Respected Man [?] (Chuck)
Grab A Handful (Torrey)
Weapons of Love (Mansmith)
Italian Battalion (cover/center - Roma)
Desert Sheik (Terry); Surrender (Naakkve)
HONCHO  Feb 1991 1991 Sex Savage (center/cover - Cityboy)
Raunch King [?] (Chuck)
Leather Slut [?] (Richard Law)
Male Call [?] (Cityboy)
Industrial Strength [?] (Cityboy)
Tough Stuff [?] (Richard Law)
Military Sleaze [?] (Private Sessions)
HONCHO  March 1991 1991 Paul Becker (cover - Roma); Bike Cop (David); Sexual Drive (Richard Law); The Manhandler (center - Darek Powers); Muscle Power (Bob Free); Military Maneuvers (David); East My Dick Kiss My Ass (Naakkve)
HONCHO  April 1991 1991 [various Target images]
Invocation (Richard Law)
Bike Stop (Bob Free)
Prime Meat (David)
Hard Rider (center/cover - David)
Highly Prized Possession [Tony Bronco] (Cityboy)
Sexual Athletics (Roma)
Down Under Love [Arturo Ramirez & Skip Simmons] (KB)
HONCHO  May 1991 1991 vol 14 no 5
Under Construction [unknown - MAXX 08] (Maxx Studio)
Playing For Keeps [?] (Naakkve)
In Control [?] (Cover - Cityboy)
Tub Job [?] (Torrey)
Gov t Approved Prime Meat [?] (Cityboy)
Hogan Malony [Alec Campbell] (KB)
Tough Stuff [?] (Marcostudio)
artwork: Matt
HONCHO  June 1991 1991 Donnie Russo (cover/center - Chuck)
All Night Long [?] (OK Boys/Tiger Media)
LeatherJock [?] (Cityboy)
Big & Smooth [?] (Terry Studio)
Disciplinary Action [?] (Naakkve)
Workin It [?] (Private Sessions)
Midnight Cowboy [?] (Roberto Roma)
Artwork: Matt, R.A. Shultz
HONCHO  July 1991 1991 no listings
Cover-KB Man (KB)
HONCHO  Aug 1991 1991 Pouch Packer [?] (Cityboy)
Hard Evidence [?] (Torrey)
Brawny [?] (cover/center David)
Sexual Dexterity [?] (Richard Law)
Bike Raunch [?] (Chuck)
After Hours [William L. Kane ?] (Naakkve)
Partners in Action [insets: ?] (Target)
Bryx International [Gregg Strom] Ad
HONCHO  Sept 1991 1991 Rough & Ready (David); Fuzzy Bear (MR Productions); Sicilian Devil (cover Bob Free); Eager to Please (Roma); Power Broker (Cityboy); Wild & Free (Cal Stephens)
HONCHO  Oct 1991 1991 Trouble In Mind (Chuck)
Tough Customer (Maxx)
Under Construction (cover - David)
Papa Bear (Cityboy)
Legal Eagle (Cal Stephens)
Bathtub Jim (Naakkve)
HONCHO  Nov 1991 1991 Heavy Duty [Jacques Crévecoeur] (Bob Free)
Meat Packer (Cityboy)
I Want Your Sex (cover - Naakkve)
Man Ahoy! (David)
Sexual Obsession (SNAPS Ltd)
In Command [?] (RRoma)
HONCHO  Dec 1991 1991 My Wish Your Command [?] (cover - Bob Free)
The Enforcer [?] (Naakkve)
Workin It [?] (SNAPS Ltd)
1000 Megawatts of Manpower [unknown - MAXX 02] (Maxx)
Big Stick [?] (David)
Keg O Dynamite [?] (Body Shop)
My Straight Buddy [article: ?] (MalExpress)
artwork: Matt
HONCHO  Jan 1992 1992 no listings
HONCHO  Feb 1992 1992 Hairy Situation (Chuck)
Officer s Training Manual (David)
Easy Rider (Roma)
Working Stiff (cover - Marco)
River Deep-Mountain High (Terry)
Hard Times [?] (Roma)
HONCHO  March 1992 1992 Military Sex [Damian Michaels, Fred Slinger] (cover - Maxx)
Joy Ride [?] (Body Shop)
Up On The Roof [?] (Torrey)
Inventory Slut [?] (Roberto Roma)
Olympic Meat [?] (Chuck)
Can t Get Enough [?] (David)
The Red-Headed Marine [insets: Erich Lange]
artwork: Matt
Single Images: Lex Baldwin [cock only]
HONCHO  April 1992 1992 All Leather Issue (v15 n4)
The Inflictor [Eddie Resi] (Maxx)
Eager To Please [?] (Roma)
The Abduction [scenes from video: Chance Caldwell, Jack Dillon, Matt Gunther] (Falcon)
Bound to Serve [?] (Cityboy)
Brutal Punishment [?] (Richard Law)
Leather Slave [?] (Chuck)
The Enforcer [?] (Christopher Rage)
Getting The Best of Stress [insets: ? After Hours ] (Naakkve)
artwork: Matt
Single Images: Private Sessions
HONCHO  May 1992 1992 Vice Squad Night Stick (Cityboy); Rock Around The Clock (Roma); Happy Hour (cover Wigler); Seafood (David); The Bed Warmer (MAC); Top Job (Chuck); Mystery Meat (Naakkve)
HONCHO  June 1992 1992 The Daddy Special
The Benefit of Experience [Jimmy Pike] (David)
Sugar Daddy [Real Name on file] (Chuck)
Come To Papa [Enrique Rodriguez] (Roma)
The Power of Patriarchy [?] (Stephen Sutton)
Papa Bear [?] (Cityboy)
Fatherly Advice [?] (Lobo)
Big Daddy [?] (Cityboy)
artwork: Matt
HONCHO  July 1992 1992 U.S. Male (Cityboy); Compulsion [?] (Wigler); Michaelangelo Signorile Interview; Can t Get Enough (Kevin Kerdash); Cub-In-Training (cover/center - Cal Stephens); Rodeo Bear [?] (Naakve); Bayou Bruiser (Roma); Out Of Control (SNAPS Ltd)
HONCHO  Aug 1992 1992 Under Construction [?] (Roberto Roma)
The Challenger [unknown - MAXX 03] (Maxx)
Urban Commando [?] (cover - Catalina)
Hands-On Handy Man [?] (center - Ram Studio)
Rodeo Romeo [?] (MarcoStudio)
Yukio Mashima Article
Police Brutality [Spike ?] (Chuck)
Off-Duty After Dark [?] (Roma)
HONCHO  Sept 1992 1992 Wet Behind the Ears (Lobo)
The Legacy of Leather (Richard Law)
Tough Luck (Chuck)
Supply & Demand (cover/center - Cityboy)
Just Keeps Coming Back for More (Maxx)
More Ways Than you Can Count, Sucker (Cityboy)
Please Teach Me, Sir [?] (Roma)
HONCHO  Oct 1992 1992 Chains of Love [?] (Cityboy)
Leather Chic [?] (D.J. Photography)
A Brief Encounter [?] (Chuck)
Unleash the Power [? Scorpion Tattoo] (Lobo)
Midnight At The Oasis [?] (cover/center - Roma)
Take Me Beyond the Threshold of Pain [?] (Naakkve)
I m Not Easy [Kevin Slee] (David)
artwork: Michael Kirwan, Matt
HONCHO  Nov 1992 1992 Sex Charged [?] (Lobo)
Get A Load of This [Black, scorpion tattoo] (Maxx)
Master of the Universe [?] (Roma)
The Scent of New Leather [?] (cover/center - Cityboy)
Bound for Glory [? Hairy, Beard, uncut] (Chelsea Williams)
Born To Serve [?] (Wigler)
Leather Slut [Lex] (Chuck)
HONCHO  Dec 1992 1992 Sexual Wilding (Terry); Raunch, Sleaze & Forbidden Pleasure (Cityboy); My Favorite Jockstrap (Chuck); Ropes Em (center - Russell Maynor); A Touch of Leather (Roma);From the Heart (Marco); On Top (David)
HONCHO  Jan 1993 1993 no listings
Kris Lord
Cycle Stud Seeks Slave [?] (Lobo Studios / Quiroz)
HONCHO  Feb 1993 1993 Tough Love (Wigler)
The Right Tool for the Job [?] (Chuck)
Lean N Mean (Cityboy)
In Your Face (center - Stephen Sutton)
At the End of a Long, Hard Day [?] (Roma)
Daddy s Home (Body Shop)
Welcome to Fantasy Land [? Chuck Model] (Century Media)
HONCHO  March 1993 1993 On The Job Training [?] (Lobo); The Bull s Eye of Love (Cityboy); Off-Duty [?] (KB-The Bear); Big Things Come in Leather Packages [Honcho: Nov 92] (Studio New York); Daddy Leatherbear (cover/center - Wigler); The Next Best Thing [?] (Chuvk); Hey Pal (Roma)
HONCHO  April 1993 1993 Karl Thomas (Roma)
Tired of Snacks [?] (Jim Wigler)
Kinky Kid Seeks Loving Dad [?] (Naakkve)
LeatherChamp 93 [Steve Liparti] (cover/center - Spikefoto)
10 Things to do With Your Jockeys [?] (Cityboy)
Every Which Way but Loose [Lee Jennings] (FB)
I Can Take Anything [?] (Richard Law)
artwork: Matt
HONCHO  May 1993 1993 Master of the Universe (Richard Law)
Workin It for You, Baby (Maxx)
Home is Where the Meat Is (Cityboy)
Flaunts His Sex-Thing (cover/center - Cityboy)
Ode on an Uncut Grecian Dick (David)
Smooth Operator (Cityboy)
A Typical American Man (Wigler)
HONCHO  June 1993 1993 The Man in the Leather Mask (Sinbad)
The Fastest Rising Dick (Cal Stephens)
Passive Aggressive Behavior (Roma)
Found, Trapped & Awaiting [?] (cover/center - Jim Wigler)
Water Sport (Hot Star)
Kenneth Halliwell article
Home Is Where the Hard Is [?] (Chuck)
One Week s Detention [unknown - MRCS 08] (MarcoStudio)
Artwork: Matt
HONCHO  July 1993 1993 Hot Leather [?] (cover/center - Maxx)
Rough & Ready (Cal Stephens)
Born To Serve [?] (Sinbad)
Velvet & Satin (Naakkve)
The American Military s [?] (Spike Foto)
The Nipple Master [?] (Express Photo)
The Games People Play (Jim Wigler)
HONCHO  Aug 1993 1993 I d Do Anything, For You [?] (Chuck)
Kinky Pleasure (Body Shop)
The Gymnastics of Hard Sex (Richard Law)
Cruisin For A Bruisin (Cityboy)
What Does a Leatherman do with a Cigar? (cover/center - Wigler)
Pretty Rough [Camille] (KB)
The Man With A Plan [? Scorpion tattoo] (Lobo)
HONCHO  Sept 1993 1993 No Prior Experience [?] (Cityboy)
Man Ahoy! [?] (MarcoStudio)
The Meat of the Matter [?] (Chuck)
Wild Thing [?] (center/cover - Spike Foto)
Chains of Love [Trent Reed] (Catalina)
The Bad Boy Your Papa Warned You About [?] (Roberto Roma)
Naked Desire [?] (Jim Wigler)
HONCHO  Oct 1993 1993 Bear Cub in Training (Lobo); Ranch Hand Seeks Raunch Man (Marco); Workin Up A Sweat (Snaps Ltd.); Out On The Lonesome Trail (cover/center - David); U.S.M. Top Secret Weapon (Roma); Free To Be (Sinbad); Busting At The Seams (Cityboy)
HONCHO  Nov 1993 1993 Daddy s Boy [?] (Lobo)
Big Daddy [? Scorpion tattoo] (Cityboy)
He Works Hard for the Money (Naakkve)
On Your Knees, Slave [?] (cover/center - Wigler)
The Manhandler (Richard Law)
Anything Goes (Chuck)
Apprentice to the Leather King [?] (Catalina)
HONCHO  Dec 1993 1993 Lean and Mean [?] (Richard Law); Let s Go Riding (Snaps Ltd.); Getting It Up Down on the Farm (Chuck); Cycle Seat Sniffers Only! (center/cover - Wigler); Body & Soul [?] (Catalina); Hard & Fast (Cityboy)
HONCHO  Jan 1994 1994 Victory Celebration [Steve London] (Spike Foto)
Chris Stone & Chip Daniels (Roma)
Athletically Inclined (Richard Law)
Brock Maxon (cover/center - Catalina)
Humiliation (Cityboy)
Muscle Funk [unknown - MAXX 16] (Max)
Workin Up A Sweat [?] (Naakkve)
HONCHO  Feb 1994 1994 Tangled Up With You [Jim Hunter] (Torrey)
A Touch Of Leather [?] (Cityboy)
Discipline [?] (Jim Wigler)
Seeking Asylum [Zack Thomas] (Spike Foto)
Against The Grain [?] (center - Hand-Held Studio (Gene Bagnato))
Pleasure Bound [unknown - MAXX 21 ?] (Maxx Studio)
Tough Stuff [Joe Romero] (Cal Stephens)
Rodeo Dude [?] (The Body Shop)
HONCHO  March 1994 1994 Coming Out of the Hibernation [?] (Chuck)
Scott Hardman (Catalina)
No Experience Necessary (Gene Bagnato/Hand Held Studios)
Hard & Fast (Cityboy)
No Pain No Gain (cover/center - Sinbad)
Do You Have What It Takes [unknown - MAXX 03] (Maxx)
HONCHO  April 1994 1994 No Preparation for a Raunch-Fest (Richard Law)
Secret Sex Ritual (Studio RCO)
Tattooed! Pierced! Hung! (Gene Bagnato)
Lost In Paradise (Roma)
Big & Beefy [Joe] (Alexandre)
Playing For Keeps [Donnie Russo, and ?] (cover/center - Wigler)
HONCHO  May 1994 1994 On Your Knees, Slave! [unknown - MAXX 21] (cover/center - Maxx)
Tattooed Leather Bear [?] (Roma)
Waiting for Big Daddy [Luc Cote] (KB)
Wrangler Sleaze [?] (Cityboy)
Long N Lean [?] (Cityboy)
John Preston Interview
Bound for Glory [Kurt Weld] (Wigler)
Artwork: Matt
HONCHO  June 1994 1994 Kinky (Roma)
The Bigger The Better (Chuck)
Sworn To Protect and Serve (Cityboy)
Leather Chic (cover/center - Private Sessions)
Big Daddy (Cityboy)
Another Good Reason [Eric Marx ?] (Wigler)
Eric Marx (in layouts)
HONCHO  July 1994 1994 Home Wrecker [Ace Harden] (cover/center - Catalina)
The Man Behind the Mask (Sinbad)
Pleasure & Pain (Gene Bagnato)
Rock Solid (Roma)
Give and Take (Cityboy)
Wanted in All 50 States (Maxx)
HONCHO  Aug 1994 1994 Leather Grunge [?] (Ram Studio)
Midnight Meat [unknown - MAXX 28] (Maxx Studio)
Bein' Bad For Daddy [Eddie Resi] (Roberto Roma)
Butt Naked [?] (Chuck)
Agony, Ecstasy and Just Plain Nasty [?] (J.P. Studio)
Spit N' Sniff Raunch [?] (Jim Wigler)
HONCHO  Sept 1994 1994 Rough Stuff (Richard Law)
Disciplinary Action [Bo Summers] (Maxx)
Blue Bayou [?] (RRoma)
Pleasure Bound (Michael D Amore] (Chuck)
Passion of the Moment [?-duo] (cover/center - Wigler)
Born To Serve (Cityboy)
HONCHO  Oct 1994 1994 Eat My Sling (Cityboy)
Here Comes the Sun King (Cityboy)
Flauting It! (Gene Bagnato)
The Things We Do for Love [Maxx Stone, 2 others] (cover/center - Renegade Studios)
Lets Wash It Away [unknown - MAXX 01] (Maxx)
Studio 54 article
Tough Stuff-Rough Stuff (Jim Wigler)
HONCHO  Nov 1994 1994 The Boss (Cityboy)
Anything Goes [Rob Baron] (Roma)
Always Gets His Man [?] (KB)
Tough Love (cover Chuck)
Dominance and Submission [Zak Spears & Wolff] (Renegade)
Big Daddy (Maxx)
HONCHO  Dec 1994 1994 Sweet Trouble (Roma)
Man Eating Bear (Cityboy)
Spooge Buddy (BG Productions)
All-Pro All-Beef [Gabriel Preston] (cover - L.A. Productions)
Out On Parole (Shots Unlimited)
Strapped & Ready [John Sutton] (Maxx)
HONCHO  Jan 1995 1995 Yearning [Kit Kittridge] (MaxX Studio)
Power Tool (Kim Hanson)
Doin Daddy s Work (Chuck)
Trooper Trash (two BG Productions cover & centerfold)
Pump It Up (Cityboy)
Ready To Serve [?] (Alexandre)
HONCHO  Feb 1995 1995 Pleasure Bound (Cityboy)
Keeping It Up (Roma)
Pool Hustler (MB Productions)
The Hard Way (cover/center - Naakkve)
Damian (Max Studio)
The Fugitive Kind (BG Productions)
Learning The Ropes [Jim Hunter] (Maxx)
HONCHO  March 1995 1995 Macho Slut [Eric Stone] (Gene Bagnato)
Carlito Cabal (Latin Connection)
Grunge Bear (Hound Dog)
Nighthawks (cover/center - BG Productions)
Discipline (Spike Foto)
Tough Love [Alex Stone] (RAM Studio)
HONCHO  April 1995 1995 Enrique Rodriguez (Roma)
Urban Gladiator (Six Shots Studio)
Cellblock Raunch (Spike Foto)
Cycle Slut (Jim Wigler)
Trent Reed (Falcon)
Office Trash (Hound Dog)
HONCHO  May 1995 1995 Diego (Lobo Studio)
Donnie Russo (9D Studio)
Funk Bucket (Cityboy)
Anthony Gallo (center - Chuck)
No Lube Needed (Cityboy)
Scott Russell (Catalina)
HONCHO  June 1995 1995 Tony Bronco (cover - Cityboy)
Denim Dry Hump (Wigler)
Urban Jungle (KB-Bear)
Balls and Chains (B.G. Productions)
Crank Daddy (Gene Bagnato)
Jacking The Hammer (All Worlds)
HONCHO  July 1995 1995 Rope-Burned Cum-Pig [Gabriel Preston] (cover - Maxx)
Dirt Road Warrior (Wigler)
Cheesy Dog-Dick Daddy (Sinbad)
Ten Dollars per Sniff (Cityboy)
Waiting to be Serviced [Diego ?] (center - Lobo)
Fresh Slave Meat (Spike Foto)
HONCHO  Aug 1995 1995 Alex Stone (Wigler)
Wanna Party in my Hole (Body Shop)
Cougar & Clark (cover - Wigler)
Baloney Pony [Pierce Daniels] (center - Six Shot Studio)
ThroatFucker [Scott Russell] (Maxx)
Workin the Shank (Centaur Films)
HONCHO  Sept 1995 1995 Bear Trap (cover - Cityboy)
Joe & Jeremy (Wigler)
Munch My Fur (Hotproof)
Hungry for Hole (center - Hound Dog)
Uncut Logger Meat (Target)
Damian [Damian - MAXX 01] (Maxx)
HONCHO  Oct 1995 1995 no listings
HONCHO  Nov 1995 1995 Sneakers and Sperm (Cityboy)
Backroom Cock Pig (BG Productions)
Pierced Suck Machine (Studio RCO)
Darren Congo (center - Chuck)
Strip Search (Cityboy)
Buzzcut Weekend (cover - Chuck)
HONCHO  Dec 1995 1995 Discharge (Cityboy)
Prick Master (Forum Studios)
I Didn t Do It (Lovett/Codagnone)
Tony Bullet & Joshua Scott (center - BG Productions)
Buzzcut Weekend 2 (Chuck)
Horny Redneck Bear [unknown - MAXX 21] (Maxx)
Secret Life of Anthony Perkins
HONCHO  Jan 1996 1996 Glory Hole Addict (Cityboy)
Ex-Reform School Pucnk [Rick Drake ?] (Forum Studios)
Make A Fist (Spike Foto)
Leather Cock Jockies (cover/center - Chuck)
Furballer (Cityboy)
Your Spit My Club (Marco)
HONCHO  Feb 1996 1996 no listings
HONCHO  March 1996 1996 Submission Ex-Sailor (Cityboy); Moustache Riders [?] (cover - Forum); Tongues [Marco & ?] (Bijou); Two Shots, Two Bucks (center - Body Shop); Working Stiff (Body Shop); SweatSock Cum-Rag ([?] (Malexpress)
HONCHO  April 1996 1996 Jake, Lone Wolf [aka: Chuck Gatlin, Mike Glasgow] (Target); Sweaty Construction Worker (Cityboy); Buster (center - Brush Creek); Bear Skin Rug (cover - Brush Creek); Slave Detail (Johnny Castano); Pump Freak (RV Studio); Flashback [? 1974] (Target)
HONCHO  May 1996 1996 Slick (Target), Your Face, My Ass (Brush Creek), T-Room Tongue Bath (Gus), Mr. Gay Iowa [Todd Christy] (RVJ), Butch Bottom (Cityboy), Street Skin, Tractor Jack (Gary Boas)
HONCHO  June 1996 1996 Todd Brocke (Cal Grainger ???) (Target)
Ex-Military Man Into Outdoor (Armen Video)
Dorin (Arthur Tress)
Physical Exam (VIP)
Butt Target [Zack & Dirk] (Brush Creek)
Anthony Gallo [Antonio Morais] (Chuck)
HONCHO  July 1996 1996 Badlands Guy [?] (The Body Shop)
Gino [Ron Saba, Bill King} (Target Studios)
Glove Punk [2 unknown] (Brush Creek)
Kneel & Beg [?] (The Stable)
Horny Latin Pool Player [John ?] (MaleXpress)
Hunter Scott (Forum Studios)
Dirty Hustlers [Colon & ?] (Latin Connection)
Dark Daddy [Walter Soares] (MarcoStudio)
HONCHO  Aug 1996 1996 ButtSlave (Cityboy)
Security Guard Caught On Tape [unknown - MAXX 15] (Maxx)
Naked Camper (Body Shop)
Raunchy Repair Job (center - Troy Sebastian)
Joe Romero (Jim Wigler)
Steven Fox (cover - David Lloyd)
Small Town Hole (Brush Creek)
After Hours Harness Show [?] (MaleXpress)
HONCHO  Sept 1996 1996 Warehouse Show [Kyle Hazard + Josh Kincaid] (Target Studios)
Brian Farr [Cody Whiler] (Jim Wigler + Thomas O'Donnell)
Boot Lickers Photo Journal [unknown - MAXX 26] (Maxx Studio)
Sex Club Stallion [?] (Chuck)
Manhandled Muscle Punk [?] (Cityboy)
Bus Station Pickup [?] (MAC Productions)
Cigar Sucker [?] (Brush Creek Media)
HONCHO  Oct 1996 1996 no listings
Brad Buxton (Alexandre)
HONCHO  Nov 1996 1996 no listings
Adriano Marquez (cover)
Gay Black Male (Chuck)
3 A.M. Second Urinal From The Left [?] (Cityboy)
Fist Target [?] (Naakkve)
Jack Hammer (Target)
Private Pit Stop [?] (Edward Penlight Studios)
HONCHO  Dec 1996 1996 no listings
Donnie Russo (?)
Target Practice [?] (Cityboy)
Kid Brother Initiation [? Mike] (?)
Dean Bismark (Hound Dog Productions)
Hank Hightower (?)
Tom s Man [?] (Lobo Studios)
HONCHO  Jan 1997 1997 Cock Cheeser [?] (cover/center - Terry Studio)
Private Massage [?] (Spike Foto)
Squatters Swap Some Meat [Dak + model] (Target)
Randy (Cityboy)
Hole Prowler [? duo] (Spike Foto)
Ron Athey tattoo article
5 Minute Backroom Encounter [?] (Mark Vega)
Spanking Scrapbook scenes from Man s Hand Films
HONCHO  Feb 1997 1997 no listings
Warehouse Skin Nozzle [?] (Alexandre)
Hired Hand Eat Out [Don Summers, Dan Donovan] (Target)
Grease Monkey s Jerk Break [?] (Chuck)
Steve Liparti (cover - ?)
Cruising The Piers [?] (Lobo Studios)
Anthony Mengetti (?)
HONCHO  March 1997 1997 no listings
Giovanni (The Stable)
Geared For Service [?] (Brick Jones)
Marc Brodey (?)
Hardhat Hole [?] (Johnny Castano)
John Sexton (?)
Cycle Stud Seeks Slave [?] (Lobo Studios / Quiroz)
HONCHO  April 1997 1997 no listings
Eric Stone (cover)
Hard Hat Seeks Ball Work [?] (Studio 1435)
Steve O Donnell (?)
Joe Gallagher (Kai)
Richard Lord & Marc Leslie (Man s Hand FIlms)
Tony The Flasher [?] (Jim Wigler)
4:22 [?] (Gus)
HONCHO  May 1997 1997 Jordan Rivers (cover)
Harness Man, Leave The Socks On, Urban Ritual (two unknown models), Uncut Neighbor, Tanner Reeves, Tony Baptiz [Tony Bronco], Maxwell Dunn & Ray Dean
HONCHO  June 1997 1997 Paul Carrigan (cover - Forum)
Steve Sax (Studio 2000)
Horny Brother-in-Law [?] (Terry)
He s Asking for It (Hotproof)
Sean Dixon (center - Penlight)
Rubber Punk Hole (Hound Dog)
Lonesome Cowpkes [Jeff Cameron & Joe Kelly] (Target)
Robert Filippini Artwork
HONCHO  July 1997 1997 Tony Bullet (BG Productions)
Rick Darius (Terry)
Richard Reyes (Forum)
Rough Fuck [Branch Lester & ?] (Target)
Rod Barry (cover - All Worlds)
Lee Clifford [aka Cliff Alexander], Loading Dock [?] (Portfolio Studios)
Spithole Submission (center - DB Video)
HONCHO  Aug 1997 1997 Will Clark (center - Stable)
GWM Seeks Drill Instruction (Another City)
Roadside Attraction (1435)
Flashback [Lee Ryder & Rod Phillips]
Leather-Jock (Six Shots)
Blake Boyd Portfolio
Choke-Chain Club-Punk (Brick Jones)
Brad Davis (All Worlds)
HONCHO  Sept 1997 1997 Sack Lunch [Branch Lester] (Target)
Tool Shed Fist Buddies (Wigler)
Back Room Bust [?] (Hot House)
Rick Novak (cover Big Video)
Cuban Handyman (center - Chuck)
Kevin Gold (All Worlds)
Folsom & 7th [Christian] (Lobo)
Tom Nicoll Portfolio
HONCHO  Oct 1997 1997 Barrio B.J. (Terry)
Marco (1435)
Derek Maxx (Wigler/Hot House)
Mark Pierce (center - 1435)
Flashback: Bill & Buck [Barry & ?] (Target)
Lance in Leather (cover Wigler)
Tony the Hitchhiker (?)
Billy Name Article
HONCHO  Nov 1997 1997 Uncut Issue Juicy Uncut Bear Meat (Another City)
Max Grand (Catalina)
Gareth Christopher [Garth] (cover - Forum)
Dirty Boot Fucker (Wigler)
Rick Thomas (Chuck)
Rico Suave (center - The Stable)
Cheese Factory (Another City)
HONCHO  Dec 1997 1997 Cliff Parker (cover All Worlds)
Steve Pierce & Brian Anger (Wigler)
John Lindell Portfolio
Wanna Party (Wolfgang Tillmans)
Euro-Punk Shave Down (?)
Brian (David Lloyd)
Warehouse Jack [Gus Turk] (center - Lobo)
Dirk Yates: Axel Garrett (All Worlds)
After Hours Skin Show (Chuck)
HONCHO  Jan 1998 1998 Beau Garrett (cover/center - Catalina)
Junkyard Trick (Penlight)
Frank (?)
Alex Stone (?)
D.J. s First Time (Showcase)
Blaze Stevens (Dirk Yates/All Worlds)
Derek & Will [Rod Mitchell & Joe Kelly] (Target)
House Call (1435)
Dirk Yates: Randy, Lance, Kenny, John & Louis (All Worlds)
HONCHO  Feb 1998 1998 Dungeon Trick (Effrain Gonzalez)
Attic Prowl [Karel Pisek] (All Worlds)
Beer Swiller Recycles [Frank Parker] (Wigler)
Tibor (cover - Lukas Studio)
Leather Lab [Hector, Rafi] (center - Chuck)
Crazy Larry s Two-Fister [?] (BIP)
Marc Leslie & Ray Dean, Stogie Suck (1435)
Lex [?] (Target)
Dirk Yates: Louis, Vince, Kenny, Duke & Lance, Stu (All Worlds)
HONCHO  March 1998 1998 Cover-Jim Buck, Angelo (8.5 thick, handsome Italian guy), Justin Lee (8.5 very thick), Jim Buck, Barracks Butthound (8.5 thick, underwear, camouflage pants), Butch & Dirk - centerfold, Cyrus (8.5 thick), Locker Room Skin Head (9 very thick), Street Trade (8.5 thick)
HONCHO  April 1998 1998 Kurt Stefano, Scott Ryder & Chad Duke, Dion Perry (9 thick Italian guy), Basement Hole (8.5 thick), Twisted Dino (8.5 thick blonde), George Kostelansky [aka: Jirka Kaldova (Ales Hanak)], "The Men of Link"
HONCHO  May 1998 1998 Zack in Butch s Dungeon [Butch Bardon] (Brush Creek Media)
Dirk Logan (Mercury Studios)
Alan [? w/ PA] (Studio 1435)
Cole Tucker (Catalina)
Kirk La Faye (cover/center - Studio 1435)
Peter & Adam [Peter Stevens & Pat Allen] (MaleXpress)
Lex Kyler (Chuck)
First Time [?] (Another City)
HONCHO  June 1998 1998 Alex (8.5 thick)
Czech Bodywork (8.5 thick, goatee)
Jeff (8.5 thick blonde)
Zach (8.5 thick, cute guy)
Gunner Simpson
Cody Whiler
Mike Branson
Bob Balls
HONCHO  July 1998 1998 Oscar & Gabriel Peron [Odyssey Twins] (cover - ?)
Blade Thompson
Zach (Chuck)
Biker Convention [?] (Target)
Dirty Dungeon #1 [?] (MM Productions)
Steve Masters (?)
Simon Mooney (David Lloyd)
Junior (J.J.)
HONCHO  Aug 1998 1998 Carlo [Piero - AMEN 404] (RRoma)
Jens Hammer (9 thick)
Thom Barron (9 thick)
Tamas Volek (8.5 thick Czech model)
Ray Harley
Prison Prick (8.5 thick centerfold)
Straight Guy (8 thick)
George Kostelansky aka: Jirka Kaldova
Honcho Flashback "Rawhide Tavern 1978" (3 Target models)
Bull the Hitchhiker (Brick Jones); Erik Prochoazka (?); Mr. Ebony Leather (Chuck); The Men of "Big Guns 2": Mark Mason, Cole Youngblood, Mike Nichols, Cole Tucker (Catalina); Buddy Justice & Peter Bishop (BG Enterprises); G.I. Joey [Joey Amore] (Collier Schorr); Hilo (cover/center - 1435); Jean-Marc Prouveur Portfolio;Flashback: [Clay Russell, Barry Hoffman & ?] (Target); Hot & Cheesy (Bruce LaBruce); Dirty Dungeon #30 (MM Productions); Dirk Yates: Dave, Tony, Sid, Lex, Shawn, Lou, Tighe O Brian (All Worlds)
HONCHO  Oct 1998 1998 Thom Barron (cover Forum Studios)
Leather Load (Wigler)
Kleptophilia (Spike Foto)
Austin Wayne (VIP BIP)
Max [Rod Mitchell] (Target)
Private Examination (center - MM Productions)
Rubber Punk Hole #4 (Chuck)
Lt. Mark Fury (David ?)
Dirk Yates: Bobby, Brad, Bobby, Dave, Corey, Travis & Trent (All Worlds)
HONCHO  Nov 1998 1998 Ivan aka: Carlos Morales, Wolff (8.5 thick)
Steve Cannon
Sandy Sloane
Rex + Alan (Bruno, Bull Dozier)
Oscar Hernandez (centerfold)
Troy Clearwater
Victor (8.5 thick Latin)
Cocky London Hustler (8.5 very thick)
Gabriel Rocas
Emilio Sands
Leo Masters & Seth Black
HONCHO  Dec 1998 1998 Pavel Novotny (cover), Clay Maverick, Filling Station (two unknown models, 8.5 thick), Kyle Brandon, Rich (9 thick 1984 Target model), Working Stiff (8.5 thick butch & handsome centerfold), Randy Wade & Mike Cesar, Twenty Minute Session (two unknown Latins, both 8.5 thick), Jay Allen (8.5 thick)
HONCHO  Jan 1999 1999 Wayne Forrester
Erik Martins
Sam (8.5 thick)
Sweat (8 thick)
Vincent (8 thick)
Buddy Justice & Johnny Thrust
Take Off Your Clothes (two models, both 7.5 thick)
Ray (8.5 thick Target 1982 model)
Licking Service (two models in a garage, both 8 thick)
Rent-A-Top (8 thick, tattooed)
pics from the videos Hung Heroes, Hung Hunks 2, Scenes in Leather, & Boot Brawland
HONCHO  Feb 1999 1999 Anthony Moore [Anthony Moore - 222] (cover)
Slave School (8 thick)
Soldier (Steve, 8 thick), 7 pages of pics of The Men of Link 2 Link (Corey Jay, Cole Tucker, Daryl Brock, K.J. Rogers, Jack Steele, Trent Comeaux, Frank Park, Jared Wright, Mitch Sander, J.T. Sloan, Jake Andrews, Mason Jarr, Mitchell Stack, Alex Stone, Christian Knight, Maverick Reynolds, Zachary Scott, & Paul Carrigan), Mark Kroner, Anthony Gallo, Dino Phillips & Doug Jeffries, Max Driver, Bob Bouchard (8 thick, 1979 Target model)
HONCHO  March 1999 1999 Dean Phoenix (cover)
Pierce (8.5 thick)
Wanted (8.5 thick)
Sky Thompson
Josh (8.5 thick)
Randy Green
Robbie Cardenas & Marc Pierce
Blunt (8.5 thick Latin)
Honcho Celebrity Page (Marilyn Manson, nude pics)
Two 1980 Target models
Dirty (8.5 thick)
Meat Freak (8 thick)
J.J. Bond
HONCHO  April 1999 1999 G.W. Delano (cover - BIP)
Will For Cash (8.5 thick cover guy)
Show Daddy (8.5 thick)
Dirty Dungeon #11 (8.5 thick Latin)
Rubber Balls (8 thick)
J.J. Bond
Kyle McKenna & Jonathan Christopher
David Dodge [David Saint & David DeSoto] Dirk Yates Collection
Tiger (9 thick Latin)
Santa Monica Car Wash (8 thick)
Richard Barrett (7.5 thick, Target model)
Mikal (Studio Vashek)
American Bikers by Sandro Miller
HONCHO  May 1999 1999 Dan Boura (8 thick Czech cover model), Will Be Verbal For $75 (8.5 thicks), Zack (8.5 thick), Chino (8.5 thick butch Latin), Daniel Rossi, Mike aka Lorenzo (8.5 thick ph: The Bear Brazilian model), Dirty Dungeon #19 (8.5 thick), 9 pics from the Dirk Yates Collection, Target Jeremy Brent, Jack (actually Robson, 8.5 thick Latin model)
HONCHO  June 1999 1999 Brad Cox [Brad Simzer] (cover - Spike Foto)
Eric Reins, Squeal Like One (8.5 thick)
Kevin (8.5 thick)
Cedrick Benson (Donatien)
7 pics from Dirk Yates Collection
Porn In The USA (8.5 thick blonde wearing USA flag shorts)
Mitch Sander, 1976 Target leather model
Sox (9 thick Latin)
HONCHO  July 1999 1999 Billy Herrington (cover); Neo-Nazi, Spit Shine, Ich Brauche Einen Plug, No Bull, No Shower, Me Correre Fuera, Bruce (Target), Anthony Mengetti
HONCHO  Aug 1999 1999 The Man Who Came To Earth (Rick Castro)
Spread Your Pighole (Pleasure Prod)
Rob Black (Xema)
Sniff This [Scott Freeman] (BIP)
Flashback: Bruno & ? (Target)
Ross Patrick [Mr. Leather New York 1993] (Mik Hanson / Spike Foto)
Bad Czech (Mick Hicks)
Joe Austin & Johnny Thrust (BG Enterprises)
Steel: Urban Legend (Chuck)
Foreskin Cleaner Wanted (cover - Donatien)
Ninja Shool [Slava Mogutin / Tom International] (?)
Dirk Yates: Kenny, Ethan, Cal, Rick Woods, Rod (All Worlds)
HONCHO  Sept 1999 1999 Marcus Iron (cover/center OhMan!)
Caliban: Likes It (Black & Blue)
Brian s Peephole (All Worlds)
Maverick Reynolds (Catalina)
Dan Dixon (1435)
Paul Morgan & Cody Fields (BG Ent.)
Cobra: Favorite Third Leg (Bruce LaBruce)
Raymond Peeibon Portfolio
Flashback: Pakko (Target)
Depilation (?)
Natural Selection [Marcus - BIP] (BIP)
Dirk Yates: James, Chance, Chris Canyon, Jordan Rivers, Jake (All Worlds)
HONCHO  Oct 1999 1999 no listings
Keith Garrett (cover - Brick Jones)
Chance Caldwell (?)
Carl Christian (?)
Fernando Montana (Xema Studios)
Peter Berlin (?)
Mike Diana (Bruce LaBruce)
Peter Valdi (Control T Studios)
Alec (Studio 1435)
Mexican Trade [?] (Slim)
Unknown ? [?] (Target)
Jaro Bouchac [Curt Studni, Mylan Forman] (?)
HONCHO  Nov 1999 1999 no listings
Tibor [Milos Csaba]
Men of Final Link [Spike [Spike - 01] + others]
HONCHO  Dec 1999 1999 no listings
Eddy Ryan [Danno Alec, Lazlo L.]
Brand & Doug (Target)
Mark S. (Edward Penlight Studios)
Donnie Russo
Rock [Puerto-Roc] (Chuck ?)
Slim (Donatien Veismann)
HONCHO  Jan 2000 2000 no listings
Butch [Dred Scott] (My Treat Studios)
Will Seagers
$400 With Everything [Mike] (Chuck)
Lex Kyler (?)
Forced Feeding [?] (Ali)
Butch [?] (BIP ?)
John Colby (Target)
Drew Dornan (Mercury Studios)
Rolio [?] (?)
HONCHO  Feb 2000 2000 Marcus Iron (cover Ho House)
Mark West (Oh Man!)
A.J. s Nasty Habit (Mercury)
Masturbation Theater [Brad Cox & Carlos Morales] (Black & Blue)
Depends On What You Wanna (center - Green Studios)
Jason Anderson (Hot House)
Anthony Vega & Chaz Carlton & Nick Collins (Control T)
Buck: Tongue Bath (1435)
Bruce Harding (Rick Castro)
Flashback: [Boyd Winner + unknown] (Target)
Dirk Yates: Luke Savage, Brian, Daren, Aaron (All Worlds)
HONCHO  March 2000 2000 Tuck Johnson (cover - Mick Hicks)
Leatherman-On-The-Street (Hound Dog)
Ivanek (Lukas)
Basement Ball Show, 3am (Black & Blue)
Foot Job #14 (Anthony Fusco)
Suck Cheese (Terry)
This is Your Cock (center - 1435)
P. Rock s Dark, Fat Hoses (Chuck)
Rocky (Johnny C.)
Dirk Yates: Chris, Mark, Jerry Anaconda (All Worlds)
Flashback [Boyd Winner] (Target)
HONCHO  April 2000 2000 Midnight Body Slammer (Rick Castro)
Eric s Sticky Leather Couch (BIP)
Straight Bartender [Steve] (Chuck)
This is Gonna Hurt (Donatien)
Gymbo (Bruce LaBruce)
Camouflage This [?] (center - 1435)
I Have Never Done This Before (?)
Dennis Walters (Target)
Dirk Yates: Mason Jarr, Tom Adams, Tim Best, Blaze (All Worlds)
HONCHO  May 2000 2000 Chris Steele (cover - ?)
Wayne (Dirk Yates - AW)
Richard Scott (Brad Erickson)
Lick Me [?] (Rick Castro)
Jason Ryder (Hot House)
Kyle Hazard (Target ?)
Ryan (?)
Master Joe & Unknown (Black & Blue Studios)
Stan Stevens (Brick Jones)
HONCHO  June 2000 2000 Buck Owen (Target)
Cain (Chuck)
Franco Corsini (All Worlds)
Phoenix (BIP)
Brent (cover - BIP ?)
Barrett Moore (JBH Studios)
Marco Ramazzotti
R.J. (The Stable)
I Smell A Sailor [?] (Anthony Fusco)
HONCHO  July 2000 2000 Oscar Peron [Odyssey Twins] (Odyssey)
A.J. [?] (cover - Donietine)
Bus Station Trick #4 [?] (?)
Kenn Elliott (BIP)
Mike Radcliff (Catalina)
Justice 4 All [?] (Bruce LaBruce)
Packard [?] (Seadog Photo)
Derrick [?] (Gemini Studios)
Dirk Yates Private Collection #103 [Luke Savage, Bob, Tom]
Tom of Finland illustration; Matt illustration;
HONCHO  Aug 2000 2000 Shawn Jeffries (BIP)
Jay Allen, Leopold,
Dirk [Dirk Robbertze, Reb] (Target)
HONCHO  Sept 2000 2000 J. Summers (Pump), Calder Wolf, Enrique Vega, Richard Beckett
HONCHO  Oct 2000 2000 Jason Branch (cover)
Rolph Gadze
Larry White (Target)
HONCHO  Nov 2000 2000 Cover-Blake Harper, Kyle Hazard, Cameron Sage, Clint Cooper
HONCHO  Dec 2000 2000 Johnny Cimarron (center - DS Studios)
Mr. Spence [Chris Spence] (cover - BIP)
Carlos DeLeo (Studio 1435)
John Converse [Clyde Wallace] (Target)
Jared [?] (Gemini Studios)
Oral Fixation [?] (Anthony Fusco)
Exhibition [?] (Body Prod)
Jack s Wood [?] (Devo Farlo)
Tommy DC [?] (Expatriot Studios)
A.J. [?] (The Stable)
Matt illustration; Andy Warhol [Andy Clone]
Dirk Yates Private Collection: #116 [Gary, Dave, Marty, Brian]
Film Reviews: Bad Puppy; 3 Easy Pieces; Tabou; Hungarian Model Search; Logan s Journey; Where the Action Is; Eurolads: The Movie; Hard-On Holiday
HONCHO  Jan 2001 2001 Szabo Balazs [Nicholas Kiss, Ken Russel] (cover - High Octane)
Tommy Lord (1435)
Joshua Scott [Josh Perez ?]
Scott Freeman (BIP)
Jake [?with a Prince Albert] (centerfold - Black & Blue Studios
Whiff [?] (Anthony Fusco)
Chad Hunt & Enrico Vega (Chuck)
Kiko [?] (Ross Bleckner)
Boyd Turner (Target)
Dirk Yates Private Collection (Lance, Eric, Rob, Dave),
Foot Fraternity
Videos: (Pigs, Players & Navy Feet, South of The Border Vol. 7, Foot Patrol, Hungarian College Jocks & The Prince & The Pauper)
HONCHO  Feb 2001 2001 Man s Man [Ross Taylor] (cover BIP)
Master Joe, Jeremy Steele, Jack Stuart
HONCHO  March 2001 2001 no listings
HONCHO  April 2001 2001 Michael Miller, Phil Dicker, PaoloGeoff Ashton, Peter Kriszita [Peter Kristia] (cover)
HONCHO  May 2001 2001 Scott Davis (Centaur)
Tabor Dudcek [Miklos Orosz] (Body Prod.)
Miles Long (center - 1435)
Jacob Scott (All Worlds)
Rich Raines (Chuck)
Brett Wilde (cover - 1435)
Flashback: Bario Gang-Bang [?] (Hot House)
Tony Bullet & Alejandro (Bush Creek Media)
Dirk Yates Private Collection: #130 [Chris, Leo, Jimmy, Steve]
Tom of Finland illustration
Boulder Holders [various underwear shots]
Across the Ocean [film images] (Lucas Kazan)
Film Reviews: Now and Forever; Winning Waysa; Boys on the Ranch; The Stepfather; The Final Link; Blackballed; Encyclopedia Erotica - Vol. 1
HONCHO  June 2001 2001 Justin Dragon (cover), Alex Carrington, Austin Lang, Travis Wade, Javier Ramirez
HONCHO  July 2001 2001 Erik Martins, Dave Lundgren
Mike Thazton (BIP)
HONCHO  Aug 2001 2001 Rodney Falcone [Raul] (cover/center - Chuck)
Chad Hunt (Lucas Ent.)
Lance Gear (All Worlds)
James Dawson (Studio 1435)
Tuck Johnson (MSR)
Dick McKay (BIP)
Antonio Mantez (Chuck)
Julian [Rob Baron] (Chuck)
Three Amigos [Peter Bolt & Will Seagers] (Target)
Dirk Yates Private Collection #154 [Leo Lyons, Brian Hancock, Rod Barry] (All Worlds)
Foot Fraternity [Travis, Danny]
Spanking Scrapbook [Chip] (Control T)
artwork: Tom of Finland, Matt
Film Reviews: Glory Holes of Chicago; Big As They Come 3; Wild and Wet
HONCHO  Sept 2001 2001 Joe Calderon (cover)
Trevor Younggun (Bruce LaBruce)
Dominic Orsini [Hal McCormick, Derek Russo]
Osvaldo Reynoso (Chuck)
Steve Cassidy
Luke Savage
Chris [Martin P.] (Chuck)
Chase Allen
Vinny Corleone (All American Military)
HONCHO  Oct 2001 2001 Gabe & Roman
Stephen Mitchel (BIP)
Spike [Spike - 01]
Gabriel & Claudio
Billy C.
Craviero Grande [Ernani] (Alexander)
Stephen Fox
HONCHO  Nov 2001 2001 Tamas (Hound Dog)
Jesse Cooper (BIP)
Jason Crowe
Patrick Allen & Scott Davis & Brady Martin
Mike Conway (Bruce LaBruce)
Fillipe Dilong
HONCHO  Dec 2001 2001 Brady Martin, Tommy Saxx, Herbert Engel, Joe R., Beau Whittaker, Peter Raeg, Men of Missing Link, Gil Torres, Tom International (?) (Lucas Ent)
HONCHO  Jan 2002 2002 Peter Krisztia [Peter Kristia] (Falcon)
Damien Ford & Jon Galt
Rick Ritter
Brett Collins
Brody (HDog)
Luke (Marco)
Mark T.
Robert Vista
HONCHO  Feb 2002 2002 Lucas [?] (cover - Juscelino Cardoza)
Pablo & Marcos [?] (Chuck)
Luis [?] (Chuck)
Kurt Anderson [Vaccuum Pumping] (Brad Erikson)
Hector [?] (Another City)
Jon Galt (interview - MSR)
Peter Meloni (Oh! Man)
Aaron Orsborne (Falcon)
Spanking Scrapbook [Nick Romano + ?] (Control T)
Honcho interviews: Yaroslav Mogutin [Tom International]
Dirk Yates Private Collection #166 [Kenny; Kurt Summers; Phife; Troy; Chuck; Lance Landers] (Dirk Yates / All Worlds)
artwork: Tom of Finland, Matt, Xavier Gicquel
Film Reviews: Raiders of the Lost Arse; The Missing Link; Small Town Hard Hitters; Hooked
HONCHO  March 2002 2002 Jim [Ben Mason] (cover/center - Body Prod)
Evan Taylor (Falcon)
Matt Ryan (BIP - Portraits by Design)
Matt Bradshaw & Steve O Donnell (MSR)
Rico [?] (Chuck)
Officer Santos [?] (MM Productions)
Raul [?] (Bruce LaBruce)
Justin (Jan Armer)
Soldiers at Ease [Antonio] (Chaz)
Spanking Scrapbook [?] (Control T)
Dirk Yates Private Collection [Rod Barry; Joe; Frank Marine; Kenny; Lance Landers] (Dirk Yates / All Worlds)
Foot Fraternity [Denton]
artwork: Tom of Finland, Xavier Gicquel, Matt
Film Reviews: Lifestyles; To Moscow with Love; Vengeance; Boxers, Briefs & Firemen s Jock; SexPack 6; Sloth; Desires of a Gymnast - Part 2; Lured to Costa Rica; Initiation; Jackhammered
HONCHO  April 2002 2002 Atila (cover)
Zsolt Kivalt, West Ryder, West Ryder & Chico (Chuck), George Vidanov, Theirry Golyo [Soto Donovan], Steve Cassidy, Hanolio Bodereau (Lucas Ent.), Tyler Dirden, Chow, A.J.
HONCHO  May 2002 2002 Rex [Renato Bellagio] (cover - Body Prod)
Buck Phillips (Kent Taylor / Raging Stallion)
Matthew Rush (Falcon)
Clint Cooper (Bruce LaBruce)
Andre & Tobias (Yaroslav (Slava) Mogutin)
Mr. Gavone [?] (Chuck)
Steve Ross & Joey Russo (MSR)
Steve [Steve Vega] (David Hubert)
Dirk Yates Private Collection [Kurt Summers; Dave; Matt; Jonathan Woods; Scott; Tyler] (All Worlds)
Spanking Scrapbook [?] (Control T)
Foot Fraternity [Travis]
artwork: Matt, Xavier Gicquel [Xavier Gicquet], Tom of Finland
Film Reviews: The Few, The Proud, The Naked 12; Moscow - the Power of Submission; Crash of the Titans; Water Jocks - Part 1; Conquered; AMerican Holidays; Paul Morris s... Like Honey; Brazilian Leather
HONCHO  June 2002 2002 Justin Dragon (cover - Falcon)
Michael Brandon (Raging Stallion)
Jason Bramm & Trey Rexx (center - ChuckPixxx.com)
Damian Ford & Matt Bradshaw (MSR)
Micky (Studio 1435)
Roman [Roman - BIP] (BIP)
Chris (Orlando Models)
Chief [?] (Station4gay.com / Jocelin Doruk)
Dirk Yates Private Collection [Ash, Slate, Remik, Matt, Jacob] (All Worlds)
Spanking Scrapbook (Control T)
artwork: Tom of Finland, Matt, Xavier Gicquel
Film Reviews: Ready for More; The Seven Deadly Sins: Envy; Pillage & Plunder; Ninerdick: Hangin Low; Opposite Attractions 2; The Best Little Whorehouse in Tex-Ass; Crash of the Titans; The Shaman; Porn Struck; Rumpensteins Monster; Tom s Men
HONCHO  July 2002 2002 Jed Colt [Jed Willcox] (cover/center - Chuck)
Jan Kotrba (Lukas Studios)
Lance Gear & Erik Martins (Lucas Ent.)
Scott [?] (Creative Muscle)
Foot Fraternity [duo] (FootFraternity.com)
Scott Davis (MSR)
Leather Notebook [insets: G.W. Delano (BIP) (Larry Townsend)
Joe Foster (Falcon)
Jake [?] (Yaroslav (Slava) Mogutin)
Christien Colt [Erik Korngold] (Buck Peters)
Dirk Yates Private Collection [Lance Landers; Matt Tyler; Rio; Rod Barry; John; Ash] (Dirk Yates / All Worlds)
artwork: Tom of Finland, Xavier Gicquel
Film Reviews: SexPack 7: Pigs In Heaven; The Scout Club; Strokes to Seduction; Inside Paris; Raphael: Tardy & Ticklish; Basketballs
HONCHO  Aug 2002 2002 Claudio Antonelli (cover/center - Borbely / Pacific Sun)
Ryan Sands & Enrico Vega (ChuckPixxx.com)
Phoenix (BIP)
Aladin [?] (Jocelin Doruk)
Karl Nepessy [Leo Dandar] (Falcon Int.)
Jason Branch & Steve Ross (MSR)
Adam Wolfe (All Worlds)
Joam Pereyra (Alexander Pictures)
Foot Fraternity [Roberto]
Spanking Scrapbook (Control T)
artwork: Tom of Finland, Xavier Gicquel, B Way
Film Reviews: Blades; The Isle of Men; BrandedFeed Me (Men Who Swallow - Vol. 2); Angel Blue; If Balls Could Talk; Daniel s Torture
HONCHO  Sept 2002 2002 Martin Hubai (cover - All Worlds / Clair Video)
Steve Hooper (James & James)
Mechanics [ MECHANICS men: Fred Goldsmith, Renato Bellagio, Laszlo Virag, Gyula P., others] (All Worlds)
Michael [?] (Jocelin Doruk / Station4gay.com)
Robert Balint (Borbely / Pacific Sun)
Scott Davis (center - Mick Hicks)
Homo Erectus [Joey, Matt Bradshaw, Jason Branch, Steve Ross] (MSR)
Duarte Tristam (Alexander Pictures)
Dirk Yates Private Collection #179 [West, Lance, John, Kevin] (All Worlds)
Foot Fraternity [Max]
Spanking Scrapbook (Control T)
artwork: Tom of Finland [Kake], B-Way, Xavier Gicquel
Film Reviews: Mechanics; Straight Bodybuilders Do; Cops Gone Bad; Resort to Anything; Uncut Centerfolds; Greed
HONCHO  Oct 2002 2002 Janos Volt (cover/center - Borbely / Pacific Sun)
Andrei Nemoff (Lucas Ent.)
Barry Barrett (All Worlds)
Frank [?] (Jan Novack for BoyFriend Channel)
Lars [?] (ChuckPixxx.com)
B.J. (Jan Armer)
Diego [Sebastian Nadrag] (Body Prod)
Ben [?] (Brad Eriksen)
Foot Fraternity [Troy]
artwork: Tom of Finland, Kent N., Xavier Gicquel
Film Reviews: Motel Sex; Hot Body in Rio De Janeiro; Unleash the Beast - Part 1; The Cumming of Chris; Randy s Tickling Challenge
HONCHO  Nov 2002 2002 Clay Maverick (cover/center - Studio 1435)
Ken Spencer (Borbely / Pacific Sun)
Chad Hunt (Catalina)
Antonio [?] (Bruce LaBruce)
Buck [?] (ChuckPixxx.com)
Sean [?] (Jan Armer)
Gil [?] (Donatien Veismann)
Antonio de Capos (Alexander Pictures)
Foot Fraternity [Jack]
Spanking Scrapbook (Control T)
artwork: Tom of Finland, Xavier Gicquel
Film Reviews: Sexpack 8 - The Sky s the Limit; Gayboy Gang Bang; Splash Shots 3
HONCHO  Dec 2002 2002 Jonathan Collins (cover/center - Borbely / Pacific Sun)
Trey Rexx & Leo Bramm (MSR)
Chris Steele (interview - Kent Taylor / Raging Stallion)
Johnny [?] (Jan Armer)
Mischa [?] (Jocelin Doruk / Station4gay.com)
Ivan de Moarais (MarcoStudio)
Jean Claude [?] (Jocelin Doruk / Station4gay.com)
Rick Rivera [Rick Gonzalez] (ChuckPixxx.com)
Lex [?] (ChuckPixxx.com)
Foot Fraternity [Brent]
artwork: Tom of Finland, Xavier Gicquel
Film Reviews: White Trash; Hard As Rock; Biker s Bang - Part 1 & 2; Ranch Hand Stud
HONCHO  Jan 2003 2003 Tony [Tony the Pony] (cover/center - ChuckPixxx.com)
Chad Williams (All Worlds)
Francisco [?] (Alexander Pictures)
Road Trip [Rhett O Hara; Joey Russo; Steven Richards] (MSR)
Emilio [?] (Aaron Cobbett)
Rick [Rick Randy] (BIP)
Tad Starsky (Bruce LaBruce)
Joe R. [?] (Jan Armer)
Foot Fraternity [Brent]
Truck-Stop Cherry [insets: ?] (?)
artwork: Tom of Finland; Xavier Gicquel
Film Reviews: Zoot Suit; A Beautiful Behind; Escape In Chains; Induction
HONCHO  Feb 2003 2003 DJ [?] (cover/center - Studio 1435)
Enrico Vega (Mustang / Falcon)
Jack & Stu [?] (Jocelin Doruk / station4gay.com)
Diego De Torres (Alexander Pictures)
Scott Anderson (Marc Poulos)
Anthony [?] (Mercury)
Clovis [?] (William Higgins)
Diego Alvarez (MSR)
artwork: Tom of Finland; B-Way; Xavier Gicquel
Film Reviews: Stick It In!; Colton; High and Tight
HONCHO  March 2003 2003 Rick Henry (cover/center - BIP)
Trent Fosters (Studio 1435)
Agador (Jocelin Doruck / station4gay.com)
Alfonso Ribiero & Edmundo Castro (MarcoStudio)
Pyotr [?] (Studio Vashek)
Jessie Cannon (Mercury)
Bret Wolfe (MSR)
Donovan [?] (Studio 1435)
Foot Fraternity [Ryan]
Calling All Sex Tourists (Thomas Painter & Friend)
Training A Rookie Cop [insets: ?] (?)
artwork: Xavier Gicquel; Tom of Finland
Film Reviews: Muscle Gang; Revenge of the Dragon - Vol 1 & 2; Lucas On Top
HONCHO  April 2003 2003 Henry [?] (cover/center - Studio Chic)
Blake [?] (Studio 1435)
Vic [?] (ChuckPixxx.com)
Francesco Mega (Jocelin Doruk / station4gay.com)
Adam Wolfe (Jocks / Falcon)
Eddie Ryan (Borbely / Pacific Sun)
Damian Ford (MSR)
Rick [?] (Wayne Greening)
Anthony Holloway (SpunkStar.com)
Chef s Surprise [insets: ?] (Body Prod ?)
Foot Fraternity [Eric]
artwork: Tom of Finland, Xavier Gicquel
Film Reviews: Sexus; L Elisir D Amore; Getting Topped by Blade; All Over Chad Conners; Pucker Up: The Best of Vince Rockland; On the Make: The Best of Jim Bentley
HONCHO  May 2003 2003 Roberto Giorgio (cover/center - Borbely / Pacific Sun)
Michael [?] (Spunkstar.com)
Danny Hunter (ChuckPixxx.com)
Chris Bolt & Rhett O Hara & Bret Wolfe (Fresh Cut Prod. / MSR)
Rob Romoni [listed as: Colton Ford] (All Worlds)
Tom & Derek (Jocelin Doruk / station4gay.com)
Ricky Cash (interview - Mick Hicks)
Derek [?] (Anthony Fusco)
Foot Fraternity [Jack]
An Officer & a Bottom [insets: ?] (BIP)
artwork: Xavier Gicquel, Tom of Finland
Film Reviews: Commandos; Fire Island Cruising 3; Sexpack 9; On The Make: The Best of Jim Bentley; Getting Topped by Blade Thompson; Pucker Up: The Best of Vince Rockland
HONCHO  June 2003 2003 Motti (Miami Studios)
Paul Johnson (Falcon)
Rick Gonzales (Lucas Ent./Mick Hicks)
Danny Stevens (cover/center - BIP)
Fernao (Alexander Pictures)
Benjy (JBC)
Hank (Alexandre)
David Chelsea (Chuck)
HONCHO  July 2003 2003 Rob Cryston (JBC)
Chris Steele (Falcon)
Leo (Terry)
Aladin (Jocelin Doruk)
Clay Maverick (MSR)
Mario Ortiz (Chuck)
Rodney Buck (BIP)
Chris Pierce (MM)
HONCHO  Aug 2003 2003 Lessons On Descipline (Control T)
Johnny Morelli (Lucas Ent)
Steve Bonsai & John (Doruk)
Talvin Demachio (Brian Mills)
Robert (Chuckpixx)
Evan Bartron [Evan Barton] (BIP)
Blade Bannon (Gregg Edelman)
Dan Van Vorhis (Miami)
HONCHO  Sept 2003 2003 Luciano Endino (Pac Sun), Aaron Heights & Antonio Vela (Mick Hicks), Carlos Da Silva (Marco), Gabriel Faria & Taigo Nunes & Bernardo Lima (Marco), Diney (Donatien), Jorge (Alexandre), Daniel (Doruk), David (Chuckpixxx)
HONCHO  Oct 2003 2003 no listings
Martin Hubai (Cover)
HONCHO  Nov 2003 2003 Attila Ferenczi [Mick Huston] (High Octane)
Patrick Rush (Doruk)
Joe Galloso (Alexandre)
Peter Raeg (Raging Stallion)
Zeo (Chuckpixxx)
Addison Scott (Falcon)
Jim Slade (Blue Blake)
HONCHO  Dec 2003 2003 Nick [Vladimir Vaselev] (cover/center Chuck)
Packard Raw Bar (Steven Zeeland / David Lloyd)
Steven Mitchell [Stephen Mitchel] (BIP)
Ceasar (All Worlds)
Argos (Jocelin Doruk)
Parker (Foot Fraternity)
Kurt Wagner (Buck Peters)
Michael Brandon (Kent Taylor / Raging Stallion)
Sidney Sampaio (MarcoStudio)
HONCHO  Jan 2004 2004 Nico (cover/center - Eastside)
Blake & Martin (Chuck)
Bernardo Lima (MarcoStudio)
Mick (Jocelin Doruk)
Marty Gordon (Miami)
Carlo Cox (Pacific Sun)
Larry Townsend s Leather Notebook
Arpad Miklos & Dirk Amsterdam & Craig Decker & Max Veneziano (KB)
Spaniking Notebook: Paul Carrigan
Bruno Adams (Yoga Bear)
HONCHO  Feb 2004 2004 Cody Dalton (cover/center BIP)
Lane Fuller & Chris Steele (Hot Doggie/Massive)
Ben Campezi (Jet Set)
Larry Townsend s Leather Notebook
Xavier (Chuck)
Luke (Roma)
Jamie (Jocelin Doruk)
Mac Quintero (BIP)
HONCHO  March 2004 2004 Mark Wolff (cover/center Grant Hayz)
Jason Ridge & Paul Johnson (Red Devil)
Tony Micelli (Hot Doggie)
Eddy (James & James)
Rob Nelson (Sarava/KB)
Manuel (Chuck)
Ronaldo (1435 / Keefer)
Rage (All Worlds)
HONCHO  April 2004 2004 Zeb Atlas (cover/center - BIP)
Don Halsey (Arlen)
Jauquin (Bruce LaBruce)
Fernando Montana (Falcon)
The Foot Fraternity: Bryce; Patrick Rush (Jocelin Doruk)
Rob Romani (Hot Doggie / Massive Studios)
Max Veneziano (Kazan)
Dirk Yate s Private Collection: Austin, Mark, Patrick, Donovan, Don (All Worlds)
Trent Atkins & Rod Barry (MSR Videos)
HONCHO  May 2004 2004 Octavio Fuentes & Cesar Moreno (cover/center KB)
Brandon Price (Chuck)
Carlos Baxter (Pac Sun / Borbely)
The Foot Fraternity [Nomar]
Joey (James & James)
Joe Foster (Falcon)
Dirk Yate s Private Collection
Jay, Sledge, Morgan (All Worlds)
Tristan & Mark (Jocelin Doruk)
Curtis Matthew (Glenn Glass / Kristian Modeling)
Ollie Kicks & Trent Cougar (MSR)
HONCHO  June 2004 2004 Jake Colebrook (cover/center BIP)
Gil Cortez & Trey Rexx (MSR)
Rocky (Jocks/Falcon)
Renato Bellagio (Diamond / Borbely)
Greg Jones (Miami Studios)
Dirk Yates Private Collection: Austin, Jeremy
Alvaro D. (Alexander Pictures)
Ramiro (Chuck)
Ennio (BIP)
Video Reviews w/ images: Jalpeno Papis, Fire Island Cruising 5. Rear Factor, There Goes the Neighborhood
HONCHO  July 2004 2004 Scott Strode (cover/center BIP)
Jack Laurel (Diamond Pic. / Borbely)
Max Veneziano & Slava Petrovich (KB)
Red [?] (R Roma)
Josh Hammer (Hot Doggie/Massive)
Brett Collins (All Worlds)
Sven Oslo (Station4Gay)
Gabriel Faria (MarcoS)
Dirk Yates Private Collection: Barrett Long, Speedy, Tyler
HONCHO  Aug 2004 2004 Niko [Chip Nicolas] (center/cover - All Worlds)
Sergej Jordanov & Mario Perez (Kazan/Sarava)
Victor Rios (Raging Stallion)
Nick Capra (ChuckPixxx)
Miner s Shaft [fiction insets: Randy White, other] (1435 ?)
Dirk Yates Private Collection #205: Barrett Long, Chip, Brendon (All Worlds)
Maxx Diesel (Jocks/Falcon)
Manuel (ChuckPixxx)
Rick Randy (BIP)
Jason Hawke & Sean Storm (MSR)
Film Reviews: The Cell: Confinement. Part 1; Dore Alley Bears; Canvas; Grease Daddies
HONCHO  Sept 2004 2004 Joshua Adams (cover/center - Mustang/FLC)
Scott Sands (BIP)
Mark O Reilly & Jeff Brooks (Hot Doggie - Massive)
Tony Magera (Pac Sun - Borbely)
Ruben (Vic Drukker / Vik Druker)
Javier (Jocelin Doruk - Station4Gay.com)
OB [Obsession] (Chuck)
Shane Rollins (Geof Teague - Raging Stallion)
Dirk Yates Private Collection #215: Barrett Long, Mick, Lance Landers, Kendall Klark, John Thomas, Sledge Sawyer
HONCHO  Oct 2004 2004 Jon Galt (cover - FLC)
Tag Adams [Chet Roberts] (interview - Raging Stallion)
Claudio (Donatien)
Spanking Scrapbook: Jason Davis & Steven Richards (Control T.)
Darius Mark (Marcus Sauer)
Mike vs. Javier [?] (Jocelin Doruk / Station4gay.com)
Dirk Yates Private Collection: Tony, Steven (All Worlds)
Ryan Chandler (AllAmericanMen.com)
Michael Lucas interview
Diesel (Chuck)
Rico Mantos (MiamiStudios.com)
HONCHO  Nov 2004 2004 Jonathan West (cover - All Worlds)
Mike [?] (Vik Drukker / Vik Druker)
Paul Skeritt (Borbely / Pac Sun)
Michael Vincenzo (Kent Taylor / Raging Stallion)
J.R. [?] (center - Chuck)
Bobby Williams (FLC)
Alvaro (Alexander Pictures)
Jake Gianelli & Jim Slade (Big Blue)
Mike Donner interview
HONCHO  Dec 2004 2004 Nate Christianson (cover - BIP)
Kent Larson (FLC)
Jerek (interview - Kent Taylor / Raging Stallion)
Mac Quintero (BIP)
Roberto Giorgio (Borbely / Pac Sun)
Brad Carter (MiamiStudios.com)
Lane Fuller (MSR)
Tucker Sex Pigs [Adrian Bryce - insets] (BIP)
Lance (Studio 1435)
Dirk Yates Private Collection #214 [Rich, John, Jason]
Video Reviews: The American Lover; Big Bear Bears; Husband By Day, Hustler By Night; American Made Volume 3; Huge Cocks at the Beach
HONCHO  Jan 2005 2005 Parker Williams (cover/interview - MSR)
Norbert Somlay [Fred Fele] (KB)
Lorenzo [?] (Pacific Sun)
Frank [?-TORSO 0501] (Jocelyn Doruk/station4gay.com)
Jason & Ramiro [?] (center - Chuckpixx)
Nathan Brooks (MiamiStudios.com)
Marco Paris (MSR)
Bo Knight (All Worlds)
Dirk Yates Private Collection: #219 [Kendall, Brian, Sledge, Jake]
Video Reviews: Med Troopers; Raw; Gored; Choke Em; Sex Island
HONCHO  Feb 2005 2005 Ollie Kicks (cover/center - Big Hud / MSR)
Matt Woods & Cameron Daniels (MiamiStudios.com)
Randy Jones (Borbely / Diamond / IMD)
Miguel Leonn (Kent Taylor / Raging Stallion)
Alberto De Souza & Rocky DeOliveira [Male Tales images] (KB)
Jason Ridge [w/ interview] (All Worlds)
Junior (ChuckPixxx)
Rob Nelson (Borbely / Pacific Sun)
Dirk Yates Private Collection #220: Barrett Long, Jarred, Casey, Paul, George, Don (All Worlds)
Tony Alizzi interview [MSR Studios]
Film Reviews: Weekend Pass 2; Stoked Part 1; Brute; A Rim with a View; Carribean Stud; Altomar Gold: Hoods and Helmuts
HONCHO  March 2005 2005 Arpad Miklos (cover/interview/center - Kent Taylor / Raging Stallion)
Jean Franko (Lucas Kazan)
Julian Vincenzo (Borbely / Diamond / IMD)
Tomas [Tomas Talisman] (BIP)
Colin [?] (Images Model Agency)
Marco Paris (Pacific Sun)
Daryll [?] (interview - Miami Studios)
Biker Prize Punk [insets ?] (?)
Tony Morrelli (Boyway)
Dirk Yates Private Collection #212 [Angel, Kendall, Tim, Merritt, Joe, Mike] (Dirk Yates)
Film Reviews: Rough Trade; Hardsex; In The Bedroom; Aqua Club; Horsedicks 5; Catch Me
HONCHO  April 2005 2005 Alex LeMonde (cover/interview/center - All Worlds)
David Barthory (Savara Prod.)
Ruben D Angelo (ChuckPixxx.com)
Rico Mantos (interview - Miami Studios)
Mark West (John Summers)
Troy [?] (Yves LaRochelle)
Jake Stockman (BIP)
Rick [Mark Dawson] (Mike Arlen)
Dirk Yates Private Collection #221 [Kendall, Diego, Matt, Jimmy, Bailey, Chris] (Dirk Yates)
Film Reviews: Truck Stop Muscle; Parts and Service; City Heat Country Passion; Moving Men; Parashooters
HONCHO  May 2005 2005 Mike Valentine [Mico Valentine] (cover/center - Studio 1435)
Clay Maverick (MSR Video)
Collin O Neal (FLC)
Joey [?] (Model Image Agancy)
Fredrick Ford (ChuckPixxx.com)
Trent Cougar (Pacific Sun)
Antonio Montez (interview - All Worlds)
Devon Gill (BIP)
Taurus Dean & Parker Williams (interview - Kent Taylor / Raging Stallion)
Dirk Yates Private Collection #224 [Danny, Diego, Jonathan]
artwork: Xavier Gicquel
Film Reviews: Stoked - Part 2; Young Bucks; Driven; Nomads; Sex Pigs; Leather Kings: Unleash the Beast - Part 3
HONCHO  June 2005 2005 Michael Fasano (cover - BIP)
Rodney [Jason Bennison] (Mike Arlen)
Cory Koons (Kent Taylor/Raging Stallion)
Roberto Giorgio (center - Borbely/Pacific Sun)
The Best Little Cum Slut... [insets - ?] (?)
Christoph Scharff (interview - FLC)
Vin Nolan (interview - AW)
Mark [?] (Jocelin Doruk / Station4gay.com)
Jerry O Conner [Steve Jennings] (Borbely / IMD)
Dirk Yates Private Collection #222: Rodney, Josh, Matt, Jonathan
artwork: Xavier Gicquel
Film Reviews: Gaydreams 2 - San Francisco Nights; Pornstruck 8; Mosters & Size Queens 2; Cowboy Rides Again; Revolucio Sexual; Argentine Assets 1; Manscape
HONCHO  July 2005 2005 Michael Croe [Michael Crowe] (cover - All Worlds)
Cody Dalton (BIP)
Jean Franko (interview by Mega - Falcon)
Abel [?] (center - Phil St. John)
Owen Hawk (interview by Mega - Colt)
Mick [?] (Devo Farlo)
Scott Tanner (ChuckPixxx)
Dirk Yates Private Collection #204 [Jonathan West, Joel, John, George, Eric (All Worlds)
Jason [?] (Portfolio)
Film Reviews: Diving Lagoon; Flyboys; Hard Wood; Jeff Stryker s Tall Tales; Best Size 35; AMG: Story Film Classics - Platinum Collection; Feeling Him Out - Brazilian Cum Ons 3; Making Out - Brazilian Cum Ons 5
HONCHO  Aug 2005 2005 Charles Cronenberg (cover - Borbely / Pacific Sun)
Anthony LaFont (MSR Video)
Kyle [?] (Images Model Agency)
Nick Russo (BIP)
Marcus Iron (center / interview by Mega / Colt)
Bobby Williams (interview / All Worlds)
Allyn Ray (ChuckPixxx.com)
Dayden Pierce (BIP)
artwork: Xavier Gicquel
Film Reviews: Party In The Rear; French Kiss; Ripe; Going Deep Down Under; Loser Takes All; Luke Steele: Man 2 Man
HONCHO  Sept 2005 2005 Gerardo Cortez (cover/center - Borbely/Pacific Sun)
Kane O Farrell (interview - Falcon)
Wayne & Malcom [?] (ChuckPixxx.com)
Johnny Rahm (Studio 1435)
Kevin Cage (Borbely/All Worlds)
Yuri [Andres Navarro] (The Stable)
Dirk Yates - interview
Dirk Yates Private Files #225 [Brett, Bill, Kendall, Jake] (All Worlds)
Damien Drake (Kent Taylor / Raging Stallion)
David [?] (Grant Hayes)
artwork: Xavier Gicquel
Film Reviews: Czeki Friends; Decameron: Two Naughty Tales; Bang Bang; Latino Manhole; Hotel Hunk; 45 Minutes of Bondage; Another 45 Minutes of Bondage
HONCHO  Oct 2005 2005 Julian Vincenzo (cover/center - Borbely / All Worlds)
Cameron Taylor (ChuckPixxx.com)
Anonymous [?] (Alexandre)
Maxx Diesel (interview by Mega / ph: Hot Doggie / Massive)
Michael Miller (BIP)
Troy Punk (interview by Mega / Falcon)
Dirk Yates Private Collection #226 [Jay, Tony Robles, Bailey, Barrett Long] (All Worlds)
Kyle Lewis (interview by Mega / All Worlds)
Maur Vander (BIP)
artwork: Xavier Gicquel
Film Reviews: Horny Weekend; Cock Scene Investigators; Banos Latinos; Grad Nite Spunk Buddies; Fantasy Factory 2
HONCHO  Nov 2005 2005 Henry [?] (cover - Donatien)
Jake Colebrook (BIP)
Joshua Adams (Raging Stallion)
Basic Training [insets: ?] (?)
Gerardo Cortez (Borbely / All Worlds)
Scott & Al [?] (center - ChuckPixxx)
Blake [?] (Gemini Men / GeminiMen.com)
Vinny [Vincent Greco] (BIP)
Jacob Slader (interview - All Worlds)
artwork: Xavier Gicquel
Film Reviews: The Paramedics; Studs; 8 Simple Rules for Doing My Son; In The Jeans; That Boy - Special Edition; Wrestling Live 1 & 2; Wrestling Live 3 & 4; Bodybuilders Jam #9
HONCHO  Dec 2005 2005 Devon Cade (cover - ChuckPixxx)
Johnny [?] (Jocelin Doruk / Station4gay)
Rafe [?] (Vik Drukeer)
Jacob Slater (Mustang / Falcon)
Shane Rollins (Mustang / Falcon)
Mark [Mark Kroner] (Studio 1435)
Theo Blake (interview - All Worlds)
Muscle Buns [insets: Carlos Morales & Scott Matthes] (Chuck)
Dirk Yates Private Collection: Devil Dogs [Anthony, Rick, Marine] (All Worlds)
Interview with Mark Gemini of Gemini Men [model: AJ]
Larry Townsend s Leather Notebook
artwork: Xavier Gicquel
Film Reviews: Seven Deadly Sins: Redemption; Hell Room; Surf Shack; Lock Box Cocks
HONCHO  Jan 2006 2006 Adrian Bryce (cover - BIP)
Ivan Andros (Raging Stallion / Kent Tyalor)
Lumber Yard Woodies [insets: Danny Stevens] (BIP)
Joe [?] (Studio 1435)
Marcello Lars & Matthieu Costa (center - KBjorn)
Robin [?] (interview - DevoFarlo.com / Devo Farlo)
Diego Alvarez (ChuckPixxx.com / Chuck)
Ty Hudson (interview - All Worlds)
Billy [Billy Hart] (Studio 1435)
Dirk Yates Private Collection: Devil Dogs 2 [Anthony, Patrick, Spencer, Nate, Brandon] (All Worlds)
Larry Townsend s Leather Notebook
Artwork: Xavier Gicquel
Film Reviews: Flex; The Contender; Hot Properties; Chove La Fora; Running Wild
HONCHO  Feb 2006 2006 Alex Ribiero [Alex Ribeiro] (cover - KBjorn)
Jason Ridge (interview by Mega / All Worlds)
Jesse [?] (homopunk.com)
Dylan [Jordan Banks] (center - Studio 1435)
Dominic [?] (interview - Jocelin Doruk / station4gay.com)
Diesel [?] (ChuckPixxx.com)
Kenny Slade [Ivan Cseska] (Borbely / All Worlds)
Damon [?] (Studio 1435)
Football Funk [insets - ?] (Keefer ?)
Larry Townsend s Leather Notebook
artwork: Xavier Gicquel
Film Reviews: Brazilian Cowboy; Bad Boy Club 2; Desperate Husbands; Hairy Boyz 4; Beefy Boyz on the Road; Bodybuilders Jam #8; Sex Camp
HONCHO  March 2006 2006 Justin [?] (cover/interview - Juscelino Cardozo)
Max Ryan [Matt Ryan] (BIP)
Julian Salieri (Borbely / All Worlds)
Gio [?] (center - ChuckPixxx.com)
Beau Greene + Kyle McDermott (interview - MiamiStudios.com)
Cody Rodgers (BIP)
Mike Scott (GeminiMen.com)
Julian Vincenzo (Borbely / All Worlds)
Dirk Yates Str8 Off The Base [Rodney ? ;Stefen West; Kendall Klark] (All Worlds)
Jockstrap Swap Meat [insets: ?] (BIP)
Larry Townsend s Leather Notebook
Artwork: Xavier Gicquel
Film Reviews: Hooked on Homies; Prowl 4 - Back with a Vengeance; Tough Guys - Gettin Off; Hot Cops 3 - The Final Assault
HONCHO  April 2006 2006 Max Veneziano + Jean Franko + Alex Ribeiro (cover/center - Bjorn)
Johnny [?] (ChuckPixxx.com)
Doug Jeffries (interview - All Worlds)
Clay [?] (interview - Donatien)
Todd Stevens (Studio 1435)
Hart [?] (Gemini Men)
Marty [?] (Jocelin Doruk)
Michael A. (BIP)
Dirk Yates Live #7 [Jimmy, Marc, Sandy, Nate] (All Worlds)
Desire for Domination [insets: Brian Wolfe] (BIP)
Larry Townsend s Leather Notebook
Book Review: Speeding: The Old Reliable Photos of David Hurles
Artwork: Xavier Gicquel
Film Reviews: Str-8 Off The Base; Team Players; Love and Lust; Bed Heads; The Most; College Jock
HONCHO  May 2006 2006 no listings
Parker Williams
HONCHO  June 2006 2006 no listings
HONCHO  July 2006 2006 no listings
HONCHO  Aug 2006 2006 no listings
HONCHO  Sept 2006 2006 no listings
HONCHO  Oct 2006 2006 no listings
HONCHO  Nov 2006 2006 no listings
HONCHO  Dec 2006 2006 no listings
HONCHO - Special Editions

HONCHO Best of Honcho #01 197? no listings
HONCHO Best of Honcho #02 197? no listings
HONCHO Best of Honcho #03 1981 no listings
HONCHO Leather Special #01 1982 Dan Kennedy (Nova)
New York Men (Frank Ross)
Colt Leather: Leo Hooks, Vito Cesari, Rod Kasnar, Ryder Knight [Bo Richards ?] (Zeus/Nova)
Al Parker & Mark Rutter (Surge)
HONCHO Fifth Anniversary Edition 1985 Sky Dawson And Zeus Star Jason Steele, Tom Of Finland
HONCHO Hunks 1985 16 Pull-Out Centerfold Posters
HONCHO Zeus 1985 ZEUS models, including Gregg Strom, Scotty Buck, Jason Steele, Clayton McCloud, Tony Bronte, Justin Farrell, Jeb Greston
Roco De Vega [Arturo Bardewyck]
HONCHO Calendar 1980 1980 no listings
HONCHO Calendar 1981 1981 no listings

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