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Contents are generally listed as follows:

Name of Model or Title  [aka, or known name]  (cover/interview - Photographer Name)

Brackets [ ] :  
are generally used for aliases or a more common name, but include any editorial comments.

Parenthesis ( ) :  
are for Photographer or Producer, but include additional information such as interview, cover model, centerfold, etc.

While these listings are mostly Model, Photography listings, they are expanding over the next few years to include illustrator, Films Reviewed and Fiction information as well.

Commonly used abbreviations for Studios/Photographers:

(KB) Kristen Bjorn   (BIP) Body Image Productions   (CT) Colt Studio  
(FB) Fred Bisonnes  (1435) Dean Keefer / Studio 1435 / Satori Studios /  
(CQ) Carlos Quiroz   (FLC) Falcon Studios   (AW) All Worlds Studio

TITLE Decade Year
Model Names / Contents
PLAYGIRL  Apr 1971 1971 Test Issue ?
Lady And The Gardener
PLAYGIRL  Jan 1972 1972 Test Issue ?
Love Feast In The Forest
Orgasm - Fantasy
Picture-Perfect Romance - Fantasy
Playgirl Fantasy - Blond In Cutoffs Fantasy
Woodland Celebration, A - Fantasy
Bruce Blanchard
PLAYGIRL  Jan 1973 1973 Test Issue Mike Hiss
PLAYGIRL  Feb/March 1973 1973 Test Issue
the Hager Twins from "Hee Haw"
Lyle Wagner (center)
Horoscope Man
Ryan Macdonald
The Textures Of Love
PLAYGIRL  July 1973 1973 George Maharis, Llyod Beardsley, Pillow Talk
PLAYGIRL  Aug 1973 1973 Gary Conway, Greg Hoberg, Horoscope Man, Alan Landers
PLAYGIRL  Sept 1973 1973 Fabien Forte, Bill Cookson
PLAYGIRL  Oct 1973 1973 Fred Williamson, Robert Prestwood, Cozumel Remembered
PLAYGIRL  Nov 1973 1973 Don Stroud, Greg Wainwright
PLAYGIRL  Dec 1973 1973 Jean-Paul Vignon, Roger Huckstex
PLAYGIRL  Jan 1974 1974 John Ericson, William Lewis
PLAYGIRL  Feb 1974 1974 Barry Hostetler (center/cover)
Ron Smith, Jerry Mansfield
PLAYGIRL  March 1974 1974 Bill Douglas, Ernie Langeburg, Darris McCord
PLAYGIRL  April 1974 1974 Peter Lupus, Darris McChord
Toby (Fashion Layout, Colt Model)
PLAYGIRL  May 1974 1974 Garrison Wayne, Marc Hampton, Brian Redfield
PLAYGIRL  June 1974 1974 Chirstopher George, Angie Reno, Playgirl Fantasy Number One...
PLAYGIRL  July 1974 1974 John Coletti (John Traynor, Falcon)
Lou Zikovich (center/cover)
PLAYGIRL  Aug 1974 1974 Rodgers Brothers (Gregg Rodgers & Ron Rodgers), Gene Burton
PLAYGIRL  Sept 1974 1974 Jim Brown, Mike Purpos, Gary Bimson
PLAYGIRL  Oct 1974 1974 Dr. Paul Keith, Leonard Lalumiere, Dan Scholle
PLAYGIRL  Nov 1974 1974 Phil Avalon, Jerry Lane, Bill Cable (Victoriana Layout)
PLAYGIRL  Dec 1974 1974 Woody Parker, Terry House, Burt Reynolds (cover)
PLAYGIRL  Jan 1975 1975 Bob Prince, Backstage Discoveries
PLAYGIRL  Feb 1975 1975 John Corvello, Ron Henriquez, Fantasy: A Photo Essay By David Meyer
PLAYGIRL  March 1975 1975 Al Cavuoto, David Keith Miller, Paul Baressi (Space Fantasy)
PLAYGIRL  April 1975 1975 John Gibson, David Haskell, Fantasy: Beauty And The Beast
PLAYGIRL  May 1975 1975 Biff Manard [Biff Maynard ?], Kip Jerger
PLAYGIRL  June 1975 1975 Sam Jones (Andrew Cooper III), Jacques Perreault
PLAYGIRL  July 1975 1975 Bart Turner, Jean-Luc Dufferin
PLAYGIRL  Aug 1975 1975 Al Hornsby, Jerry Sloup, Morley Rolhaeuser (Horoscope)
PLAYGIRL  Sept 1975 1975 Jamie Moreno. Neil Paul
PLAYGIRL  Oct 1975 1975 Jimmy Hakim, Steve Bond
PLAYGIRL  Nov 1975 1975 Jim Glasgow, Mr. Teen America Paul Gaetano, Jan DeWerd (Horoscope)
PLAYGIRL  Dec 1975 1975 Eddie Bloom, Jeramiah Shastid (center)
PLAYGIRL  Jan 1976 1976 Jim Cavaretta, Kevin Roirdan
PLAYGIRL  Feb 1976 1976 Gary Earle, Carlos Soares, Mike Harker
PLAYGIRL  March 1976 1976 Marc Rodrigues, Mike Bock, Tony Haddock (Horoscope)
PLAYGIRL  April 1976 1976 Dennis Ward, Antony DeCarlo, 8 Nude Centerfolds
PLAYGIRL  May 1976 1976 Rock Ramplin, Carlos Roebuck, Mark Fowler
PLAYGIRL  June 1976 1976 Greg Hamilton, Paul Caspary, Vote For The Natural Man Contest (8 Men)
PLAYGIRL  July 1976 1976 Ron Yarborough, Neil Farrell, Pierre Asselin
PLAYGIRL  Aug 1976 1976 Randy Lane, Greg Anderson, Ed Bernard, Sean Martin (Kevin Flanigan)
PLAYGIRL  Sept 1976 1976 Jim Lampier, Gene Carter, Winner PG Centerfold/Discovery Contest: Ramplin/Bock
PLAYGIRL  Oct 1976 1976 David White, Toby DeLella, Charles B. Tipton Jr.
PLAYGIRL  Nov 1976 1976 Beau Lawrence, John Joseph Mills, Tom Stradner, Warren Beatty Cover
PLAYGIRL  Dec 1976 1976 Ben Gallagher, Jeff Rosenburg, Merle Slonecker
PLAYGIRL  Jan 1977 1977 Tom Gagen, Peter Scott, Bill Lucidi
PLAYGIRL  Feb 1977 1977 Richard Lee Baney, Joseph Pearson, Valentines Round-Up
PLAYGIRL  March 1977 1977 Greg Culskelly, James Dexter [Jerry Dean, William Sexton]
Portfolio: Bill Douglas, Paul Keith,
Andrew Cooper III, David Miller, Dan Scholle, Carl Nunnick
PLAYGIRL  April 1977 1977 Geoffrey Kane (Roger Leclaire), Tom Isaacson
Portfolio Part 3: Woody Parker, Neil Paul,
Jaime Moreno, Jan De Werd, John Lebner, Garrison Wayne
PLAYGIRL  May 1977 1977 Steven Landen, Bikini Bonanza
Portfolio Part 4: Bill Cable, Bob Prince, Bart Turner, Lou Zivkovich
PLAYGIRL  June 1977 1977 Tyler Horn
Portfolio Part 5: Tom Bauer, Steve Cunningham, Marc Hampton, Al Hornsby
PLAYGIRL  July 1977 1977 Randy Laine
Portfolio Part 6: John Corvello, Ron Rugato, David Haskell, Raye Carniello
PLAYGIRL  Aug 1977 1977 Dan DeLaney
Portfolio Part 7: Phil Avalon, Jimmy Hakim, Ernie Leach, Jeff Morrison
PLAYGIRL  Sept 1977 1977 John Alexander
Portfolio Part 8: Jim Cavaretta, Danny Harrington, Mark Lawrence, Carlos Soares
PLAYGIRL  Oct 1977 1977 Richard Burke Davis, Big Man On Campus
Portfolio Part 9: Eddie Bloom, Terry House,
Leroy E. Smith Jr., John York
PLAYGIRL  Nov 1977 1977 Paul Vonderlin, "Playgirl Goes To Bed With..."
Portfolio Part 10: Mike Bock, Marty Wolfson, Paul Caspary
PLAYGIRL  Dec 1977 1977 Marc Gartma
Portfolio Part 11: Pierre Asselin, Rock Pamplin, Morley Rolhaeuser
PLAYGIRL  Jan 1978 1978 Dennis Durrell, Portfolio Part 12: Anthony De Carlo, Carlos Roebuck, Dennis Ward
PLAYGIRL  Feb 1978 1978 Scott Dutton, How To Undress Your Man Fantasy, Portfolio Part 13: Ron Yarborough, Jeramiah Shastid, Mark Fowler
PLAYGIRL  March 1978 1978 C.W. Mundy, Catching Her Man With His Pants Down (Fantasy)
PLAYGIRL  April 1978 1978 Brian Dawson, Tokyo Diary (Fantasy)
PLAYGIRL  May 1978 1978 Norbert Blecha, John Corvello (Fantasy)
PLAYGIRL  June 1978 1978 Stephen D Auria, 5th Anniversary, 12 Superstars, Jack Wrangler
PLAYGIRL  July 1978 1978 Michael Montelbano, Hollywood Men
PLAYGIRL  Aug 1978 1978 Dolly Parton Interview
PLAYGIRL  Sept 1978 1978 Stephen Tayler, Big Men On Campus: Sky Moore
PLAYGIRL  Oct 1978 1978 Lenny Thompson, Hot Buns
PLAYGIRL  Nov 1978 1978 Howie Gordon (Richard Pacheco)
PLAYGIRL  Dec 1978 1978 Vaya
Favorite Centerfolds: John Alexander, Jeremy Alves, Greg Anderson, Al Cavuoto, Gary Earle, Richard Burke Davis, Marc Gartman, Howie Gordon (Richard Pacheco), Michael Montelbano, Lenny Thompson
PLAYGIRL  Jan 1979 1979 Jesse Cutler
A Review Of Our Last Delightful Dozen: Stephen Taylor, Lenny Thompson, Norbert Blecha, Marc Gartman, Jeremy Alves, Michael Montelbano, C.W. Mundy, Brian Dawson, Dennis Durrell, Scott Dutton
PLAYGIRL  Feb 1979 1979 David Grant (Clay Russell)
Men Of Europe: Jean-Louis Dubois, Rens Fuller, Ray King
PLAYGIRL  March 1979 1979 Bill Davidson
Men of Europe: Gabriel Pontello, Dave E. David, Madison King
PLAYGIRL  April 1979 1979 Bob Blount
Mr. Nude USA
Hanging Out At Harvard: David Bee, Doug Overtoom, Quentin Parker, Eric Poulson, Ferran Rice, Mark Tye
PLAYGIRL  May 1979 1979 John Pelico, Jr.
Tight Pants - Feature, "Object D Art" Men: Arturo Bardewyck, Ken Seguine, Mark Van Epps, A.S. Ashley
PLAYGIRL  June 1979 1979 Ken De Rose
Playgirl s Centerfold Reunion: Stephen D auria, Brian Dawson, Dennis Durrell, Howie Gordon, Jimmy Hakim, Eric Hooper, Randy Laine, Steven Landen, Rock Pamplin, Lenny Thompson, Bart Turner, Vaya, Garrison Wayne
PLAYGIRL  July 1979 1979 Erik Hooper, Lifegaurds (Includes Kane, Hampton, Miller), Gym Dandies
PLAYGIRL  Aug 1979 1979 Edward Tombridge-Wells, Rear View
PLAYGIRL  Sept 1979 1979 Brett Austin, Andrew Abrams (2/80, 8/80), Pac 10 Men South, Steam Heat
PLAYGIRL  Oct 1979 1979 Peter Speach, John Lennon, Pac 10 Men North
PLAYGIRL  Nov 1979 1979 Greg Scott, Latin Lovers
PLAYGIRL  Dec 1979 1979 Grahame White, Harry Reems, First Annual Sex Survey
Men Of 1979: Brett Austin, Bob Blount, Jesse Cutler, Bill Davidson, Ken De Rose, David Grant, Erik Hooper, John Pellico Jr., Greg Scott, Peter Speech, Edward Tombridge-Wells, Grahame White
PLAYGIRL  Jan 1980 1980 Geoff Minger, Roger Menache, Male Strip Clubs: Roger Menache, Don Merrill, Stan Soburn
PLAYGIRL  Feb 1980 1980 Scott Daley, Treat Williams Cover, Best Men Money Can Buy (Male Escorts)
PLAYGIRL  March 1980 1980 Jerry Pedersoli, Men of Madison Ave., Nude Sky-Divers, Cover: James Caan
PLAYGIRL  April 1980 1980 Burl Chester, In Praise Of Older Men
PLAYGIRL  May 1980 1980 Anthony Vacca, Men Of Capitol Hill
PLAYGIRL  June 1980 1980 Bill McAnally, Briefs Section
Favorite Men: Howie Gordon (Richard Pacheco), Bill Davidson, Kane, Geoffrey (Roger Leclaire), Rock Pamplin, Woodroe Parker, Jean-Paul Vignon
PLAYGIRL  July 1980 1980 Steve Kolega, Men Of Summer
PLAYGIRL  Aug 1980 1980 Andy Abrams, "Men Of Wall Street"
PLAYGIRL  Sept 1980 1980 Gene Carrier [Johnny Harden]
Men Of The Ivy League; Harvard
PLAYGIRL  Oct 1980 1980 Stephen Drisdale, Men Of The Military
PLAYGIRL  Nov 1980 1980 Mark Taylor, Contest Winners, Our Men Of The Eighties
PLAYGIRL  Dec 1980 1980 Michael O Neal, Michael (Terry Michael O Neal), Centerfold Roundup
PLAYGIRL  Jan 1981 1981 Jim Waldrop [J.W. King]
Sam Jones, "Sneak Peaks"
PLAYGIRL  Feb 1981 1981 Rob Monroe, Men Of Las Vegas
PLAYGIRL  March 1981 1981 Jean-Robert Lecocq (Colt Model)
12 Butt Shots, Mr. Nude USA
The First Eight Years: Gene Carrier, Bill Douglas, Tom Gagen, John Gibson, Howie Gordon, David Grant (Clay Russell), Eric Hooper, Sam Jones, Geoffrey Kane, Beau Lawrence, David White
PLAYGIRL  April 1981 1981 Rick Hynes, Men of Texas
PLAYGIRL  May 1981 1981 Joseph Spondike, Men Of Texas Part 2
PLAYGIRL  June 1981 1981 Jan Hilarius, 8-Years of Playgirl, Star-Lust Memories, Burt Reynolds Cover
PLAYGIRL  July 1981 1981 Antonio Contrelle, Lifeguards
PLAYGIRL  Aug 1981 1981 Bryan Haines, Middle Age Crazy
PLAYGIRL  Sept 1981 1981 Geof Helrich, Men Of The Ivy League
PLAYGIRL  Oct 1981 1981 Tim Wenzel, Master Craftsman
PLAYGIRL  Nov 1981 1981 Ron Olund, Sky s The Limit, Chris Callan (Steve Cort)
PLAYGIRL  Dec 1981 1981 Jim Davis, Centerfold Roundup
PLAYGIRL  Jan 1982 1982 Antonio Contrelle, Star Gazing (Review of Past Celebrities)
PLAYGIRL  Feb 1982 1982 Ian Cochrane, Royal Treasures: Jack Allsten, Jack Allsten, Barry Bennett, Ian Cochrane, Simon Cooper, Paul Gardner, George Locke, Christopher John Massey, John Schembri, Christopher Warne, David Wolfman
PLAYGIRL  March 1982 1982 Demian Wolf, Behind The Scenes, Chance Glances, The First Nine Years
PLAYGIRL  April 1982 1982 Derek Tebo, Executive Men: David Bates, Steven Gunn, others
PLAYGIRL  May 1982 1982 Mark Allan, Couples- At The Movies, Men Of X
PLAYGIRL  June 1982 1982 Jeff Wintemute, Couples: In Bed In The Sunroom, Best Of Nine Years
PLAYGIRL  July 1982 1982 Scott Nahri, Leon Isaac Kennedy, Surfin 82, Couples - The Plumber
PLAYGIRL  Aug 1982 1982 James Wilson, Couples- At The Stylist, The Wild West (Nude Cowboys)
PLAYGIRL  Sept 1982 1982 David Bates (Executive Men 4/82), Couples- The Football Player, Unmasked And Debriefed
PLAYGIRL  Oct 1982 1982 David Peters, Making The Grade: Men Of The Big 10 Colleges, Tom Selleck interview, Steve Yeager Celebrity Nude
PLAYGIRL  Nov 1982 1982 Bill Tunberg, Bartenders
PLAYGIRL  Dec 1982 1982 Ronnie Ortiz, John Matuszak, 1982 Centerfold Roundup, Christopher Reeves Cover
PLAYGIRL  Jan 1983 1983 Jeff Wintemute (6/82), Couples- In The Rain, Starry, Starry Sights (Review of Men), John Matuszak
PLAYGIRL  Feb 1983 1983 Frank Smith, Couples - At The Art Gallery, Skiers
PLAYGIRL  March 1983 1983 Brandon Court, Like Father, Like Son (Myette Family), Men Of The Midwest
PLAYGIRL  April 1983 1983 Daniel Egger, Bubbah Smith, Couples- Lisa & Kent, Men In Uniform
PLAYGIRL  May 1983 1983 Kevin Haslam, Britain s Best, Men of Florida
PLAYGIRL  June 1983 1983 David VanBrunt, Couples: Belinda & Todd, 10 Years Of Playgirl s Men (50 Pics In Pull-Out)
PLAYGIRL  July 1983 1983 John Johnson, Steve Stone, Wet N Wild
PLAYGIRL  Aug 1983 1983 Mike O Grady
Steve Bond
The Tender Trap [Doug Hansen [Alex Stone]]
PLAYGIRL  Sept 1983 1983 Joe Benson (John Benson), Men Who Deliver
PLAYGIRL  Oct 1983 1983 Dennis Ogden, Executive Men, Sex Stars: Ron Jeremy, Bobby Astyr, Jerry Butler, others
PLAYGIRL  Nov 1983 1983 Kory Wolff, Getting Physical
PLAYGIRL  Dec 1983 1983 Joe Ingram, 1983 Centerfold Roundup
PLAYGIRL  Jan 1984 1984 Kory Wolff (8/83,11/83), Seeing Stars (Naked Stars), John Matuszak
PLAYGIRL  Feb 1984 1984 Max Werner, Outriggers, Go For The Burn
PLAYGIRL  March 1984 1984 Ted Prior, Cvr: Kurt Russell, Nude Men of Canada "O, Canada": Stephen Scott
PLAYGIRL  April 1984 1984 Richard Alan (Richard Hench ?)
Do Ya Think I m Sexy?, Nude Rodeo
PLAYGIRL  May 1984 1984 Joe Davis (Doug Cory), Awesome Aussies
Family Ties; See Like Father, Like Son (Myette Family (3/83))
PLAYGIRL  June 1984 1984 Richard Armani, Men In Our Life: An 11 Year Tradition (33 Pics from Previous)
PLAYGIRL  July 1984 1984 Jeff Southmayd
Antoin Dijon [Francois Papillon]
Summer Beach Guys
PLAYGIRL  Aug 1984 1984 Stephen Scott
Olympic Legacy [Doug Hansen [Alex Stone]]
PLAYGIRL  Sept 1984 1984 Steve Rally, Big Men On Campus
PLAYGIRL  Oct 1984 1984 Scott Simon (Summer 8/84)
Men Of Beverly Hills
PLAYGIRL  Nov 1984 1984 Jeffrey Erickson, Election Coverage
PLAYGIRL  Dec 1984 1984 Christian D Anboise, Playgirl s Men Who Have Made It
PLAYGIRL  Jan 1985 1985 Steve Rally, Celebrated Bodies, John Matuszak
PLAYGIRL  Feb 1985 1985 Rob Schad (Awesome Aussies 5/84), Southern Comfort, Limo Lovers
PLAYGIRL  March 1985 1985 Drew Hunter
Mark Mont
Celebrity Look-Alikes
Playgirl Takes Manhattan (Doug Hansen [Alex Stone])
PLAYGIRL  April 1985 1985 Mark Monty (3/85), Yuppies
PLAYGIRL  May 1985 1985 Pat Larkin, Men At Work, Down Under Delights
PLAYGIRL  June 1985 1985 Brian Buzzini, Summer Souvenirs, Pro Tennis Review, The Best Of 12 Years
PLAYGIRL  July 1985 1985 Bobby Sands, A Touch Of Europe, Playgirl Flashback
PLAYGIRL  Aug 1985 1985 Mike Lee, Sexy Men Of The Sea, Hollywood s Fall Guys
PLAYGIRL  Sept 1985 1985 Michael Mitrano, Antonio Contrelle, Making The Grade
PLAYGIRL  Oct 1985 1985 John Robert Falk, Playgirl Flashback [John Matuszak], Stallone
PLAYGIRL  Nov 1985 1985 Mario Tornabene, Men As Art, Rawhide
PLAYGIRL  Dec 1985 1985 Rhett Routley (Jeff Quinn)
Tim Wenzel, 1985 Centerfold Review
PLAYGIRL  Jan 1986 1986 Brian Buzzini, 1986 Desktop Calendar (Pull-Out Supplement; Pics from 83-85)
PLAYGIRL  Feb 1986 1986 Thom Tadlock, Myette Family Flashback - 3 Generations, Apres Ski
PLAYGIRL  March 1986 1986 Phil Barone, Daniel Cook, Men Of Florida, Men Of The High Life
PLAYGIRL  April 1986 1986 Dann Kaslow, Stephen Scott, Bodyguards Of The Rich And Famous, Men Of The High Life
PLAYGIRL  May 1986 1986 Scott Peterson (8/85), Where The Boys Are, Legendary Film Stars
PLAYGIRL  June 1986 1986 Daniel Cook, Executive Men
PLAYGIRL  July 1986 1986 Kelly Coffee, Summer Souvenirs, Men Of Chicago
PLAYGIRL  Aug 1986 1986 Matt Clark, Choice Cheeks (Unidentified Rear Shots)
PLAYGIRL  Sept 1986 1986 Larry Young [Jimmy Metz]
Class Men, Men Of Canada
PLAYGIRL  Oct 1986 1986 Geoff Thompson, Men Of Atlanta, Nude Men of the Years
PLAYGIRL  Nov 1986 1986 Raphael Oriano, Blondes
PLAYGIRL  Dec 1986 1986 Fabrizio Settimio
1987 Playgirl Calendar (Pull-Out Supplement)
Phil Barone, Celeb. Centerfolds, Unknown Discovery
Terrence Dineen, L.A. Law
Gene Garlock, Macho Makeovers: From Dud To Stud, Ross Thompson (Porno: aka: Ross Edwards, Rafe Mendoza)
Jeff O Haco, Private Collection - Photographs Of Ken Haak
William Wood, Shipwrecked!
Joe Colby, Surf s Up
Eric Bowman, Hank Cheyne
Byron Michaels, Mario Tornabene, Role Models
10 Sexiest Men, Man for September: Byron Michaels, Role Models- Gerald Olswang, John Anderson, Brittain Frye, Robert Legg, Terry Lester, Michael J. Fox, Interview Sean Connery, Celebrity Roundup, Matt Frewer, Street Smarts, The 70 s are Back, How to Be a Perfect Lover, Music, Film, Video, The Women s Room, The Men s Room, Readers Fantasy Forum, Sex Talk, Quickies, Reel Men
Rod Jackson, 1988 Man Of The Year Contest, Love In The Afternoon
PLAYGIRL  Nov 1987 1987 John Paul [John Paul - PLYG] (MOM)
Andre Fiset, Homegrown Guys, Raw Footage
PLAYGIRL  Dec 1987 1987 Frank Savino, John Gibson
PLAYGIRL  Jan 1988 1988 Lee Brian Reba, The Men Of The Bold And The Beautiful
PLAYGIRL  Feb 1988 1988 Ken Alan, Darren Culmar [Steve Hammond], O Canada, Hitting The Books-Fantasy, Mike Stone [Vinnie Marino]
PLAYGIRL  March 1988 1988 Brian Andrews, Mike Stone (Ray Acosta), Andre Amarai, Michael Shane, Private Workout - Fantasy
PLAYGIRL  April 1988 1988 Robert Bijan, Steven Chambers, Manuel, Hitting The Books
PLAYGIRL  May 1988 1988 Chad Austin, Pierre Blanc, Tony Lamas, Mark Navarro, Peter Vasapoli, America s Sexiest D.J.s
PLAYGIRL  June 1988 1988 Conroy Nelson, Chyan Hunter, Steve Rally, Playgirl Anniversary Gallery, Where Are They Now?
PLAYGIRL  July 1988 1988 Eric Howard, Mike Arlt, Pete Gori, Jaime Viera (KB)
PLAYGIRL  Aug 1988 1988 David Salas [Dave West]
George Dufour [Steven Craig]
Mike Dolan
Sylvain Denis [Andre Gasquette, Porn (Fox)]
Heaven On The 7th Floor - Fantasy
PLAYGIRL  Sept 1988 1988 Michael Shane, Tad Meyer, Glenn Robarts, The L.A. Look
PLAYGIRL  Oct 1988 1988 Tony Tracy
Rusty Jeffers (Colt: Carl Hardwick)
Garry Frey, Dream Time - Fantasy
PLAYGIRL  Nov 1988 1988 Doug Chapman, Grant Richards, Roy Shildt, Bob Colantonio, The Chauffeur, Flesh For Fantasy
PLAYGIRL  Dec 1988 1988 Double Centerfold Issue
Robert Walper, Tom Lott, Antonio Contrelle (Anthony Cantrell), John Benkusky, I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa Claus Fantasy
PLAYGIRL  Jan 1989 1989 Michael Bannon, Paul Deale, Michael Shane
PLAYGIRL  Feb 1989 1989 Ryan Idol, Alan Lane, "US Ski Team"
PLAYGIRL  March 1989 1989 Bruce Schutt, Derek Hanson, Joseph Perroni, Andrew Urbanski, Hollywood s Best Chests
PLAYGIRL  Apr 1989 1989 Paolo Pecota, Kenny Jones, Out of Africa, Zelijko Zilavec
PLAYGIRL  May 1989 1989 Jeff White (Jeff Thompson), "Manpower Centerfolds", Tim Raines
PLAYGIRL  June 1989 1989 Scott Lockwood, Robert Reynolds, Warren (Real Man)
PLAYGIRL  July 1989 1989 Benny Graham, J.J. Jones, Robert (A Touch Of Class), Scott Schmeider, Making Waves - Fantasy
PLAYGIRL  Aug 1989 1989 Eric Thompson, Randy Curry, Jim (Saddle Up); Christian Homeier [Jeff Rogers] (Real Men)
PLAYGIRL  Sept 1989 1989 Tommy Burgess
Tony Bartok
David Rey [Alex Stone]
PLAYGIRL  Oct 1989 1989 Jason Wallenberg, Alan Russo, Tom Gagen, A University Of Men
PLAYGIRL  Nov 1989 1989 Martin Jade, Ben Allen
Mark Brandon
Love Trap - Fantasy
PLAYGIRL  Dec 1989 1989 Bud Ralph, Knockout, Dominic Volpe, Pumping Up - Fantasy
PLAYGIRL  Jan 1990 1990 Kraig Anthony, Steve Downey, Mesach Taylor, Scott Lockwood
PLAYGIRL  Feb 1990 1990 Marc Hampton, Curtis Hammond, Christopher Adams, Day Of Wine And Roses - Fantasy
PLAYGIRL  March 1990 1990 Glenn Brooks, Christopher Saint James, Life s A Beach, Take A Hike - Fantasy
PLAYGIRL  April 1990 1990 Horst Wagenbauer, Thomas James, Mark Larson, Howard Green, Men Of Eastern Europe
PLAYGIRL  May 1990 1990 Leo Marentette [Corey Savage]
Danny DiCicco
Blake Diamond (Morgan Hanson)
Frank (Roughing It)
Legends In Their Own Time
PLAYGIRL  June 1990 1990 Robert Baker, Joey Ferrara
Greg Scott [Adam Grant]
Piano Man - Fantasy
PLAYGIRL  July 1990 1990 Robert Keich, Roberto Augustino, Sebastien (Light His Fire), What I Did On My Summer Vacation - Fantasy
PLAYGIRL  Aug 1990 1990 Kevin Cline, Brandon Crawford, Bruce Peters, Men Of Arizona
Splendor In The Grass - Fantasy [Chris aka: Axel Rod]
PLAYGIRL  Sept 1990 1990 Michael Webber, Matthew Boardman, Benny Graham, Streets Of Fire - Fantasy
PLAYGIRL  Oct 1990 1990 Bruce Peters, David Wenzel, Spirit In The Night - Fantasy
PLAYGIRL  Nov 1990 1990 Marcel Gabriel [Antonio Blade]
Kirk Krikorian, Gary Wild, Men Of Colorado, Arabian Night - Fantasy
PLAYGIRL  Dec 1990 1990 Rocco Tano, Bernie Kellish, Frank Monico, Steve Watson
PLAYGIRL  Holiday 1990 1990 Dirk Shafer, Robert Adzich, Frank Scolaro, Cole Scott, Share & Share Alike - Fantasy
PLAYGIRL  Jan 1991 1991 Thom Collins
Alan Chandler [Alan Edwards]
Frank Kennedy, A Breath Of Fresh Air - Fantasy
PLAYGIRL  Feb 1991 1991 Rafael Sant Angelo
Thomas James (Man Of The Year)
Costas Bozikis
PLAYGIRL  March 1991 1991 Damian Achilles, Michael Concepcion, Patrick Mccarthy
PLAYGIRL  April 1991 1991 Peter Romero (AMen Model)
Don Masters, McCann Utu (Men Of Arizona)
PLAYGIRL  May 1991 1991 Aaron Leif, Mark Barnes [Maleko], Joey Di Francisco, Dolph Knight (Painted Love) - Fantasy
PLAYGIRL  June 1991 1991 Keith Rivera [Lex Baldwin]
Randy Ricks, Chirs Stock
PLAYGIRL  July 1991 1991 Matthias White, Marco Dolenz, Michael Clay, Urban Exploits Of The Terminally Trendy - Fantasy
PLAYGIRL  Aug 1991 1991 Shaheed, Bryan Hackett, Mark Simon, A Vagabond Knows No Bounds - Fantasy
PLAYGIRL  Sept 1991 1991 Axel Wolf [Axel Rod] (cover)
Scott Richards
Rusty Jeffers (Colt: Carl Hardwick)
West Of Eden - Fantas
PLAYGIRL  Oct 1991 1991 Joe Almeida, Andy Pugliesi, Jino Mordante, Vote For 1992 s Man Of The Year, Paradise Regained
PLAYGIRL  Nov 1991 1991 Glenn Brown [Colt: Tom Harnett]
Cliff Taylor, Mark Van Dulman
And In This Corner, Love
PLAYGIRL  Dec 1991 1991 Danny Celaya (Steve Ryder), Larry Dean, Rodney Alexander, Angel Garcia, Stills Of The Night
PLAYGIRL  Holiday 1991 1991 Jon Carlos Londono
Wayne Carpenter, John King, Twas The Night...
PLAYGIRL  Jan 1992 1992 Nick Stryker, Rob Sawyer [Tom Farrell], David Salinas, Thomas Scott, Port Of Pleasure [Doug Jensen]
PLAYGIRL  Feb 1992 1992 Dirk Shafer (MOY)
Charles Edmond
Nikos Dicopolous [Jeff Hammond]
David Kelp
Paul Faux [Rex Chandler] (To Have And To Hold)
PLAYGIRL  March 1992 1992 Robert Johnston, Tom Marinelli, Greg Ducre
Rob Sawyer [Tom Farrell], Product Of His Environment; Paul Faux [Rex Chandler]
PLAYGIRL  April 1992 1992 Kris Kayman [Kris Lord]
Alex Keith, Richard Harris, Tommy Lucido, Last Picture Show
PLAYGIRL  May 1992 1992 John Simmonds [Stud Michner, Dave Skeffington] (Richard Cunningham)
Dan Steele
Robb Devereaux
Daniel Sawka
Welcome To The Jungle
PLAYGIRL  June 1992 1992 James Arthur, Dean Nazarro, Wim Heldens, There s A Fly In My Soup!; Christian Homeier [Jeff Rogers] (Pictorial)
PLAYGIRL  July 1992 1992 Tom Burgess (9/89)
Jean Michele
Daniel Torres [Terry DeGroot]
Kris Kayman [Kris Lord]
Gaetan Cloutier
PLAYGIRL  Aug 1992 1992 Don Nightingale (Escort)
Damien Lee (Discovery)
Dirk Shafer, Mike Mosbach, Men Of Hawaii, Drive, She Said
PLAYGIRL  Sept 1992 1992 Jim Bartling, Anthony Williams, Terrance Wright (Trevor Hansen), Dirk Shafer, Austin Beck, Kevin Cline
PLAYGIRL  Oct 1992 1992 Joseph J. Pallister
Rudy Huston
Kurt Cassle
Vote For 1993 s Man Of The Year
Country Comfort [Luke Barnes]
PLAYGIRL  Nov 1992 1992 Derrick De Sha (Stripper)
Luke [Luke Barnes]
Danny Dallas
Christopher Miles
PLAYGIRL  Dec 1992 1992 Michael Zirpoli, Paul Anthony Crewe, Jordan Gerler, Paul Bunyan, Tanju Sion, Othello Reborn
PLAYGIRL  Holiday 1992 1992 Tom Marinelli (3/92), Bart Savage, Peter Zakia, Mark Klinger, Public Displays Of Affection, Damien Lee
PLAYGIRL  Jan 1993 1993 Michael Maguire (Michael McGuire)
Richie Cowette, Jason Jarvis, Richard Lewoncyzk, Galerie Erotique
PLAYGIRL  Feb 1993 1993 Kent Massich, Joe Pallister, Alfonso Berry, Sean Gallard
PLAYGIRL  March 1993 1993 Danny Budak, Vincent Markolos, Morgan Simon, Lust Of The Damned
PLAYGIRL  April 1993 1993 Terrence Dineen, Frederick Vecchione, Jimmy Zoleo, Chip Crain, Afternoon Delights
PLAYGIRL  May 1993 1993 Marky Mark Cover, Edwin Serrano, Frank Mojica, Sean Austin, Glen Caponero, Andrew Martinez
PLAYGIRL  June 1993 1993 Steve Reinhardt, 20th Ann Insert, Rolando Banderas, Darrel Michael
PLAYGIRL  July 1993 1993 Doug Koziak, Marc Kovak, Men Of The Gulf Coast, Peter Principle, S Brewer
PLAYGIRL  Aug 1993 1993 Drew Ricciardi
Gary Hartwell (Jean Gabriel)
Scott Smith, Rudy Mosier, Howard Johnson, Fan Male
PLAYGIRL  Sept 1993 1993 Angelo Berrios
Rusty Jeffers [Carl Hardwick]
Bill Brinkham, Ron Midland, Ed Ventresca, Pete Jazwinski, Sergio Laroque, Mr. Nude Universe
PLAYGIRL  Oct 1993 1993 Antonio Valentino, Ed Ventresca, Vote Man of the Year, Christopher Michaels, Mark Connolly
PLAYGIRL  Nov 1993 1993 Bernie Kellish, Berto Luna
David Gosselin (Myles West)
Mike Turner, Clifton Mouzon, Campus Hunk Roundup
PLAYGIRL  Dec/Holiday 1993 1993 Michael Shayne, Terrence Dineen, David Martin, Jon Bradford, John Laforme, Ken Swearingen
PLAYGIRL  Jan 1994 1994 Richard Lima, Frank Sepe, Randy Romero, Jeff Farr, John Diamantopoulos
PLAYGIRL  Feb 1994 1994 Matt Mullen, John Holliday, Doug Koziak (MOY), Manny Medina, Diederick Van Nederveenmeekerk
PLAYGIRL  March 1994 1994 Greg Lane, Dylan Scott, Adso Williams, David Apenson, Anthony Michael
Jeff Putnam (Colt/Fox)
PLAYGIRL  April 1994 1994 Jamie Bales
Kris Lord 1-image, Horst Wagenbauer
Anthony Michael, Jerry Butler, Matt Baker
Rocco Tano (Rocco Siffredi)
The Mane Attraction, Measuring Up (Hung PG Men)
PLAYGIRL  May 1994 1994 Chris Carmen, Matt Williams, Warren Northwood, Joey Newton, Shadow Oaks
PLAYGIRL  June 1994 1994 Mark Kleckner, Dan Schiller, Corey Styles, Rob Shanahan, Thomas Crawley
PLAYGIRL  June 1994 (South Africa) 1994 Steven Phillips
PLAYGIRL  July 1994 1994 Shane Minor
Chad Ullery (Colt: Dusty Manning)
James Little, Allen James
Scotty Kerr (Colt: Dream Lovers-Dean Keefer)
PLAYGIRL  Aug 1994 1994 Rob Shanahan, Scott Pryhocki, Allan Rizzo, Joe Venniro, Kyle Benner
PLAYGIRL  Sept 1994 1994 Stephen Kellar, Ken Swearingen, Stefan Galio, Rob Ingram (10/93), Summer Of Love
PLAYGIRL  Oct 1994 1994 Derrick DeShaw, Brian Glaspy
Alan Edwards [Alan Chandler]
Christian Steele, Nicholas Quadrel
PLAYGIRL  Nov 1994 1994 John Holliday, Michael Bouvia, Scott Dreyer, John Diamantopoulos (1/94), Carlo Pacileo, Vinny Princiotta, Choose Your Ultimate Male: Bales, Carmen, De Sha , Holliday, Kellar, Kleckner, Koziak, Lane, Lima, Minor, Mullen
PLAYGIRL  Dec 1994 1994 Darren Fox (Man Of The Decade), Monfredo Montaivo, Courtney Vance, Sebastian Todd, Billy Herrington (Real Man)
PLAYGIRL  Jan 1995 1995 Gregg "Jax" Steele
André Herbert [Andre Herbert, Colt: Peter Lovette]
Beau Bender, Mark Evans, Playgirl s Great Canadian Centerfold Search
PLAYGIRL  Feb 1995 1995 Vince Marino, Robert Forcelli, R J Find, Mark Wolf, Men Of Colorado
PLAYGIRL  March 1995 1995 Michael George, John Holliday (MOY), Dean Vetricek
Ken Ryker - VV Be My Guest
Sexual Overdrive
PLAYGIRL  April 1995 1995 Alan Edwards [Alan Chandler], Moye Colquitt, Mario Watkins, "Lifeguards", Cocktails For Two
PLAYGIRL  May 1995 1995 Eddie Mallia, Robert Causey, Richard Sere, 32 Flavors
PLAYGIRL  June 1995 1995 Maurice Lawrence, Jesse Briggs, Mike Barham, Patrick Karczewski, James Case (Executive Privileges), Working It Out, Playgirl At 22
PLAYGIRL  July 1995 1995 Jimmy Rogers, Hunks in Hedonism, Shae Marcella (Tim Hunter), John Holliday, Darren Fox, Steel-Hard Desire, Thief Of Hearts
PLAYGIRL  Aug 1995 1995 Peter Steele, Troy Walstrom
Donald Gutterman [Chris Champion]
Brad Stone, Keith Richards
PLAYGIRL  Aug 1995 (South Africa) 1995 Ken Ryker
PLAYGIRL  Sept 1995 1995 Steven Olliver, Peter Sernling, Photo Play [Johnny Hanson], Rock Allen, Tom Gunn, Surf, Sand & Surrender
PLAYGIRL  Oct 1995 1995 Marcello Morgili, Brady Jolet, Herman Eastmond, One Large, With Everything, Crystal Blue Seduction
PLAYGIRL  Nov 1995 1995 Lee McKinney [Derek Cameron]
K. Lee Lauren
John Baldassari [Joey Corsia]
Playgirl College, Always & Forever
PLAYGIRL  Dec 1995 1995 Keith Munyon, Richard Huie, Jason Rodriquez, Wade West, Vote For Playgirl s Man Of The Year
PLAYGIRL  Jan 1996 1996 Martin Squires, Jamie Vanek, Bruce Chisolm, Mike Andes, Desert Song
PLAYGIRL  Feb 1996 1996 Zoltan, Shawn Rivera, Rob Amore, Jonathon Prandi, Wayne Layton, Men Of South Beach
PLAYGIRL  March 1996 1996 E.J. Curse (Cody Lee)
Richard Plank
Marcello Morgili (MOY)
Mark Levine
Marcos Regis (Marcello Reeves)
Gumshoe Diaries
PLAYGIRL  April 1996 1996 Robert Forcelli, Paul Anthony, Mark Plesner, Claude Maguire, Forbidden Fruit
PLAYGIRL  May 1996 1996 John Morano, Matthew Wilde, Tony Wildman, Greg Giberson, Mark Uzar
Lace Invader [Jordan Scott]
Hot Chat
PLAYGIRL  June 1996 1996 Rick Gager, Bobby Shah, Doug Hale, Aubrey James, Mark Wolff, Dane Michaels, America s Sexiest Cowboys
PLAYGIRL  July 1996 1996 Joe Wolfe, Yannis, Tony Allen, Billy Dakin
Max Grand (Twist Of Fate)
Loy Hansen
Derick Massey [Rick Woods]
PLAYGIRL  Aug 1996 1996 James Hunter, Billy Amecarelle, Ricardo Alas, Dart Davis, Red Welborn
PLAYGIRL  Sept 1996 1996 Jonathon Prandi, Kelly Wright, Robert Davidson (Sonny Markham), Joseph Graham, Chad Ullery, Lucky Davis, Philip Landry (Claude Jourdan), A Perfect Score
PLAYGIRL  Oct 1996 1996 Ronaldo Sanchez
Trent "Lucky" Davis
John Holliday
Marcello Morgili
Tim Pearson [Tony Piagi]
Thomas Bartholomew [Thom Bartholomew]
Derick Massey [Rick Woods]
Anthony Wagner
Spring Break In Key West
PLAYGIRL  Nov 1996 1996 Cameron Warfield, Clay Blackwell, Joseph Moore, Same-Day Service, Vote For Man Of The Year
PLAYGIRL  Dec 1996 1996 Derek De Luis [Robbie Moore ?]
Medeis Nemo
Chris Taylor
Jean Marie Castaing [Brandon Reevet]
Cutter West (The Sporting Life)
PLAYGIRL  Jan 1997 1997 Jonathon Prandi (MOY)
Doug Hale
Robert Clegg
Beau Wesley
Ty Russell (Merry Xxx-Mas)
??? Derek DeLouis [Robbie Moore ?]
PLAYGIRL  Feb 1997 1997 Orlando Navarette , Randy Ricks, Scott Randsome, Jared Kopacki, Dean Yado
PLAYGIRL  March 1997 1997 Timothy Bullock, Steve Wood, Francesco Califano, Antonio Calderon, Jeremy Webb (Dart Davis), Andrew Morrison, Richard Stressino
PLAYGIRL  April 1997 1997 Claude McGuire, Jeff Hammond, Gregg Robbins, Cliff Taylor, Marco Washington, "Auto-Erotica"
PLAYGIRL  May 1997 1997 Scott Matran, André Becker, Scott Mauro, Steve Styles (101 Sensations), Bobby Holland, Lucky Maggiulli, Stephane Ouellette
PLAYGIRL  June 1997 1997 André Herbert [Andre Herbert, Colt: Peter Lovette]
Jack Souto, Roberto, Matthew Leonard, "Millionaire Bachelors"
PLAYGIRL  July 1997 1997 Joseph Graham, Pete Meluso, Jason West, Drew Lipsky("Hot Joe"), Johnny Tapler, Eric Markel
Real Men: Matt Welsh
PLAYGIRL  Aug 1997 1997 Gil London, Joseph Anthony, Dominick Mauro Jr., Blade Thompson, U-Haul Of Love, Hottest Hunks Of South Florida
PLAYGIRL  Sept 1997 1997 Kurtis Hogan, Jack Barron, Phil Benedict, Indego Scott, Phil Benedict, Summer Beach Bash, Nicholas Taylor
PLAYGIRL  Oct 1997 1997 Thom Bartholomew, Billy Wilson, Mark Uzar, Logan Reed, Ranch Undressing
PLAYGIRL  Nov 1997 1997 Scott Layne
Eric Craig
Ted Patterson
Martin Beyeler
Dan Williams
Big Men On Campus
Vote For Man Of The Year
Michael Lewis [Keith Bichette]
PLAYGIRL  Dec 1997 1997 Carl Buffington, Erik Kristian, Remy St Felix, Eyes On The Prize, Magnetic Attraction
PLAYGIRL  Jan 1998 1998 Frank Sepe, Rob Savage, Kevin Larson, Bo Summers, Jasen Johnson, Matt Welsh
PLAYGIRL  Feb/March 1998 1998 Zaffino Twins (Chris & Ryan), Gunner Simpson, Michael Ortiz, Bish Malinowski, Scott Layne
PLAYGIRL  April 1998 1998 Rob Ashton, Jozef Myska (Joseph Myska), Warren Tavares, Carlos Morales
PLAYGIRL  May 1998 1998 Angel Ortiz
Robert Burck
Mickey Zimmerman [Tony Jay]
Michael Tatrai
Safe Sex
PLAYGIRL  June 1998 1998 Reid Hutchins, 25th Anniversary
Daniel Torres [Terry DeGroot]
Jake James
Andreas Becker [Alain Gerard - CT]
Rob Casale [Martin Kramer - CT], Tom Gagen, CJ Hansen, Chris Pearson
PLAYGIRL  July 1998 1998 Robert Monzi, Zack Boswell, Lazlo Feher, Dustin Jones, Rhapsody Of Lust
PLAYGIRL  Aug 1998 1998 Gavin Hunter [Lance LaMar], Robert Wehling, Jack Darrel, Jason Rodriguez, Hottest Hunks Of South Florida: Rork Miller, Tim Zorn, Quinn Bobier
PLAYGIRL  Sept 1998 1998 Byron Lorentz, Patrick Gilmore, Daniel Cruz, Brian Carlson, Spring Break 98
PLAYGIRL  Oct 1998 1998 Steven Kay, Joey Dean, Melvyn Wright, Ryan Wirth, Love Thy Neighbor
PLAYGIRL  Nov 1998 1998 Tim Carlton
Elvis (Greg Lipton)
Chris Peer, Beddy Buy
Fotios Prantalos [Frank Prantalos, Vincent Greco]
Kevin Wynne
Joseph D. Krochka [Tom Vaccaro] (RM)
All Nude All Star College Yearbook
PLAYGIRL  Dec 1998 1998 Marco Washington, Mark Coughenour, Frank Montesanti, Ed Ivanov
PLAYGIRL  Jan 1999 1999 Michael Bonavita, Alan Whitfield
Vote Man Year [Gavin Hunter], JD Layne, Name That Tush, All About Eve
PLAYGIRL  Feb 1999 1999 Oliver Kaposi, Sante Mancini (RM), Ski Hunks: Joshua Yafa, Brandon Chase [Jon Eric, Devon Styles], Scott Hagen Kevin Wayner, Larry Serrahn
PLAYGIRL  March 1999 1999 Endre Csernek, Daniel Kersten, Robert Monzi (MOY), Vincenzo Manzella, John David Hunter
PLAYGIRL  April 1999 1999 Eddie Leone, Jared Brewer, Sean A. McCarthy, Body Language, Hard Wear, On The Watch, Eric Reins
PLAYGIRL  May 1999 1999 Robert Anthony, Dennis Backus, Charles Emory, Carlton Gamble
Multi-Man Experience [Jay Alexander]
Hottest Young Hunk Contest
PLAYGIRL  June 1999 1999 Bill Kitchener
Geoff Harrison [Mikal Janos]
Will Fernandez [Will Roberts]
Glenn Wright
Two Of A Kind (Twins)
PLAYGIRL  July 1999 1999 Ray Clark, Derrick Andrews, Jeff Saylors, Brian Montgomery, The Magic Touch
PLAYGIRL  Aug 1999 1999 Shannon Fuller, Eric, Gaetan Dedonder, Joe Callahan, Steam Heat, Unswimsuit
PLAYGIRL  Sept 1999 1999 Mike Sodini, Jimmy Nichols, Mike Shepperd, Kevin Kolling, Great Canadian Strip Search, Models Of Perfection
PLAYGIRL  Oct 1999 1999 Tibor Toth [Andres Navarro] (center)
Sydney Cox
Seth Sorrenson
Walter Finley (Walter Finely)
Latin Lovers
Erotic Encore
Derek DeLouis [Robbie Moore ?]
PLAYGIRL  Nov 1999 1999 Bill Bixton, Jordan Rivers (Barely Legal), Paul Mustelier, Dominick Mauro
Derek Russo [Dominic Orsini]
Campus Hunks
PLAYGIRL  Dec 1999 1999 Sean McNeil, Sacha Vermeerbergen, Doug Blimline, Bryan Kistler, Emmanuel, Priority Male
Carmine Amonica (Real Man)
PLAYGIRL  Jan 2000 2000 Randy Savino, Thomas Crawley, Billy Ursey, Jason Ziel,
Vote For Man Of The Year: Tibor Toth [Andres Navarro]
PLAYGIRL  Feb 2000 2000 BIG Issue: Ken Ryker, Jordan Rivers (Julien Rios), Jeff Palmer, Extreme Measures; Calendar
PLAYGIRL  March 2000 2000 Dave Dawson, Eddie Jamison, Dean Ford
Chad Johnson Not So Straight Video
PLAYGIRL  April 2000 2000 Jonathan Simms, Clint Spence, Peter Gyore
Derek Russo [Dominic Orsini], David Martincech
PLAYGIRL  May 2000 2000 Christian Mosello [Rick Darius], Naughty Exercise Guide
Mark Kolar [Sandor Vesanyi] (KB), Wesley Cornett, Jake Colebrook
PLAYGIRL  June 2000 2000 Michael Morrow, Daniel Burke (Beau Whittaker star), Jerry Banks
PLAYGIRL  July 2000 2000 Jean-Michel Villette, Christian Meitzger, Tommy Evans
Dream Lovers: Two Guys & A Girl [Ales Hanak]
PLAYGIRL  Aug 2000 2000 Mark Wolff, Jim Brasco, Beached Males [Vinnie Marino, Joseph Reitano, David Maldonado, Tristan Corbett
PLAYGIRL  Sept 2000 2000 Darnell Jones, Chris Blake, Gabe Thomas, Tony Martin
PLAYGIRL  Oct 2000 2000 Chris Allen, Christian Boeving
PLAYGIRL  Nov 2000 2000 Alex Bento, Campus Hunks 2000, Rob Dew, Ramon Perez, Desmond Jefferson
PLAYGIRL  Dec 2000 2000 Marc Reina [Eric Houston], Marco Rossi, Steve Hooper
Chris Falconer [Rip Stone]
Hot Young Hunk: Ales Hanak
PLAYGIRL  Jan 2001 2001 Anthony Catanzaro, Vince Black, John Damon Vailati
Vote for Man of the Year: Christian Mosello [Rick Darius]
PLAYGIRL  Feb 2001 2001 Peter Stevens (Dean Keefer)
Steve Sipple, Jonothan Howard
Jamie Michael (Real Man - Glenn Glass)
PLAYGIRL  March 2001 2001 Jean-Michel Villette, Guy Winks [Sean Essex], Michael Esse
PLAYGIRL  April 2001 2001 Daniel Hess, Falco Twins, Dale Rutter [Dale Dabone]
PLAYGIRL  May 2001 2001 Ryan Thompson, Nicholas Taylor [VV], Richard James, "Married Sex ", Dion Light, Dream Lovers: Jim [Csoky]
PLAYGIRL  June 2001 2001 Matt Kenney, Tim Twilliger [Trey Rexx], Jason, Legislative Capacity [Pete Meluso]
PLAYGIRL  July 2001 2001 Jason Daugherty, "Pete Palace" [Pete Meluso], Johnny Bronson, Marko, "Painter"
Dirty Daning [Jordan Banks]
PLAYGIRL  Aug 2001 2001 Henrique Castro
"Babe Watch"
Doug Zimmerman
VV: Wet Dreams [Billy Hart, Elton]
PLAYGIRL  Sept 2001 2001 Talvin DeMachio (center - Greg Weiner)
Antonio Perdomo [Tony Dancer] (Greg Weiner)
Athletes between the Sheets: Eric Reins, Ryan Wirth, C.J. Hanson, Eric Flanagan
Everett Sloan [Casey]
Dean Phoenix (Voyeur View)
Real Man: Martin Crowder [Marty Mann BIP]
PLAYGIRL  Oct 2001 2001 Brian Bianchini, Randy Barnes, Billy [Billy Brandt], Hold & Release (Lance Lyman)
PLAYGIRL  Nov 2001 2001 Shamon Minor (cover/center/MOM - ?)
Russell Milton
Campus Hunks: [James, Chris Mitchell [Kyle Adams - 108498], Josh Larsen]
Justin Heber [Chaz ?]
PLAYGIRL  Dec 2001 2001 David Figueroa, Lorenzo, Nathan
PLAYGIRL  Jan 2002 2002 Todd Hunt [Hunter Tyler] (cover)
Anthony Cricchio Jr.
DL: Party for Two: Mark Maes (Studio 1435)
Calendar: Guy Winks [Sean Essex]
PLAYGIRL  Feb 2002 2002 Damian Idoeta, Richard (Brett Mycles), Brandon
PLAYGIRL  March 2002 2002 Jeremy Sons [Mark Dalton]
Spin Cycle [Tim Phoenix ???]
Hernan Gonzalez, 6 Men, Chase, Dirty Pictures
PLAYGIRL  April 2002 2002 Jamie Gabel, Yvan Cournoyer, Picture This, Luc, Door to Door Service
PLAYGIRL  May 2002 2002 Matt Kenney (MOY), James Larson, Here Comes the Groom, Rodrigo Tejera, David, Carnical of Lust
PLAYGIRL  June 2002 2002 100 Sexiest Men [Ales Hanak, others]
Eduardo Saavedra
PLAYGIRL  July 2002 2002 John Brice, Mischi, Mr. Nude World
Dream Lover: Let the Game Begin [Todd Hunt, Hunter Tyler]
PLAYGIRL  Aug 2002 2002 Jimmie Cannon, Bryan Burlingame, Justin DeVinney, Seneca Sarnella, Johnathan Rivers
Lights, Camera, Sex [Dale Rutter, Dale Dabone]
Derek Russo [Dominic Orsini]
Voyeur View: Afternoon Delights [Christian Cornwell]
[todd Hunt, Hunter Tyler] (?)
PLAYGIRL  Sept 2002 2002 Mark Maes (center/MOM - Studio 1435)
Brennan, Peter Le
PLAYGIRL  Oct 2002 2002 Shannon Fuller, James Summers, Brian Huseby, Bryan: "From Head To Toe"
PLAYGIRL  Nov 2002 2002 Derek Anthony, Jeff Winters, Creole, Campus Hunks, Jeff
Trevor [Trevor Dean, Dean Karter]
Paul, Creole Walker, "Eternal Ecstacy" - VV
PLAYGIRL  Dec 2002 2002 Chris Michaels
Marco, Scott (HYH)
Artistic Expression (VV, uncut hung model)
Ricky Hanson (RM)
Great American Strip Off [Dillon - AMEN 915]
PLAYGIRL  Jan 2003 2003 Daniel Jacob, Lennard, Derrick, Backstage Pass (1435), Thomas Herrington
2003 Pull-Out Calendar: Todd Hunt [Hunter Tyler], others
PLAYGIRL  Feb 2003 2003 Enrique Castro [Caesar Cruz, Santos]
Louis [Mico Valentine] (Discovery - Dean Keefer)
Brad (HYH)
Ken Falk (Real)
"Courting Love" (Dream Lovers)
Kaya Wittenberg
PLAYGIRL  March 2003 2003 no listings
Voyeur View: Daily Nudes [Jake Hart]
PLAYGIRL  April 2003 2003 Cody (Cover/Discovery)
John Villa (Chef)
Lior Sahadya [Leo Bramm]
Scott (HYH)
Sean Knight (Real Man)
"Sex & Candy" Hernan Gonzalez
PLAYGIRL  May 2003 2003 Scott Markey [Derek Kraus] (1435)
"Perfect Penis"
Max (HYH)
"Too Hot to Handle" (VV)
PLAYGIRL  June 2003 2003 Shannon Fuller (MOY)
Justin (Disc. - ph: Tony Ward)
Scott Merritt, "30 years of Playgirl"
"It s Lust" (DL)
PLAYGIRL  July 2003 2003 Rob Rossi [Robert Michael] (Greg Weiner)
Bobby Bento (Greg Weiner)
Bruno DeMarco
Christopher (HYH-NF)
Fit To Compete: Nick Lord
Private Carolyn (VV Keefer)
Nate Gardiner [Nate Bruno]
PLAYGIRL  Aug 2003 2003 John James (NF Photo)
Gavin [Real Man of the Year] (John Charles)
Matt (Paul Freeman)
Trevor [Trevor Dean, Dean Karter] (Greg Weiner/John Charles)
J.D. Shaw [Real Man]
Poolside Pleasure [V View]
PLAYGIRL  Sept 2003 2003 Randy Ricks [cover]
Four Horsemen (NF Photo): Kevin, Dale, Taylor, Devin Michael (Greg Weiner)
Vincent Lombardi (NF Photo)
Back To School: Antonio, Justin [Justin Heber, Chaz]
Paul Vince Barone [Real Man]
"Dr. Lust" [ Mikal Janos - V. View ] (Dean Keefer)
PLAYGIRL  Oct 2003 2003 Centerfold: Brent Dupuis, Hot Young Hunk Christian, Real Men: James Dotse Hans, David MacKenzie, Bill Allen, Trev Camaro, Mikhail Murray, Max Schwab, Carl Gustafson, Kevin Winter, Steve Switzer, Juan Carlos. Twins Don & Dom, Jodey & Corey; Eric Heatherly Exclusive, Scared Sexy, Rob Zombie Exclusive, Lovers Guide-How to Re-ignite the Sparks, I Dated 50 Men in One Night, Angry Frank, Erotic Encounters, Planet Playgirl & more
PLAYGIRL  Nov 2003 2003 Campus Hunks
Herbert Hennes, Campus Hunks, Playgirls Man for November: Pete, Real Men: Sterlie Wilson, Michael Moulton, Jose Ceja Zuno, Chad Russell, Tristan Thomas, Kalen Bockrath, Rick Gossett, Manuel Flores, Nathan Wise, Jon Marsk.
Articles: Rockmond Dunbar Exclusive, Will Your Relationship Sink or Swim Quiz, What s New in the World of Sex, Careers in Sex, Burlesque-o-Rama, Nudes-Worthy Headlines, Sex Ed, Erotic Encounters & more
PLAYGIRL  Dec 2003 2003 Terrell Franklin Centerfold, Hot Young Hunk Daniel, Discovery Adriano. Real Men: Murray Cornwell, James Beard, Eric Smith, Guy Piche, Luis Canela, John Hopkins, Jon Faust, Robert Rosin, Chuck Jordan, Thomas Yewell. Jeff Timmons Exclusive, From Reel to Reel, How to be the Perfect Lover, How to Strip Naked.....without Shaving! In Praise of Hairy-chested Men, Playgirls 30th Anniversary Bash, Submissions Impossible, Sexplorer Jamye Waxman, Liz Phair Interview & more
PLAYGIRL  Jan 2004 2004 Nate Christianson (center BIP)
Jason [Jack Jeardon] (Keefer)
Beau (Greg Weiner)
Real Men:Todd Telander
Body Chemistry: Guy (Keefer)
Pull-Out Calendar: Vote for the Man of the Year
PLAYGIRL  Feb 2004 2004 The Sex Issue Mr. Miami International Contest
Sweet Ebony [Ahmed] (Brian Lantelme)
Andre (Dean Keefer)
Eric Zientek (center/MOM Greg Weiner)
Jake (NF Photography)
Curt Zigler (Real Man)
Naughty Ficton [Michael Crowe] (Body Chemistry Greg Weiner)
Pull-Out: Beside Guide to Sex
PLAYGIRL  March 2004 2004 Alex Larose (center/MOM - Greg Weiner)
"Solo Seduction" [Eric Rio]
PLAYGIRL  April 2004 2004 no listings
Will Jones [Jason Ridge] (cover)
Real Men: Dick Moreno
PLAYGIRL  May 2004 2004 Billy Billy the Kid (Grant Hayz)
Leonard [?] (Greg Weiner)
Michael John [Michael Crowe]
(center Greg Weiner)
Christopher (NF Photgraphy)
Franco (cover NF Photography);
Real Man of the Month: Kurt Sarje Fogle
Body Chemistry: Matthew Leonard (Greg Weiner)
PLAYGIRL  June 2004 2004 Anthony [?] (Dean Keefer)
In The Bedroom [Eddie Jamison, Damian Idoeta, Reid Hutchins, various] (various)
Dominic [?] (Greg Weiner)
Rick Dinihanian (cover/enter - Time Out)
30 Hottest Older Men [various] (various)
Austin (Keefer)
Real Man: Michaud Yves
Body Chemistry: Steve Hooper (Tony Ward)
PLAYGIRL  July 2004 2004 Sam Carson [? maybe Sam Tyson]
Ronnie Graham (center)
Austin [T.J. Austin]
Body Work [Sam Tyson]
PLAYGIRL  Aug 2004 2004 Fernando Macia (cover/center -
Jesse (Greg Weiner)
Tom (
Wes (Greg Weiner)
Lost in a Trance [couple] (Dean Keefer)
REAL MEN: Brad Allen, others
SEXUALLY SPEAKING: various couples images
EROTIC ENCOUNTERS: various couples images
PLAYGIRL  Sept 2004 2004 no listings
Charles Dera (center)
PLAYGIRL  Nov 2004 2004 no listings
Rico Elbaz (center/MOM)
Kris Knight (Body Chemistry)
Peter Maneos (center - Greg Weiner)
PLAYGIRL  Dec 2004 2004 "American Man" [Derec Alexander]
"Emerald Wiles" [Joseph]
Man of the Month: Dominic Vanier (cover/center)
"Private Hideaway" [Fredrik]
Body Chemistry "Open All Night" [Dale Rutter, Dale Dabone]
"The Capricorn Man" Lior Sahadya [Leo Bramm] (MoM April 2003)
Real Men: Marc Chris, James Andrew, Grant Stoner, Roger Richardson, Yves Brodeur, James Draper, Sean Giboney, J. Michael Daley (REAL MAN OF THE MONTH)
PLAYGIRL  Jan 2005 2005 no listings
Derek Steel
PLAYGIRL  Feb 2005 2005 Albeiro (center / NF Photography)
Love is a Four-Letter Word (Tony Ward)
Michael Meaney [Scott - Men At Play, Danny Valentino] (cover - James & James)
Tracey Cannon (John Charles)
PLAYGIRL  March 2005 2005 Gianni Caputo (center)
Ric Poston [Daddy Ric - Real Man]
Billy Currington (cover)
Linus - "The Linus Touch"
Leon - "Twenty Things We Love about Leon" (Paul Freeman)
Alex - "What s in a Name?" (Greg Weiner)
PLAYGIRL  April 2005 2005 no listings
Moreno [Dick Moreno]
PLAYGIRL  May 2005 2005 no listings
Derrick Davenport (cover/center)
PLAYGIRL  June 2005 2005 no listings
Cody Luce (Martin Ryter)
PLAYGIRL  July 2005 2005 Niko [Chip Nicolas] (MOM - center)
Bohemian Rhapsody [?] (Maurice Sherman)
The Men of Dieux du Stade [various]
Once Upon a Mattress [Kris - ?]
Charles Dera (interview / Man of the Year - Natasha Papadopoulou)
PLAYGIRL  Aug 2005 2005 no listings
Matt York
PLAYGIRL  Sept 2005 2005 Angelo Adams (cover/center MOM - Greg Weiner)
Steve Hooper (Tony Ward)
Adam Gasser (Paul Sarkis)
Magnum (Playgirl TV)
Real Men: Kevin Fisher, Ed Sheltra, Michael Huber, Ryan Bacon, Vic Albany, Danny Chechakos
Erotic Encounters
PLAYGIRL  Oct 2005 2005 Benjamin Bulk - MoM
Brian Latino
Christian St. Jon - My Private Gigolo
Readers Erotic Encounters
Real Men
PLAYGIRL  Nov 2005 2005 Campus Hunks 2005 [Adrian Domenech, Demetrio Grandinetti, Adrian Jackon, Michael Otte] (cover - Tim Hailand)
James (center - Greg Weiner)
Rico [?] (Eric Schwabel)
Julian [?] (Greg Weiner)
Real Men: Shannon Fuller, Ed Barrett, Randall Renfro, James Swanson, Charles Gurrera, Manuel Delos-Reyes, Scott Sharp
Breck & Annika [?] (Filip Kwiatkowski)
PLAYGIRL  Dec 2005 2005 no listings
PLAYGIRL  Jan 2006 2006 no listings
PLAYGIRL  Feb 2006 2006 Sean Patrick Flanery (cover - Tom Ackerman)
Miami Vice [Luciano ?] (Natasha Papadopoulou)
Sean James (MoM, center - Tony Ward)
Members Only [Dick Dyson] (Ellen Jong)
Luis Crespo (Slava Mogutin)
Real Men: James Rich, Pablo Garcia Albano, Jon Beightol, Nathaniel Wise, Jonathan Martins
PLAYGIRL  March 2006 2006 no listings
PLAYGIRL  April 2006 2006 no listings
PLAYGIRL  May 2006 2006 no listings
PLAYGIRL  June 2006 2006 no listings
PLAYGIRL  July 2006 2006 no listings
PLAYGIRL  Aug 2006 2006 no listings
PLAYGIRL  Sept 2006 2006 no listings
PLAYGIRL  Oct 2006 2006 no listings
PLAYGIRL  Nov 2006 2006 no listings
PLAYGIRL  Dec 2006 2006 no listings

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